By Der Voron

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UFO sightings and UFO encounters took place along all the human history, in the ancient times, in medieval, in the new and the newest time, and continue today.

The first “official” sighting in the “UFO era” (that “officially” began in 1947; this is not true of course that it began in 1947; for example, the first UFO photo was reportedly taken on 8.12.1888 by Astronomer Prof. Bonilla of Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico) is the one of Kenneth ARNOLD on June 24, 1947. When flying his DC-4 over the Cascade Mountains in Washington, he saw, as he told, a strange sickle-shaped flying disk which he has called “flying saucer” (meaning that it “skipped like a saucer” but didn’t “look like a saucer”). He made a corresponding report to US Airforce Command, and provided the drawing of what he saw.

Some researchers think he saw just “meteor fireballs”, a “mirage” or a “flock of American white pelicans”, but equally it may be that he just saw the disk under some angle or the disk emitted a special radiation that allowed to see it just in this form being in aircraft and looking through the illuminator.

Here you can, with all the reason, ask: how to distinguish a real UFO photograph from a hoax? The functioning of starcraft ionic-microwave (also called electromagnetic, or antigravitation) engines is accompanied by electromagnetic fields phenomena, i.e. plasma, which can cause air mass movements.

This UFO photograph seems to be real. “Fire ring” (plasma) can be seen clearly.

Another seemingly real UFO photograph. The functioning of ionic-microwave engines and energy generators is accompanied with the formation of plasma, which can look like “fog clots”, as shown on this photo.

When a starship descends, ionic-microwave streams interact with the environment. Here we can see plants to stoop because of such interaction.

In other words, if on a UFO photograph you can see movement of air masses around the UFO, then this photograph can be considered as real (not faked).

Certainly, Kenneth Arnold’s case was not the first sighting, neither in the newest history nor even in 1947 (not speaking of the previous times). But it is the subject of a different research effort…

Influence of UFO electromagnetic fields often caused different consequences than described above. Below are listed some known contacts of aircraft with starships. As you can see, in many cases such a contact may result in at least long-term consequences, due to the action produced by starship’s electromagnetic fields: aircraft, rotorcraft and even car and other mechanical engines fail, as well as electronics, communication devices, etc. But, seemingly, not all starcraft are constructed so that their electromagnetic fields will have such an influence upon mechanical and electronic devices, else each contact similar to those listed below would result in failure of engines or electronics (for example, the above-described contact of Kenneth Arnold):

·    On January 7, 1948, Captain Thomas Mantell crashed his F-51 Mustang while chasing a UFO near Fort Knox, Kentucky.
·    On July 24, 1948, an Eastern Airlines DC-3 piloted by Captain Clarence S. Chiles was narrowly missed by a UFO while flying over Montgomery, Alabama.
·   On November 23, 1953, Lt. Felix Moncla’s F-89C Interceptor disappeared while chasing a UFO over Lake Superior. No trace of it was ever found.
·    On July 17, 1957, an RB-47 aircraft equipped with special electronic intelligence equipment was followed from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Oklahoma by a UFO that flew circles around the aircraft.
·   On the night of October 18,1973, a helicopter commanded by Captain Lawrence J. Coyne was buzzed by a UFO over Mansfield, Ohio.
·   On October 21, 1978, civilian pilot Frederick Valentich’s single engine Cessna vanished over the Bass Straits between Australia and King Island. His radio conversations with Melbourne at the time indicated that he was being followed by a UFO.

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