Ann Druffel

It is possible to ward off attack by aliens.
Ann Druffel has uncovered dozens of cases where people have
managed to fend off abductions by using one of the simple
techniques revealed here for the first time.
Mental Struggle
Physical Struggle
Righteous Anger
Support from Family Members
Metaphysical Methods
Appeal to Spiritual Personages
Packed with eye-witness accounts of alien attack, new
research and previously unpublished material, How to Defend
Yourself Against Alien Attack
 is the only book with step-by-step
instructions on what to do – and not do – if you find yourself
the target of an alien attack…

This book addresses an extremely controversial subject, and more people have contributed to the manuscript than they realize. I wish to thank all my colleagues in UFO research who, during the past ten years, have provided input for the vital question: Can human beings resist or fend off unwanted contact from so-called alien abductors?

Without recognizing it, many colleagues in the field have answered the question yes or no through their own writings, research, and comments at conferences and other research gatherings. Many more have provided direct input, pro and con, based on their own research with abductees. To all those who offered encouragement during a ten-year quest, I give special thanks. Their friendship has brought joy to the search. Other colleagues, through their questions, steered the research into areas originally unexplored.

Special thanks are due all those witnesses who discovered resistance techniques on their own, shared their experiences and gave permission to include their accounts in this book, and to those researchers who discovered resistance cases and generously shared them.



Thousands of so-called abduction cases have come to the attention of researchers in many countries over the past twenty-five years. The majority of these abductions have been reported by demonstrably rational and honest individuals in every walk of life. They have presented a gigantic controversy and many scientists and other professional researchers are avidly studying them.

I regard the cases studied herein as true accounts of encounters with unidentified beings who are real, at least on some level of reality. The final two chapters in this book will explore the possible nature and motives of these creatures in depth, while Techniques 1 through 9 present sample abduction cases in which the witnesses successfully employed resistance techniques against them.

Because of the controversy in the field, and the fact that skilled researchers have put forth several conflicting hypotheses to explain the phenomenon, many different terms are found in the UFO literature relating to the nature of the creatures and the experiences of the witnesses. I do not favor one term over another. Therefore, “aliens,” “bedroom visitors,” “harassing aliens,” and “visitations” are used synonymously in this book. Likewise the terms “experiencer,” “abductee,” and “witness” are used synonymously to describe the hundreds of credible witnesses whose cases have been studied by competent researchers. The terms “abduction,” “encounter,” and “abduction scenario” are likewise used more or less interchangeably. I do, however, prefer the term “abduction scenario,” since it leaves open the possibility that the events are experienced in some type of altered state that science has been unable, up to now, to identify precisely. The term “abduction scenario” in no way detracts from the reality of the event.



ANN DRUFFEL began investigating UFOs in 1957 with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. She has written for numerous UFO Journals, including a bimonthly column for the MUFON Journal and significant articles in International UFO Reporter, UFO Magazine, and Flying Saucer Review. A frequent speaker on the UFO circuit and expert on TV and radio, Druffel is the coauthor of The Tujunga Canyon Contacts and a contributor to the Encyclopedia of UFOs, The Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference at MIT, the anthology UFO Abductions, and other major works. She is also a veteran psychic researcher, working for ten years for the internationally renowned Mobius Society and pursuing free-lance projects in psychic archeology and other psychic mysteries.




The book recently went out of print in a normal fashion, but can still be ordered from, book stores, the publisher, etc. on a “print on demand” basis.

Ann Druffel wrote to say that autographed copies of the book are available from her for a special price of $9.50 (certified check or money orders only).

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