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Civilization One : The World Is Not as You Thought It Was
– Christopher Knight, Alan Butler

Civilization One tells of the startling conclusions that came from two scientists’ quest to try to crack the mystery of the ancient ‘megalithic yard’ — a unit of 82.966656 centimeters used to construct thousands of megalithic structures in Britain and France. The discovery is an extraordinary ancient culture predating the earliest known civilizations. The scientists of this time derived the megalithic yard from observing the Earth’s rate of spin. The authors show how this measurement is part of an integrated system, far more advanced than anything used today, which forms the basis of both the imperial and metric systems. The culture that created it understood the dimensions, motions, and relationships of the Earth, moon, and sun, and was able to actually measure the solar system. The implications of these revelations go far beyond the fascination of the discovery of a super-science of prehistory; they indicate a grand plan that will have far-reaching theological ramifications.

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