Filer’s Files #15-2008 By George Filer MUFON Eastern Region Director April 9, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return.

Sightings in Our Past

This week’s Files report: Fire Fighters UFO Guide Part 6, Mars Canyon Shows Evidence of Water, UFOs in the Past.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Alaska, Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen over Australia, Canada, Estonia, Mexico, South Africa, and the UK/Scotland. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal there is a galactic war between the sons of light and sons of darkness. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe and his messengers flew UFOs.

In the Living Bible, Elisha describes God’s Air Force of shiny vehicles (UFOs) to fight against the King of Syria’s Army that has surrounded the city of Dothan.

Then Elisha prayed, “Lord, open his eyes, and let him see. And the Lord opened the young man’s eyes so he could see horses of fire and chariots of fire everywhere around the mountain!” 2 Kings 6:17

God has an air force of flying vehicles according to the Bible. They are referred to in various names such as flying chariots, vessels, fiery horses, cherubim’s, thrones, thick darkness, great fire, whirlwinds, fiery wheels, pavilions, dark waters, or clouds. Clouds seldom appear in the Mideast so anything that flies is often referred to as a cloud. The Bible tells us he or his messengers often appear and travel in these vehicles. Often they are referred to as an army or fleet of vehicles.

Ancient Gods and UFOs

Over a hundred planets have been found outside our solar system and new techniques have determined that almost 90% of the stars tested like have planets orbiting them due to their wobble. The gravitational pull of planets orbiting the stars causes them to wobble. There are billions of stars, more than the grains of sand at the sea shore, and like our sun most have planets orbiting them. Those of you who believe in extraterrestrial visitation can now point to the fact that most space scientists are now convinced that E.T. is out there. The mathematical odds for E.T. visitation have now increased tremendously. Mathematics often leads scientific discovery and updated equations will likely predict they have visited us. Additionally, mankind has ancient sacred written records indicating these visits have taken place.

Sumarian texts repeatedly claim we have been visited by the Anunnaki who came to Earth from Heaven. If you pick up the Koran, Torah or the Bible and read them not as religious spiritual books, but as history, the record is surprisingly clear. We have been visited repeatedly by angels, lords and human like alien creatures from space. They repeatedly state they are God’s messengers. When I spoke to Presbyterian minister Barry Downing with a Ph.D. in science and religion, who has written extensively about UFOs such as the “Bible and UFOs” he told me, “UFOs provide evidence for the reality of Biblical phenomena, such as visits by angels that have often seemed mythical to many people.” “The UFO-Jesus Connection” by David F. Twitchell also provides excellent evidence of UFO visits.

NASA is already planning on terraforming Mars, to create an inhabitable atmosphere and eventually settlers. Is it possible angels were sent to develop Earth, similar to our plan to transform Mars? Thousands of books have been written describing angels interactions with Earth bringing knowledge, new types of food, and even intervention in human DNA creating modern human beings. It seems reasonable an advanced form of extraterrestrial intelligence could have visited our planet, perhaps on its way to exploring or even populating the whole galaxy? Lets look at some of the evidence for visitors.

Sumerian Cities

The Sumerians weren’t just expecting spiritual visitors, but physical beings from the sky. In Ancient Sumer, clay tablets describe visits of the gods. The gods fly in craft from which fire flies. The visiting gods stayed at temples, built by humans under the instructions of the gods, and are waited on.


Ancient Egyptian legends tell of “Tep Zepi” or the First Time. This is described as an age when “sky gods” came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water. They flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of pharaohs. The Egyptians have many mysteries and diThe Egyptian Book of the Dead “Behold, oh ye shining ones, ye men and gods…” “I speak with the followers of the gods. I speak with the disk. I speak with the shining ones.” The Egyptian name is “Benu” which means “the Ascending One”.

The winged discs and gods often outfitted with wings suggests the gods were believed to fly to heaven. The discs were often shown with a plasma or fiery discharge from under the wings, not unlike our frequent UFO reports. As the UFO propulsion system energizes and lights up the craft gains altitude not unlike a rocket. Often the winged disc is shown above a tree, column, ziggurat or pyramid like structure. Sometimes they are described as flaming wing feathers.

India’s Ancient Vimanas

In Indian Vedic writings the topmost authority in the material universe are known as Brahma, and he lives in the highest material planetary system, called Brahmaloka. In these writings they describe UFO like craft called vimanas flown by angelic like alien beings. These extraterrestrial angelic visitors are real and not simply myths, but are based on actual visits by angels, visitors, watchers, ET, devas or what ever you choose to call them. They are given credit for bringing writing and civilization to Earth.

In India it was, and still is, believed that man descended from gods who flew fiery crafts. The ancient Indian Vedic texts refer to vimanas or craft that match our descriptions of UFOs. The Mahabharata ancient religious writing claim the gods, in cloud-borne chariots, and bright celestial cars flew above in the sky. The Indians built thousands of temples with amazing objects sitting at the top that depict how the gods flew aboard their craft called vimanas.

The Vedas are sacred scriptures believed by Hindu tradition to be not of human origin, but composed by the gods from a previous age. The Mysore International Academy of Sanskrit Studies says the Mahabharata and Ramayana manuscripts describe automatic ships adapted for travel on land, sea or in the air. They flew from planet to planet. They could stop and in the sky and become invisible.

In India the temples are usually shown with disc shaped objects perched at the top. Here in Bhubaneswar the Temple City of eastern India in a literal sense means the ‘God’s World.’ The city has 600 temples many have with what looks like a typical disc perched at the top. Bhubaneswar is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Orissa that depicts a unique pattern of construction showcasing the way of Hindu architectural splendor. The temple walls are artistically carved out of numerous sculptures depicting the scenes from courtiers, celestial dancers, birds, divine animals or scenes from religious epics and legends.

The Lingaraj temple

The temple, dedicated to Tribhuwaneswar or ‘Lord of the Three Worlds'(Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva). Lord Brahma is the first member of the Brahmanical triad, Vishnu being the second and Shiva, the third. Brahma is the god of creation and he is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe. Lord Vishnu is depicted as dark blue or black One hand holds a discus which always returns by itself after being thrown. He rides a huge creature, half bird and half man, called Gandara. His home is in a heaven. Many religions throughout the world have beliefs indicating God and his messengers ride in space ships.

Central America

Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and Mayan Indians of Central America worshipped the gods that created them and came from the Pleiades. Their beliefs are similar to ancient texts in India and tell the story of their gods sitting on thrones in the sky. The gods chose to create creatures and one Mayan god created humans out of his fingers. The Mayans knew the earth was round centuries before the Europeans made the discovery. The Popol Vuh states that the great god-kings Quetzalcoatl, Hunahpu, Xbalanque, returned to the stars.

Mars Canyon Shows Evidence of Water

This 3D photographs were taken by a high resolution stereo camera on board the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter and beamed 43 million miles to Earth. They show Hebes Chasma, an enclosed trough, almost five miles deep, in the Grand Canyon of the Red Planet. The pictures show the planet’s spectacular mountain range, the Hebes Chasma, with its five-mile deep canyon and strong indications that water once existed on the planet. Scientists generally agree that where there is water there is life. Thanks to ESA and

Fire Fighters Guide Chapter 13:

Enemy Attack and UFO Potential — Part # 6 – UFO Missions

Many reasons have been advanced for the purpose of the UFOs visits to our planet. Although some of the persons who apparently have been the subjects of genetic investigation, such as the family of Whitley Strieber may not agree, the majority of those who have studied possible UFO visitors feel that they are friendly.

Mr. Strieber described his experience as terrifying, and believes that these “little figures with eyes that seem to stare into the deepest core of being are asking for something. Whatever it is, it is more than simple information. The goal does not seem to be a sort of clear and open exchange that we might expect; whatever may be surfacing, it wants far more than that. It seems to me that it seeks the very depth of soul; it seeks communion.”

From the thousands of reports he has studied,William Spaulding, aerospace engineer and head of the Arizona-based Ground Saucer Watch, believes that a pattern indicates that UFOs are here on a surveillance mission: the fact that a majority of sightings occur around our military installations, research and development areas leads to the conclusion that a methodical study is being made of the earth and its defensive and offensive capabilities. “The phenomena are not unlike our own space explorations: scout ship survey: soil samples; landing.”

In his book, Incident at Exeter, John Fuller discusses the seeming affinity of UFOs for electrical power lines in the northeastern part of the United States. In a later section of this chapter dealing with the effects of UFOs on our terrestrial activities, we will see how this affinity may have been responsible for causing 36 million people to lose power over an area of 8,000 square miles. Because of our recent adventures into space, there are some who speculate that UFOs are more concerned with what we will do there than in settling here. In any event, the Air Force’s official publication (issued by the Government Printing Office 1968) called Flying Objects says that ‘No UFO has been determined to represent a threat to our national security. ‘That conclusion, however, should not rule out less disastrous consequences than the overthrow of our government.

Alexander the Great records two great silver shields, spitting fire around the rims in the sky that dived repeatedly at his army as they were attempting a river crossing in 329 BC. The action so panicked his elephants, horses, and men they had to abandon the river crossing until the following day. The gods and flying vehicles are a common theme in most of the major and minor religious writings. Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and almost every culture on Earth have religious or traditional beliefs with flying entities at the center.

Alaska Disks

ANCHORAGE — On March 31, 2008, about 11 AM, my son woke me up yelling, “Dad, there’s a UFO!” I went immediately to his bedroom window upstairs and looked at the craft in the sky. It was rustic reddish brown that was round but from the angle we were observing it from it seemed to be oval with a round crescent top and a bulbous rounded bottom. It made no noise and just stayed in one spot 700 feet altitude about as large as a 747 or maybe even larger. Then it slowly drifted across the sky and stopped again further away. Then it drifted further away stopped and started to return and went up and through the clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

ANCHORAGE — Another witness report of same UFO on March 31, 2008, when I looked outside at 10:42 PM, I noticed an irregularity in the sky, there was a sideways rustic red/brown disc shaped craft and seemed to have a cone shape coming off the bottom heading southwest. The UFO seemed to have stopped briefly for about two to three minutes after hovering about eight hundred feet above the ground. It was approximately in diameter about the size of a 747 jet. Me and my father thought quickly so I grabbed my camera and took six images. Thanks to Peter Davenport

EAGLE RIVER – On March 31, 2007, at about midnight I went out to have a cigarette and saw a light with an odd haze/glow moving around just above the tree line. There is an air force and army base about 15 miles from here so I thought it was an airplane until I noticed that the light stayed there for a second, zig-zaged around, and then shot down under the trees. The light then came back up to a higher area and repeated the same movement. The object continued this for quite some time, at least 20 minutes, and then disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Alabama Flying Triangle

BIRMINGHAM — I was out in front of my house with my telescope just looking at stars when the computer that controls my telescope went dead. I pulled out my cell phone, it was dead also. Even my watch wasn’t ticking. Then, I heard this odd whistling noise. I looked up, and there was a bright blue triangle traversing the sky over the Southern Pines Subdivision at about 600 mph. I sat there watching it for about 10-20 seconds before it sped up (no sonic boom) and disappeared from sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California Photo

LONG BEACH — On March 27, 2008, my two boys (11 & 6) and I were in the backyard trying to groom our dog at 5:15 PM. My eldest son was the first to take notice of the object that was above our yard in a blue sky. I immediately noted that it probably wasn’t a balloon. We watched it through their toy binoculars at first since it wasn’t moving very fast. I then used my better binoculars and couldn’t look away. “It was rounded at the top, silver and reflecting the sun as a mylar balloon would, but this was different because it appeared to have three round lights on it, in the center of the disk. This object was rounded at the top, had the shape of an ice cream cone and was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Its three lights were white, red, and white that went through the middle of the disc. Together they were about a third of the size of the disk.

The lights blinked several times. The cone part was whitish on the edges but seemed to have a diamond in the middle, as if the object was spinning. My son got my camera and I took about ten photos. Our sighting lasted twenty to thirty minutes. The object did NOT get higher in the sky, but drifted in a south-westerly direction.

Comments: A weather balloon was launched from San Diego at around 5 PM with a southeast trajectory towards Mexico. Therefore it is not likely that the witnesses saw a weather balloon. A check of planetary positions shows that Venus would have very low on the horizon at 5:15 PM and would have set about 6 PM. The photos show that the object was at a much higher angle than Venus. The photos are not too revealing. The photos were taken with a high resolution Sony Cybershot Digital camera. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Florida Flying Triangle and Rectangle

JACKSONVILLE — On March 27, 2008, the witness saw a V shaped craft with seven dim lights. It looked like it was gliding and didn’t make any noise. I saw it at about 10:30 PM and tried to point it out to my friend who refused to look. I watched it for about ten seconds until it went above a cloud and then vanished.

MELBOURNE — On March 27, 2008, while riding home after 5:00 PM, I saw a rectangle shape object as big as a football field in the sky over the ocean moving from north to south. It was a very smooth and fast movement. I followed the object and stayed in eye contact for 2-3 minutes. I rushed home to take a picture, but by the time I turned into my block it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Kentucky Flying Triangle Lands

GOSPORT — On March 18, 2008, at 12 PM, I let my dog out and saw a light moving towards me. It flew east when I saw another light that was coming west. The object from east looked to be a triangle and had multi colored lights and landed in the woods. There was no noise from either craft. The woods were lit by the light. I ran into the house and got my daughter and wife to come outside and see. Twice while I observed this event, and very low flying jet, with its lights and a loud sound flew over. The lights from the craft continued to shine through the woods for two hours and I stayed watching until a steady rain started. As I write this there are still red, blue, and bright white lights in the woods. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois Triangle of Lights

HOFFMAN ESTATES — On April 3, 2008, at 5:45 PM, I was driving along Interstate 90 when I noticed a large bright white light east of me. It was much larger and brighter than a star or any airplane light I’ve ever seen. I would estimate it was about 1/3 the size of the moon and clearly not a point of light. I was about two miles from Route 59 when I noticed that there were three distinct, white, lights along the “bottom” of this larger white light. They were visible because they were clearly outlined somehow against the larger light background. It was hovering with no apparent motion. Then, suddenly, the lights were gone — disappeared as I was watching.

I looked up again to see an entirely different configuration of bright lights, but still much more distinct than the lights of two airplanes (one to either side of these lights — O’Hare airport is not too many miles further away to the east). These lights began to move off toward the south very slowly. There were three bright white lights in the form of a very large boomerang or triangle with the “point” to the south. There were also two blinking red lights, one centered “between” the two white lights.

By this time I was approaching the merge onto Route 59, which I have to take north to go to my job. At the stop light, I looked up above the tree line across Rt. 59 to the east and saw another large bright light. These bright lights and the strangeness of hovering was “Not like any airplane I’ve ever seen.” Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Indiana Disk

FORT WAYNE – On March 22, 2008, my girlfriend and I were leaving her apartment to go to the store at 9:54 PM, when I looked up to see five disc shaped objects flying in a perfect line heading northeast. I was scared at first and said, “Look, look up!” I was frantic. I ran around the car and grabbed her head and pointed her eyes to the sky where they should have been, but there was nothing. They had disappeared. There were five of them flying northeast without sound or lights. I believe they were pretty close to the ground and they moved very gracefully in formation, about 20-25 feet apart from each other. I am honestly scared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Iowa White and Red Orbs

Last night on April 4, 2008, about 7:45 PM, my friend and I were walking and we noticed a white orb in the sky. We attempted to take a picture but it took off right as I took the picture and it looked kind of weird. Then later when it got dark we saw another orb that was flashing red and white. It looked like it was getting closer so we went inside. The scariest thing is that I have now seen three UFOs this month. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Missouri Tiny UFO in the House

On March 30, 2008, at 10 AM, as I just lay down in bed with my wife, who just returned from working the night shift as a nurse. I saw a disc-shaped white color UFO about a foot long approaching me overhead at an angle down towards me. I was still fully awake, but my wife was tired and had her eyes closed. The object was flat on the bottom with a domed top and had a light or lights around the dome with black areas between the lights that reminded me of windows.

The object was only 12″ in width and 12″ high. As I noticed it, it faded away and disappeared. The entire sighting lasted only three seconds, but it was long enough for me to get a good look at it. I should note that I saw two chevron/triangular-shaped black UFO’s in this same room at night on previous occasions within the past year. Both of those objects moved through a closet towards the chimney and my wife saw these, too. There is also a lot of paranormal activity in the house which may or may not be related to these objects.

Editor’s Note: Miniature UFOs have been reported on a fairly regular basis. These may be small reconnaissance craft or advanced technology. The famous remote viewer Ingo Swan reported seeing one over a lake in Alaska. The basketball sized craft enlarged to a ocean liner sized space ship and let hoses down into the water. After taking a large amount of water on board the craft, it shrunk again to the size of a basketball and flew off into space. Nanotechnology appears to be some of the technology that some alien craft possess.

New York Disk

SAYVILLE — On March 30, 2008, at 10:30 PM, for six minutes a circular disk with smaller circular top pulsating red, green and bluish lights alternately (which differs from planes). moved slowly across the western horizon from south to north. slower than what an airplane would move at. there were airplanes in the sky in the traditional flight patterns – this is not the way planes move in this area. it was weird. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina UFO Photo

WILMINGTON — I am attaching a photo taken in New Hanover County that was taken this morning on January 1, 2008. I am sending it to you with permission of the photographer. The object was at an altitude of around 3000 feet and was being over flown by jets. I have photo of another just like this one taken in Johnston County a couple of years ago. The person that took the shot was filming a rainbow and never saw the object till it was developed and viewed. It too was a donut shaped object as this one is. Thanks to Jim Sutton Sr,

WILMINGTON — Here is another photo taken today by the same person in NC, on January 2, 2008. As you can see there is jet activity when these objects show up. There is a nuclear reactor within three miles from where these objects are appearing. I feel this has something to do with the numerous photos this individual has captured to date. The place is buzzing with activity and of course “plausible deniability” is the military’s cover.

However there is no base close to this individual maybe a 100 miles or so. That is why I feel it has something to do with the nuclear plant. Of course these could possibly be UAV’s but I doubt that they have that many different designs. I have over three hundred photos he has taken and it is still ongoing. Many designs are similar to some photos taken in the 50’s and 60’s. Thanks to Jim Sutton Sr. CCPI Lead Investigator

Rhode Island Flying Triangle over the Ocean

NEWPORT — On March 31, 2008, I saw again a red and white blinking light hovering over Atlantic Ocean at 1 PM. This is not a joke. it is occuring right now Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania Flying Triangle Military Pilot

LANCASTER — On March 29, 2008, for five minutes the witness tracked a large triangle shaped object consisting of three inverted V shapes with pulsing red lighting, moved sideways and accelerated at 10:50 PM.

LANCASTER — On March 29, 2008, another witness a fulltime military pilot states, “I was standing outside at 10:50 PM, having let our dogs out when I saw what I thought at first, was a large white landing light approaching five miles to my south near the town of Millersville. My first thought was this aircraft was unusually low moving slowly about 1000′ AGL and had no accompanying red or white upper or lower strobes. It had a bright warm white glow; and no sound. I then detected some faint green lights on the upper portion of the object. At this point, the light slowed and moved SIDEWAYS to the west. The white light continued facing to the north during the initial move. After the object came back into full view it changed into a group of three inverted V’s, forming a pyramid/triangle shape. It continued west for five miles. The inverted V’s were a mix of pale green and bright red lighting, similar to faint LED’s, not a bright aircraft position or strobe light.

As the object made the turn from north to west, I could hear a deep sound similar to air rushing through turbines. That was the only time I heard any sound from the object. The object again turned north towards a tall cell tower with bright white strobe on top, near Mountville. It flew past the cell tower and it’s lighting on the three inverted V’s changed to a bright pulsing red and picked up the strobe flash interval of the cell tower. The object continued to the north-northwest in the (3) inverted V shape and passed behind some distant buildings and out of my sight. I am familiar with aircraft lighting and flight paths and this sighting was definitely not normal and “shook me up” to the point I felt it necessary to file a report. I considered calling the local ATC Approach control after the sighting to see if any pilots had reported similar sightings but my wife talked my out of it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas UFO Photo

My wife and I were outside with the video camera because I got a hunch that something was going to happen. I was taping UFO Hunters, when about 9:45 PM the DVD recorder shut off and we were watching a blue screen. I decided to grab the camera and run outside. I had the night vision on and just as soon as I panned the camera a bright streak shot across the field of view. It seemed very close as it was quite large on the view finder. I transferred the tape to DVD and took a still shot of the TV set with my photo camera.

The event took only one second but when I stepped the DVD through the still frame it looks like the object just appears at almost the top of the screen then streaks to the bottom instantaneously this was fast. If it were a meteor it would seem that the photo would show a long tail. This looks a lot like a cigar shaped light. Thanks to MUFON CMS

DALLAS — At 4:10 PM, on March 20, 2008, as I was going to my car and saw a bright white cigar shaped object in the sky to the west. It was moving slightly vertically, and horizontally. I watched it for 5 minutes, and then called my neighbor to witness what I saw. She saw it as well, and said I should report it. I called 911 and they connected me to the UFO Center and Peter Davenport. I also reported it to WFAA TV…the ABC Affiliate in Dallas. They said no other sightings had been reported to them.

After ten minutes I observed what appeared to be military jets and also domestic aircraft that looked MUCH smaller than the UFO. I got my binoculars and the cigar had orange color on the bottom of the craft. I called my mother, who lives 6 miles away and she saw it as well. I have enclosed pictures of the craft. The object had been visible for 35 minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

PARIS – On March 24, 2008, at 5:38 PM, I was driving home when I noticed two airplanes flying fairly close, and then I saw a saucer shaped object suddenly appear to the south of them. The planes were flying east and the object was hovering. It remained in the same position for about ten seconds then disappeared in an instant, while I was looking at it. At that point the planes sped up to a much faster speed. I saw an unidentified-flying-object – a U.F.O. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington UFO Hovering 15 Feet Above Houses

SEATTLE SUBURB — On March 28, 2008, 5:40 AM, upon waking this morning, I stepped outside to see an object hovering twenty feet above my neighbor’s house. The object was black and had two lights on each side of the front of it. The sky was black and the object was black so it was difficult to see exactly how large it was, but the part of the object that I did see, was three times larger than the house that it hovered over. I could not make out the exact shape and I’m positive it was ‘cloaked’ in some way. The object also had two white lights on its front side that were spaced out, spanning the house under it. When I stepped outside of the door and noticed the object, it seemed to have noticed me and began moving very slowly over to my house. At that point, I ran back into my house. It felt as though it had targeted me.

As, I walked through my kitchen, I saw the object moving very slowly to the top of my house. I could no longer see it at that point, as it hovered not more than 20 feet above my house. I ran into my son’s room and told him about it. He wanted to go look at it, but I was afraid it had intentions of abducting us so I didn’t allow my son to go out

We hid for about thirty minutes, then went to bed. Thirty minutes later, I saw the UFO out of my bedroom window, to the south as it rapidly flew away from my neighborhood, that is 15 miles south of Seattle. It was flying south towards Tacoma. The light pattern was: * * * * * * * * * The lights were pulsing brightly at five second intervals. When they pulsed brightly, they actually became almost one light and I had to close my eyes as a result of the brightness. Mind you, the object was approx. 1 to 2 miles away at that point. I watched the object fly over and up and enshrouded by a thick black cloud. When the cloud receded I could see that the white light looked exactly like the moon. This is a true report. I am a professional. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Australia Sphere

SYDNEY – On March 16, 2008, at 8 PM, for thirty seconds a light stopped, flew around in a semi circle, stopped, did a right angle turn and continued, then went out. A glowing ball of light, very high in the sky was moving straight over us so we looked, thinking it may be a shooting star. Suddenly it stopped, darted quickly around in a semi circle, stopped still again, turned a complete right angle then went on its way and disappeared. Definitely not a plane. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canada Cylinder and UFO Photos

SCARBOROUGH — Paul Shishis writes the angel/cross shaped white objects were witnessed and photographed on March 24, and 25, 2008.

OSHAWA — Also a softball size white object was hovering 40 feet above my car March 25 in heading towards the Cemetery. The angel type image is the same one, witnessed in Scarborough March 3, 2003, for 25 minutes over my workplace roof. I think they are back. Thanks to Paul Shishis

TORONTO — On March 23, 2008, my wife was driving when she woke me to look west at 2 AM, I got somewhat irritated and refused. She pulled over to the shoulder got out of the car, came to the passenger side opened the door and told me to look again. Off to the southwest and under the full moon we saw a gold/green shiny cylinder about the size of a city bus hovering over the tree tops. It was just hovering about 500 metres from us without making any noise. A gold/ green sheen flowed in a rhythmic motion from front to back. My wife said “Advertizing Balloon?”

I grabbed a hand full of road shoulder gravel and one by one threw them to see if I could hit the “balloon”. It was too far to hit. We stood there for about four minutes but not a single car passed. The cylinder started moving southwest for about 200 metres at slow speed and at the same altitude, then flew straight up at a fantastic speed and disappeared into the distance. We are both professionals in our job fields. Yet nothing in our minds can make any reason of what we saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Estonia UFO Video

TALLINN – An unknown ship was moving from bottom right towards upper left, southeast to northeast on the video taken on April 4, 2008. Object appears more elongated on the video than in the still frame. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Greece Starlike Object Flying at Jet Speed

ATHENS — I had just been watching a DVD of the movie “Stargate” (coincidence ?) and I stepped out for a cigarette on March 12, 2008, at 9 :45 PM. I looked up at clear sky with only a few scattered whispering clouds. I looked up towards the Orion constellation thinking how bright the stars looked tonight, when I noticed a star as bright as Sirius, moving across the sky from the right of Orion on a straight northeast course for two minutes. It was traveling at 30,000 feet altitude without any sound. No blinking lights just a steady bright light, and as it went over a thin cloud it started to fade into a normal size star in the sky.

When it came out from over the cloud it kept on getting dimmer although it was closer to my point of view by then. I lost sight of it behind a building. This is the 3rd incident in the past three months of witnessing an unusual flying object in this area.. ((NUFORC Note: The ISS passed within sight of Athens at 19:30 hrs. on this date, but it would have been to the north of the observer, not in the southern sky. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Mexico Huge UFO

OBREGON CITY – At 10 PM, on March 28, 2008, the UFO was flying silent from the south to the north with a huge white light out the rear with two red lights on the underside of it. The craft looked as a 747 and was flying slow only 200 km per hour and probably at 10,000 feet or less. It passed straight over top of us and the big white light in the rear flicked off and then as it passed the two red lights faded away. The dark craft disappeared into the night sky. Thanks to UFOINFO for this report.

South Africa Abrupt Course Correction

NOORDHOEK, CAPE TOWN – On March 12, 2008, I spotted this object while stargazing at my home, in the Noordhoek Valley which is sheltered from city light pollution. I mistook the object for a satellite but noticed it was slightly larger or dimmer than a satellite, though it had the absolutely smooth and constant movement of such. The object appeared to be yellowish gradient to white in colour and was in the shape of an ovoid with short stubby wings that protrude from the sides, the same width of the craft, with the front and back edges lining up with the nose and tail of the craft. Like an egg with stubby wings that join along the total length of the body. The object continued on a linear path for +- 4 seconds after I spotted it and then abruptly and immediately made a -50 degree course correction, as if it had no inertia, and faded from view in about a second. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Scotland UFO Sighting

GLENROTHES FIFE — I was about to go to my bed when I looked out the window on April 1, 2008, at 10:36 p.m., and saw a huge sparkling star in the sky over my local park. I thought it looked too big to be a star, so I assumed it was a planet, but it wasn’t until it started moving around the sky, literally ‘hovering’ slowly, diagonally and upwards right over the park where it is just now as I’m writing this. I have no camera on me but this is incredible. I have spent the last ten minutes staring at it and right now it is still in the same position, only higher. . Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Human Reactions to UFOs and UFOnauts Worldwide


LYNCHBURG COLLEGE, NC — George Fawcett writes, “I was 150 feet from a disc UFO that was hovering at ground level for almost five minutes at ground level in broad daylight. The craft was 130 feet in diameter with an orange half and a disc orange globe.” Fawcett has investigated over 1,200 UFO sighting reports.

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