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Albert Rosales:


Summaries of reported cases for 2010:

The following is an incomplete list of known entity or HUMANOID encounters on record for 2010.

After much thought and some requests for like-minded researchers and those interested in this maverick subject, I made the decision to continue summarizing entity/humanoid, high strangeness cases, etc for the year 2010. The format will be somewhat different and this hopefully will be the first in a long list of Journals.

Albert S Rosales May 30, 2010

For some unexplained reason I have yet to locate any relevant cases for the month of January, I am sure that there are some out there; perhaps hidden in some researchers files or perhaps the witness is reluctant to come forward, which is totally natural. Sometimes witnesses tell me that they had to think about if they would report what they had encountered for a long time, sometimes months or even years. I totally understand their decision.

Sometime in early February 2010 (exact date unknown) in Exmouth England more specific in a location called Phear Park a self described “UFO skeptic” Roy Shaw, a retired engineer, and his dog ran home after a white ‘shimmering’ shape began walking towards them. The incident frightened him so much that he twisted his ankle in the process of running home.
Mr. Shaw said: “The object was round in shape and about 30-feet in diameter and 100-foot long, with blue and red flashing lights on its perimeter, and it appeared to land at the top end of the park by the bowling green.” He added, “My dog started to growl when what I can only describe as a white shape, came towards us, it was bout four feet high and seemed to be translucent and moved very slowly towards us”. He felt transfixed as the ‘shape’ made a droning noise which sounded like ‘my, my’, over and over again. He wasn’t sure where the sound was coming from but it was coming straight toward him. Ron explained, “I immediately ran back down through the park”.

Mr. Shaw said the UFO appeared to hover over the hedge of the bowling green then flew horizontally from left to right, before immediately shooting off at high speed, back to the left at a 45-degree angle. He said the UFO appeared from nowhere. He did not see fly overhead or land. Mr. Shaw said his normally placid Border collie dog, Sydney, ran away from the object after baring his teeth at the approaching figure.

“I twisted my ankle when I ran like hell,” said Mr. Shaw. “My dog Syd kept whimpering and kept looking out of the bedroom window towards the park until at least two in the morning, I had problems sleeping because I just kept going over in my mind what I had seen.” “I still can’t believe what I saw and I am still in a state of shock”. (1)

On an unspecified date in February around 5:00 am in Cheatham County Tennessee the witness was sitting in her Suzuki in her front yard letting the car warm up before leaving for work in Nashville. There was still snow on the ground from the last snow. Suddenly she caught movement out of the corner of her eye in the area of her garage (which is used for storage and not to pull a car into). At first she thought it was one of her neighbor’s dogs. She turned to look and saw what she could only describe as an “alien creature”.

Its body had extra long arms, and its hind legs were very thin. Its head was very large and bumpy. It was pale in color and hairless. It was very cold outside and the creature appeared to be light grayish in color. This bizarre creature was moving on all 4’s, however, the way it was moving made it appear like a monkey or gorilla that are often times upright, but then use their arms in conjunction with their legs to propel themselves forward. On all 4’s it was about the height of a large dog, and she observed that it would be considered short, compared to most humans, if it stood upright. Its legs were short, quite a bit stockier than the body and arms, which were long and skinny. It kept looking back as though it was being followed, and so it was surprised to see the witness sitting inside the vehicle when it looked around, directly at her, for the first time. The witness got a good look at its larger, round eyes which were darkish in color. They appeared a dark brown. It was as though it sensed the witness wasn’t going to hurt it, and it continued on across the yard, across the road and continued out a connecting road which is directly in front of the house. There are lots of wooded areas in the direction it was traveling, and lots of wooded area behind the witness house. (7)

Around midnight on March 1, only a couple of days after the devastating earthquake and lesser known Tsunami that struck southwestern Chile, passengers on a bus near Iquique reported a bizarre sight. The screams of woman awoke the rest of the passengers and they all looked out their windows to see a fluorescent tube-shaped structure hovering in a vertical position over the coast. At the same time they saw coming out of the sea another structure shaped like a top, encircled with numerous bright lights. Moments later several of the passengers saw a strange entity, humanoid in appearance with long dangling arms and almost 3 meters in height and also emitting a fluorescent glow walking towards the road. This apparently caused panic onboard the bus.

According to local investigators Enrique Silva and retired Air Force general Ricardo Bermudez other locals reported seeing similar craft and apparently photographs were taken (which I have not seen). (2)

A very curious report emanated from out of Chula Vista California on March 3 2010 at exactly 1330 in the afternoon, involving what appeared to have been the ever present ‘flying humanoid’.

A man was in his backyard mowing his lawn when just by happenstance he caught something out the corner of his eye. He looked out to see what he immediately called a ‘flying man’. He looked at it for 5-5 seconds and yelled to his brother who was working with him to come quickly and see this thing. His brother ignored him (as it happens often!). However he ran over and dragged his brother to the spot. His brother could not see and walked away. The witness described the strange flying humanoid as follows: Viewed from its left side and below, it was a 7′ tall man in a copper colored fitted shell that was metallic looking reflective material. There was a bright sunshine and mostly blue sky. The ‘flyer’ was ascending at a 35 degree incline at walking speed. From its elevation he thought it might have left the ground 30 seconds prior. He estimates it was eighty feet away at about 30′ elevation (right over a telephone pole he used for distance) and he had a clear unimpeded view. The flyer had a forward tilt, “ski jumper attitude” and was climbing slowly and silently.

The shape was immediately recognizable as a man wrapped in an aerodynamic shell. The hooded head and shoulders were smoothed together, the chest was large, 3′ plus across. It tapered down to what was obviously feet pointing down. Strangely the main witness had never heard about the flying humanoids and now believes his brother actually saw something, since he was definitely worked up, instantly. (3) Below is what the witness saw:

The following is a weird if not humorous report from the United Kingdom:

Sometime in early April a Mr. Hooton from Budleigh Salterton in Devon, claimed that as he walked home from the “Dog and Donkey” pub at Knowle, (he claims he rarely drinks), he saw strange lights that disappeared as he tried to approach them. Mr. Hooton said, “”I was leaving the Dog and Donkey with my dog Dixie after a lemonade, or two. Walking past Bear Len I saw some strange lights which at first he thought was a police car.” He cautiously approached the lights and in the blink of an eye the lights went off and all he could hear was ‘aliens’ giggling. Mr. Hooton says that he has always been a bit of a skeptic about these kind of things but after his strange encounter he is more open-minded. Mr. Hooton’s claims are the latest in a line of unexplained sightings in the area where residents believe they have spotted UFOs. (4,/span>)

A strange series of events was reported around 317am on April 16 2010 in an unspecified location in Arizona.

The witness was woken up hearing a beeping sound. Not sure what the sound was he realized it kept beeping and it was not the smoke detector. He sat up quickly facing his bedroom door opening. It was pitch black and he could not see past his bedroom door, the noise sounded exactly like a treadmill when it is turned on and buttons are pushed to change the settings. He could feel that ‘someone’ was in the house. “Then he thought of the little gray aliens” and for some reason it really scared him. He wanted to get up to investigate, but was frozen from fear. He was also thinking of calling the cops. According to the witness he can’t remember if he was envisioning this or he actually saw them, but he kept seeing these small bluish gray aliens two or three of them. They were not clearly lit up but they were standing at his bedroom doorway. He remembers looking outside his window at one point at the sky and it was a lot darker than normal as if there was a craft blocking the city lights. However he does not recall seeing a spaceship. There was no other noise and it was eerily quite outside except for the beeping noises that seemed to be coming from his treadmill.

He had a bad feeling and his adrenaline was pumping hard. The next thing he sees was a bright white type of light like lighting with a bluish tint, it looked like electrical light, it was much brighter than a light bulb and it had a glow to it almost as bright as observing someone welding. It was shining on his wall at a strange angle and it did not completely light up the entire wall, the light was coming from his living room where the treadmill was located. Upon seeing this he knew he had to go and investigate but then a strange sound suddenly started, he could hear what sounded like an electrical sound building up and a surge of power and then a loud popping sound like if something electrical blew up. The bright light then vanished.

When the light went out he immediately looked outside and up to the sky. It still appeared eerily dark and he could not see any stars or the glow from the city lights. “My first feeling was that something teleported out of his living room and then a ship shot of”. He then grabbed his cell phone and a baseball bat; he used the phone light to see his way to turn on the first light. Before he got turned the light on, he had a strong feeling that he was going to see ‘the small gray aliens”. He grabbed his flashlight out of the laundry room and then immediately looked in the living room and saw nothing. He inspected the whole house and turned on all the lights. He thought of going outside “but had a bad feeling of going out.” He kept hearing something up in his attic or on the roof almost like footsteps. He was hoping to find a window or door open, but everything was locked and closed. And while he was going around the house he kept hearing scurrying noises inside and on the roof or attic.

The whole time he searched the house the image of aliens kept popping into his mind. He could sense that something was still there, he wanted to look on the roof and in the attic, but decided that it was not a good idea. He could feel and sense that he was being watched. He also noticed that his refrigerator was indicating that the power had been off or 4 minutes, so the power had apparently gone off before the events. At around 4:20 am when he finally got back in bed with all the lights off, the city glow was back. His thoughts for some reason when he began searching his house were that he was looking for ‘gray aliens’ 3.5 feet tall. They kept coming into his mind. According to the witness the source of the light and the angle that it shone on his wall emanated from about 2.5 – 3 feet off the ground in the middle of his living room.

Was this some type of stealthy bedroom visitation? Or did the witness just added too much into mundane events? I will give him the benefit of the doubt. (5)

As is often the case I at times received private emails from concerned or worried witnesses or friends and family of witnesses telling me about weird events or encounters that they have experienced. The following is a recent example:

On various occasions during April 2010 in the suburb of Bullsbrook, Perth, Western Australia, usually in the early morning hours a young teenage girl and her equally young female friend have reported seeing a strange crouching figure appear in the bedroom always late at night. One of the girls reported seeing the strange being crouching above her headboard staring down at her whilst she slept. Other times they have seen the strange being at the bedroom doorway standing really tall filling out the door frame in height. It is really thin and not human at all

The being has even appeared to her at her aunt’s house several kilometers from her home. According to the main witness the being has a big head and the skin on its face seems stretched tight. All it does is stare at the young girls. One night while watching a movie she sensed that someone was watching and when she looked at the doorway of the room the tall thin creature was standing there. She provided additional details of the intruder indicating that it was very skinny, with ribs showing, with bluish skin and she said that she could make out what appear to be some sort of “veins”. The eyes are more human size but black. It does not wear any clothing, and she could not see any genitalia either but “knew” it was a male. According to the witness there has been no attempt of communication in the part of the entity. (6) (Encounters might still be taking place).

Next we have what appears to be a typical “bedroom visitation” type of encounter, but having read hundreds of these, I have come to the conclusion that no two of them are alike.

At 2:30 am on April 26 2010 in Shalimar, Florida a witness reported that she awoke while asleep in her bedroom and saw a being standing by her bed. The being was about 6 ft tall and had eyes like “upside down teardrops”. The eyes were black and the being’s face glowed with a green color. The being was dressed in brown hooded clothing. The woman then pulled the cover over herself and didn’t move for about 5 minutes. When she pulled the covers back down the being was gone. A dog in the room at the time was not disturbed. The television set was left on from the previous night. The witness also reported having another encounter ’90 days ago’ in which she sustained some ‘strange triangular’ marks. The previous encounter was with short beings about 3 to 4 feet tall with appearance similar to the “classic gray beings” reported by some experiencers. (8)

Sometimes there are reports involving the so-called Bigfoot or Sasquatch type creature (known by many other names worldwide) in which exist other circumstances besides the ‘normal’ encounter of a strange hairy figure in a wooded area, the following is such a report.

Sometime in April 2010 (exact date not established) near the village of Senzaskie Kichi in the Kemerovo region of Siberia, Russia, a local hunter, Athanasius Kiskorov reportedly ‘rescued’ a Bigfoot (or Almas as is commonly known in that region) type creature from a flooded river.

While fishing along with some other local hunters, Kiskorov and the others heard the crunch of heavy ice and a high-pitched wail. Going to investigate the commotion the hunters were astonished to see at about 10 meters from shore “a creature covered with dark brown fur, shaped like a human being, but much larger” which several times attempted to get out of the water and stand on two legs but each time it fell back into the water emitting a loud growl. Most of the hunters stood still, perhaps afraid to approach the strange creature, only Kiskorov gathered enough courage to go to its rescue, Kiskorov approached the shore and threw several dry aspen tree trunks into the water which the creature used to jump onto and crawl to shore. Without as much as a thank you the strange hairy hominid then disappeared into the woods. This area is extremely isolated and is located within the taiga region, there is no electricity or roads and once a week a helicopter flies into the area. Kiskorov and three other hunters signed a letter which they sent to the administrative center in Tashtagol relating their strange encounter. (9). This encounter perhaps goes against my theory that most of these hairy humanoids or ‘Manimals’ have a paranormal or interdimensional origin, but perhaps there were other circumstances involved there which were not readily perceived by those involved.

Around the beginning of May 2010 reports began coming in from small villages in the Vinnitsa region of the Ukraine in which a strange predator ‘beast’ or animal was attacking poultry and other domestic animals, sucking the blood from them. One reports describes this ineptly named creature (Chupacabra) attacking a man near the village of Glinyantsy.

The man 20-year old Maxim Godonyuk was cycling back home at night from a neighboring village. Near the cemetery he heard something attacking a dog and the dog howling in pain. Investigating he rode through the gates of the cemetery and suddenly he was hit by a gust of wind and something jumped on his back, he felt a sort of ‘paw’ scratching his neck. He was confident that what saved him were the lights of an approaching vehicle, whatever it was on his back suddenly jumped to the ground and vanished. He was left with deep wounds on the back of his neck. He arrived home shaking and his mother treated his wounds. He went to the doctors the next day and was also treated. Around the same time, another local resident, Boris, a caretaker at a local kindergarten reported seeing a strange creature at night that walked on two legs had striped fur and a huge head, upon seeing the witness it quickly ran away, galloping like a horse. The kindergarten is located near the cemetery. At the same time an unknown predator killed dozens of rabbits in the arms of three pensioners in the village of Zaria. (10).

A series of events was reported by news sources and by Mexican researcher Ana Luisa Cid from the area of Monclova, Coahuila Mexico.

On April 4 2010 in the small village of Chinameca 2 young boys reported seeing a “strange monster” walking on four legs on Calle Londres. The strange humanoid was described as a “little man” with gray smooth skin, with four leg like protrusions. It was seen in an empty field. The two boys, Omar Andres Armendariz Olguin and Jose Rolando Gallegos Olguin, both 13 years of age, were terrified at the site of the strange creature and immediately notified neighbors. Their mother called the police who searched the area but could not locate anything out of ordinary.

The next day at around 1400, on April 5 2010 several witnesses from the small village of Alamo, reported seeing a strange gray colored creature with four legs that submerged under the surface of the Rio Monclova in an area known as “El Charco Azul” (The blue pond). The police was called immediately and made swimmers in the area evacuate since there had been other reports of the “gray monster” going into the waters. Witnesses reported seeing the strange creature running first through the fields and then jumping into the river, it was not seen to emerge from the river. The strange creature was also seen by 4 young men who were fishing for crawfish on the river.

Another report from a ranch hand on April 9 2010 in the area of Ejido Curva Coahuila, reported that he had seen the same or similar gray colored creatures on several occasions and that it apparently has the ability to take tremendous leaps. (11)

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I am hoping to make this the first of many upcoming issues. Any comments or relevant information please feel free to contact me at the following emails:

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