Filer’s Files #16-2002 By George Filer MUFON Eastern Region Director April 17, 2002

UFO SIGHTINGS: New Hampshire lights, New Jersey cylinder, Pennsylvania disks, Maryland crescent, Florida investigation, Ohio sphere, Michigan flying triangle, Indiana orange, Illinois lights, Missouri daylight diamond, Oklahoma investigation, Colorado video, Arizona orbs, California landing, Oregon light, Canada chevron, Mexico circle, Netherlands lights, and Australia silvery beings. Aircraft Carrier’s encounter with UFO in the Caribbean. Sighting reports of extra-terrestrials


CARIBBEAN – Jeff Sainio reports that a well-respected coworker of mine told me his sighting: “He was serving on a Navy aircraft carrier in August 1971 in the Caribbean. (Exact location was not revealed to the crew) After his shift ended at midnight, he headed to a rear deck (where smoking was allowed) for his nicotine fix, along with some 20 other smokers. Disturbed plankton left a ghostly phosphorescent glow in the ship’s wake. They passed a pleasure cruise ship, close enough to hear the band playing, probably under a mile distant. The carrier was blacked-out, while the cruise ship was brightly lit. They then noticed a cigar-shaped object, about half the cruise ship length (therefore about 500 feet) tracking above the cruise ship. They could only notice the object because it blotted out the stars. As the ships crossed and the tail end of the object was visible, a “power pack” became visible, resembling a jet afterburner.

As the sailors watched in amazement, the object quickly moved backwards an angle of about 90 degrees, then back to its original position, in the span of a few seconds. This was repeated several times, then the object shot skyward till it disappeared. The sailors had the impression their carrier wasn’t noticed until this action. The event was reported to the duty officer, who interviewed each witness separately. No secrecy order was given, and nothing resulted from the reports. My coworker remembered other witness’ names for potential corroboration, although I have no reason to disbelieve him. Thanks to Jeff Sainio

Editor’s Notes: I have seen the phosphorescent glow in the sea near Puerto Rico. I also have several reports from people who claim to have been abducted from cruise ships. One professional engineer was very upset since he was abducted off the fantail of the ship at night. He just could not believe this could happen to him. He had been drinking, but the experience had quickly sobered him up and he remembered exact details of the inside of the UFO. His concept of the universe had been suddenly changed and he was having difficulty accepting that we were not alone in the universe. After he accepted this as a reality he went to work designing the UFO propulsion system that he claimed to understand. It was based on advanced electrical systems.


Larry Hatch review alien reports. Robot, RBT isanything that looks or acts robotic. PSH: Pseudo-human “UFO Nordics” Think of Travis Walton. MIB: Men in Black. Humans? PSH on out-calls? MON: Monsters of all types. GNT: Giants. FIG: Vague figures, shadows moving behind a portholes. Actual form indiscernible NOC: No “UFO occupant” seen or reported. I add here one last field, “ALL” which is the number of *U* records for each decade or continent, whether entities were noted or not. Out of some 17,850+ sightings events in the *U* data, here is how they break down by decades:

               OID  RBT  PSH  MIB  MON  GNT  FIG   NOC   ALL
     pre-1940   25    2   33    6    0    3   24   369   442
     1940s      23    1   11    1    2    1    6   998  1040
     1950s     165   12   89    6   21    7   65  4061  4730
     1960s     167   16   96    9   28   16  119  2760  3137
     1970s     222   46  170    7   49   30  214  3774  4378
     1980s      83   10   39    5   11   11   54  1514  1692
     1990s-02   80    6   17    3   18   12   45  2603  2790

Pre-1940s cases go back to antiquity in these data. About 16.5% of those listed reports involve entities, and no doubt some of those are unverifiable.

The 1940s is notable for the low percentage of entity sightings, about 4% of events. This changes in the 1950s with over 14% of events involving some sort of “UFONAUTS.” From 1 or 2 robot cases, we jump to 12. One odd thing: MON (monsters) blossomed on the silver screen in the 1930s or so, but stayed out of the UFO literature for those years. What few monsters I list make their best showing in the 1970s! I have no idea why, but that was the best decade for PSH (fake humans) as well. What sort of “monsters” get into the filtered (stodgy) *U* database? Many of these reports have wild titles but indicate people are seeing strange creatures such as: Bird-man hovers over barn, Mummy OIDS take observer for a free ride, Hairy OID with owl’s eyes, Fat ugly being w/helmet in garden, Numerous hairy critters in France, S. America etc, Bird-men rush car in France, Terrifying Oid unintelligible in Gabon, Africa. “Mothman” listings, Humanoids with crocodile skin, Huge hairy robot w/mechanical gait, Weird catfish with fins and feathers, Strange ball-figure emerges from UFO, 7′ Bigfoot vanishes in a flash! Hairy hooved figure walks mechanically! Frightened looking ape-man,” Mummy’s” exit UFO and abduct 2 people, Silhouette like frog’s head seen in UFO window, and Campers chased by 7-foot monsters:3 fingers-no thumb.

One last note about Monsters. I compared continents for this database, started during the cold war. North America lists 49 monster sightings out of some 8541 or about 0,574 percent, a rather low monster coefficient. South America lists 19 monster events from some 1170 entries, a more encouraging 1.62 percent, or three times the rate of North America. Western Europe shows 177 monster listings out of 5385, for the grand prize, some 3.28 percent of all listings, six times the rate for North America! “Oceania” (mostly data from Australia/NZ) ranks lowest, 5/1154 = 0.433%. Thanks to Larry Hatch,


The witness indicates the craft was a big bright gold light that moved from one place in the sky to another in a blink of an eye at 6:54 PM, on March 28, 2002. The witness whose name is Gorham was coming home from his friends home, when his Mom and he saw a big gold bright star. It seemed like it was a plane that was flying low, but then it disappeared. After a few seconds it came back in the same spot and then flew to a different part of the sky in a blink of an eye. It had little red and blue lights, but I’m sure it wasn’t a plane or helicopter because it was so high up with such a huge size for the altitude. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MANSFIELD — On March 24, 2002, at 7:40 AM, the witness was traveling north on Route 68 approaching Route 206, when something caught his eye about 45 degrees above the horizon. He reported, “I first noticed a contrail that was very distant, but the morning sky was absolutely clear with no clouds and an open sky.” What was unusual and attracted my attention immediately, was that the contrail was in a vertical position, heading downward and ahead of the contrail. The object looked like a flying telephone pole leading the contrail. It was black or dark brown and was descending to Earth slowly. The contrail appeared short in contrast to the telephone pole-like object but was dissipating at the rear as contrails do. I watched this object for several minutes and continued on my way as it became obscured by a nearby row of trees. It did not go in any direction but downward. I hope someone else saw it but nothing was reported in the news. I ‘m 75 years old, very credible, and a retired law-enforcement officer. I have never seen a UFO before and frankly, disbelieve most of the stories I have heard. But this one is real. Thanks to Al


DOYLESTOWN — On March 19, 2002, at about 1:00 AM three discs appeared over the Courthouse and hovered silently for ten minutes then quickly sped away leaving a trail of eerie white light pointing to the constellation of Ursa Minor.

COATESVILLE — The witness was looking at Jupiter through his telescope on April 1, 2002, when a white dot came into view at 8:00 PM. The white dot met with another white dot that was moving at the same speed. The second dot flew across the sky and cut right in front of the first. There were now two unknown dots flying across the sky and little after that they disappeared.

EBENSBURG — I was renting some video’s on March 30th, the clerk told me four people the night before (29th) had sighted a UFO in the sky above the parking lot. She said the lights were revolving in a circular pattern. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ANNAPOLIS — The witness was on his balcony at 10:35 PM, watching some flights of local and commercial aircraft with a slightly overcast sky with high haze but some stars were visible including the Big Dipper. He says, “I saw a distinct crescent shaped form, moving west on April 2, 2002, there was no light, erratic movement or change, simply a thin cloud-like “C” shape moving across the sky. Had I not been in a reclining posture, I would not have seen it. The form went by rapidly, but not so fast that I didn’t have time to comprehend what was happening and concentrate on the object. It seemed a “black” object was moving across the sky and creating a pressure zone ahead of its path.


OVIEDO — The witness spotted two small sphere shaped metallic craft that were zigzagging while flying quickly through the air. It was late morning/early afternoon on March 21, 2002, when my Mom and I looked out the sliding glass door to see two shinny metallic whitish spheres zip by. There was no time to grab a camera since the objects were going so fast and were about half to a mile away. I ran outside to get a better look, but as I opened the door a strange faint sound filled my ears. I was exited but the phone rang ten seconds after they appeared and my mother ran to answer. In a matter of 30 seconds or less the two zigzagging craft were gone.

DELTONA — Michael Hitt reports, “My mother drove the family down to my grandparents on July 15, 1969, to watch the Apollo 11 space launch. We were staying overnight so I went to bed, and was looking out the window at the clear sky at Pegasus. I observed a reddish colored point of light appear from one of the stars. At first I thought it was a comet as it moved quickly northwest. The object as bright as the stars, quickly changed course and flew back in the opposite direction flying in a zigzagging pattern. Michael started yelling and his two oldest sisters, his Mom and grand Mom all came to the window and observed the erratic flight. The object started moving up and down and the light turned off. The next morning was the Apollo 11 launch. Five persons saw the strange flying object. Thanks to Michael D. Hitt and Tom Sheets of MUFONGA


CINCINNATI — On March 20, 2002, we spotted several spherical objects that moved in straight lines, and also hovered in place for several seconds at about 9:40 PM. The witness spotted a sphere, that was switching from a silver to dark green color, and once in a while reddish. My coworker spotted several others with the main one heading west, then back east. They hovered in place for several seconds and went up through the clouds out of sight. They moved in very straight lines.

MUFON of Ohio State Meeting: Saturday, May 4, 2002 , 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM, at 1205 E. Main St. Emergency Room of Sheriff’s Office, Ashland Ohio. The keynote speaker will be Dan Wright, investigator and abduction researcher. Dan will focus on how people who have experienced multiple alien abductions struggle to incorporate those disturbing events into their daily lives. All are welcome. Questions or information: RLEE@NEO.R.R.COM


WATERFORD — On March 19, 2002, yellow and red lights were observed flying about 200 feet in the air for about three minutes at 8:05 AM. They then disappeared. The witness didn’t know if there was an effect on the ground probably a Close Encounter of the third kind. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC


CHARLESTOWN — On Tuesday, March 26, 2002, at 7:20 p.m., Gary S. was at his home in Charlestown, Indiana (population 5,993) when he “went out to look at the comet. It was twilight, and I noticed a bright orange light just above the horizon. At first I thought it was a planet with the sunlight reflecting off its atmosphere. Then, after a few minutes, it started moving in a west-northwest direction. I thought it was pretty strange, because it was moving so quickly–too quickly for a planet–and it was moving in the wrong direction to be a satellite. Also, planets and satellites do not stay in one spot for five minutes and then start moving.” Gary added that the object “was orange, it appeared round, and it was as big around as a pencil lead in diameter at arm’s length.” Charlestown, Ind. is on Highway 62 about 15 miles (25 kilometers) northeast of Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 7, #15, 4/9/02 Editor, Joseph Trainor


WHEATON — The witness was watching the sunset on March 27, 2002, when he saw two strange orange lights slowly approach each other on a deliberate collision course. Just before the crash they stopped, and both turned into perfect orange lines, each one half of a centimeter in length. I was awe struck by the two lights that they were not moving at all, or at least not flying at plane like speeds to any degree). The strangest part about this was the fact the together formed this———->( _ _ ), parallel line on a perfect diagonal. They flew in formation for thirty seconds and then the lines disintegrated back into orange lights and continued on their paths without colliding, though getting EXTREMELY close to hitting each other. The lights continued to move along their straight courses until both ran into a smaller cloud never to return.

GREENFIELD — The witness went to lock his door on March 21, 2002, and glanced out the door window at 11:12 PM, and saw a slow moving UFO with two very bright lights. It was very bright like a planet on a clear night except that it had two bright lights side by side and was moving slowly. The witness states, “I woke my husband up and he saw it, at first he thought it was a planet until he noticed it was moving.” I thought I had time to get my camcorder, but it was gone by the time I got outside. There was a strange hovering sound and then nothing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC


COLUMBIA — April 1, 2002, a small metallic sphere was spotted flying slowly north in broad daylight at 10:50 AM, at a constant velocity and trajectory. It seemed to change colors as its position changed, due to sunlight reflection. At first I thought it was a bird, but I estimate it was 1/2 mile away and about six feet in diameter. The trajectory was unchanged by the wind.

ST. LOUIS – The witness reports seeing a ship in the shape of a diamond at 5:30 PM, flying over St. Louis City where I live on March 28, 2002. The object had two blinking lights on both sides and it was surrounded by a fog of some sort. It stopped in mind flight then took off straight up. Thanks to NUFORC


LAWTON – Investigator Jim Hickman reports on the Flying Triangle-MUFON Case #1-774 that took place on March 11, 2002. Jim received a sighting report from “Joe W.” taken near Lawton with a fairly strange photo attached. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, agreed to conduct the photo analysis and asks what could this craft have been? It certainly doesn’t seem to be any military device or any type of object normally in the sky. Internally lighted blimps seem like very strange objects at night, but they have a distinctive shape. (There was a rash of blimp sightings and videos back in the early 1990s, so we have video “data” on the types of images they make…nothing like this.) Hence, unless someone has a better idea, I would have to classify this as a True UFO (TRUFO), which might be some sort of Alien Flying Craft (AFC) (or two such craft)? I met with Bruce and heard his excellent talk at Pat Marcatillio’s conference in New Jersey. You can read our full report at: Thanks to Jim Hickman MUFON Research Specialist for Media Operations


LARAMIE — On April 4, 2002, a cluster of approximately 15 lights appeared and fanned out into a V shape while flying overhead Laramie at 7:45 PM. The witness claims, “This is the third time I have seen the flying triangle, ” Two years ago, within a two week span, I saw a similar thing and thought it was weird but did not report it. He said, “Tonight I saw what appeared to be fifteen lights in a clustered shape in the sky, not far enough away to be stars but about as far as an aircraft might fly.” The cluster changed shape as I looked towards it, and fanned out into a V shape. It continued to fly straight ahead and I looked away. Thanks to NUFORC


QUARTZITE-The witness saw a very bright circular light with a rounded dark object behind it appeared, moving northeast, and then disappeared on March 20, 2002. It was low in the sky and moving horizontally at 11:30 PM, then quickly veered upwards. In back of the bright light we could see a dark rounded shape. The sky was very clear that night and we are in a very rural area with no city lights. Then the bright light vanished into nothing. There was no sound and either the object was very large or very low in the sky. There was a great deal of light movement activity in the sky afterwards for over an hour. Lights moving vertically, zigzagging, steady lights, rapidly blinking lights, disappearing lights, but they were not nearly as big as the first one we saw. We are both semiretired professionals.

PHOENIX — The object was traveling at high speed from the south heading north then made a sharp turn upward and disappeared on March 20, 2002. At 8:50 PM, I observed a round very bright object in the western sky below two stars under the moon. The object was traveling at high speed from the south heading north then made a sharp turn upward and disappeared. The way it disappeared was really the strange part it was like the thing hit hyper drive, traveled what looked like a short distance upward at about a 75 degree angle and it was gone

Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SANTA MONICA — An associate of mine observed a cylinder shaped object hovering high in the clear blue skies over at 4:22 PM, on March 18, 2002, at about 2500 feet altitude. He works outside all day parking cars so I suggested he get a video camera and catch some UFOs and he did. He caught a cylinder shaped tube like object high in the sky. The object made turns and sent out some kind of green energy or color on half of it. The object was completely white in color.

APPLE VALLEY — On March 29, 2002, two witnesses saw a Chevron shaped craft the in desert sky. The witness states, “My son and I were heading south on Kiowa Road around 2:45-3:00 PM, still plenty of daylight when I looked up in the sky and saw a strange reflection, like from a mirror in the sun. The craft was Chevron shaped and light in color. The top was more of a white color and the bottom portion was shinny metal. I told my son to look at the UFO. Then it just vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


GRESHAM — The witness noticed an extremely bright RED light in the southern sky on March 30, 2002, that had a bright steady glow hovering at 11:00 PM. He called two witnesses from inside the house to come out and watch. They both spotted the object and watched as it slowly began to drift east in the sky. It was three times larger than Jupiter. One witness grabbed the telescope and tried to get it into view to no avail. As we were watching it slowly faded into a pinpoint, then came back big and bright again. Finally after a few more minutes it just disappeared by fading into a pinpoint and then it was just gone. Thanks to NUFORC


NEWMARKET, ONTARIO — On March 27, 2002, a “V” shaped orange/red thing in sky was moving slowly in the distance at 6:00 PM. The witness says, “We saw a boomerang shaped object in the sky behind our house just above the tree line. It was slowly traveling away from us but seemed as though it was descending from the atmosphere.” It was an orange/red “v” shaped and the apex of the “v” seemed to glow the brightest.

COOMBS, BC — The witness lives in the woods and was taking out her dog on a dark overcast night with no lights around at 12:20 AM. She reports, “When I stepped out the door on March 29, 2002, I couldn’t help but notice a bright yellow orange circle moving very slow from west to east just above me about a mile up, but below the clouds. Suddenly it stopped for about 15 seconds, so I ran in the house and grabbed my camera and took 3 or 4 pictures before it turned north and moved away very slowly. All of a sudden sparks shot from it. It stayed in place for another 10 seconds as I talked to my brother on the phone telling him and describing what it was doing and then it just disappeared.


PUERTO PENASCO — The witnesses were camping on the beach on March 31, 2002, looking at what they thought was a shooting star falling from the sky over the ocean. Suddenly it stopped and hovered. The witnesses could see it was a circle with small changing colors of red, blue, white and moving rapidly around from side to side and up and down. Then it disappeared out of our view over the ocean 9:00 PM.


AMSTERDAM — The witness an interdisciplinary artist looked outside from a balconyd noticed an airplane flying above the city at night that seemed different because it had a glare at times wide around itself. The glare would shrink rapidly, although not completely disappearing. It stood still for about one minute and a half then it started moving slowly westward. As it broadened in shape the center of it would turn dark as if hallow or empty. In fact at a point it was so large that it seemed like it had stopped and went into shining again, like it were a star pulsing. It was evident this was not a star as it hung immobile there in the darkness. It enlarged in shape, still keeping a formidable and very bright light all around itself. After two minutes the object shrunk again, became a bright point in the sky and then begun moving farther westward, slowly.


AUSTRALIA’S TERRITORY OUTBACK — UFO sightings have been made almost nightly in Australia’s Outback during the past month. People claim to have seen colored lights in the sky, cigar-shaped and hat-like objects moving erratically and a spate or wave of triangular-shaped craft. One woman even claims she was approached by three silvery creatures after a triangle-shaped craft landed in a paddock. Lou Farkis, a travel lodge manager, told there had been many sightings by workers on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway. He said: “There are sightings here all the time, but in the last month they have been seen almost nightly. “About five years ago we had a landing just 10 kilometers west of here every night for 28 days in a row. One guy filmed it and a TV channel bought the film from him.” Mr. Farkis says another worker inadvertently photographed a UFO while taking pictures of work at a nearby bridge. “When he got the photograph of a bridge girder developed in Darwin, there was an object, like a big, black ball, in the background.”

An Alice Springs woman was driving home last month when she saw a light in a paddock 30 kilometers south of Wycliffe. “She saw a triangular-shaped craft and then three silvery beings came out of the craft and walked towards her – it was then that she panicked and drove off.” April 11, 2002, Thanks to Mysteries Phenomena UFOs


On May 11, 2002, George Filer will be speaking at the Roswell Museum about his experience in chasing UFOs while in the Air Force and about the crash at Fort Dix/McGuire AFB on January 18, 1978. the so called Roswell of the East. This little known case is very similar to the story at Roswell, NM. Don’t miss this presentation.

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