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Worldwide yearly listings of humanoid sighting reports and occasional articles as compiled by Albert Rosales
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Albert Rosales:

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Albert Rosales has updated the complete Humanoid Sightings Reports files to include thousands of new cases, corrections, comments, updates, images, etc. Also included are all the missing years, plus a new ‘Type X’ Classification. (July 9th 2013)

Encounters by humans with entities of unknown origin were continually reported in the decade of the 90’s. Many of these were so-called abduction incidents and many were solitary encounters with bizarre entities of numerous descriptions that I sometimes refer to as “rogue humanoids.” Having been involved in UFO research one way or another since the early 70’s, my fascination has always been with the UFO “occupant” encounters. I read such groundbreaking works as:

The Humanoids. Edited by Charles Bowen. It featured articles on humanoids by Aimé Michel, Jacques Vallée, Gordon Creighton, Coral Lorenzen etc. Passport to Magonia by Dr. Jacques Vallée, and of course David Webb’s interesting study, 1973-Year of the Humanoids* (released in 1976). These all mainly dealt with encounters with entities of numerous types.

I always felt that the study of the “humanoid” itself was more important than any other study. For example CEI’s or Trace cases (excluding humanoids) or the FT study, etc.

I am currently engaged in attempting to catalog most reported encounters with humanoids, entities, beings, little men, giants, MIB, creatures, amphibians, reptilians, grays etc. So far I have over 10000 cases in my files, many known, many not so well known. I have translated many from all corners of the globe . I think this study is vital for future researchers and for UFO historians.

I obviously do not believe every single story, but I believe all stories must be told. Many are first hand reports, others are just anecdotes, but all are included. I am constantly looking for new sources of information and I am willing to assist any serious researcher looking for humanoid cases. I also need help from the numerous groups Worldwide in forwarding humanoid incident reports for my catalog, so it can one day be used by everyone.

I am currently working on finishing the reports of humanoid encounters for the 80’s then 70’s and so on. Thank you all. This information is for everyone around the World to view and discover.

Albert S Rosales.

If you have any information on Humanoid Encounters, please contact Albert at:


Humanoid = An adjective meaning having human form or characteristics.

Close encounter of the third kind or CE3: seeing or coming in contact with an entity of unknown origin, being related to ufos or not.



  • Type A: When an entity or humanoid is seen inside or on top of an object or unidentified aircraft.
  • Type B: When an entity or humanoid is seen entering or exiting a UFO.
  • Type C: When an entity or humanoid is seen in the immediate vicinity of a UFO.
  • Type D: When an entity or humanoid is seen in the same area where UFOs or unknown objects have been reported.
  • Type E: When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation).
  • Type F: When there is a “psychic” contact between entities or humanoids, but an entity or humanoid is not necessarily seen.
  • Type G: When there is direct contact or interaction between a witness or witnesses and a humanoid or entity; either involuntary, as a result of a forced abduction, or as a voluntary contact.
  • Type H: When there is a report of an alleged crash or forced landing of a UFO with recovery of its occupants, or when an anomalous entity is captured or killed either by a witness or military personnel.
  • Type X: When the situation is so uncanny that it doesnt fit any of the previous classifications. A new classification, there are several such cases in the files already. I would call these cases “extremely high strangeness events.”

Albert is constantly updating his reports and as they become available I will add them to the site.

UFOINFO thanks Albert for allowing his reports to be placed on the site. If you have any information that Albert can use please send them to him at the e-mail address above.


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