October 22nd 2009 : Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire, England

Location: Skellingthorpe/Lincoln/England

Date: 10 22 2009

Time: 19:15

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Sphere/unknown

Weather Conditions: Clear sky (Stars)

Description: I live in Skellingthorpe, at 19:15 give or take a few minutes I left the house to go to the local co-op to get something to eat,as I was just about to get into the car I looked up at the sky because it was a clear and could see all the stars which is nice to see,thats when I noticed this bright orange light to the north of myself which was travelling north. To start with I thought it was a meteorite or peace of space junk burning up,but realized this was not the case because it did not get brighter or dimmer or fragment. Then I thought I might of been seeing the afterburner of a jet engine or possibly a jet engine on fire not burning correctly,which concerned myself.

This bright orange light was rapidly flickering all the time it was similar in colour to the older type of street lights and it was spherical in shape.

I continued to watch it until it disappeared and then for a few more seconds to see if it would reappear, but it didnt, then I thought if it was an aircraft it must of been ok because it carried on its course without descending. It must of been quite low because I had to move my position to see it beyond the trees. I was about to unlock the car door and thats when I noticed the second one which was south of myself the direction I was facing to get into the car. Once again exactly the same thing, a bright rapidly flickering orange light spherical in shape, which was travelling towards myself, in a north direction, same path as the first one. Approximately one minute after the first disappeared the second one appeared. I continued to watch it as it got closer and closer, over a period of approximately 2 maybe 2.5 minutes, it went directly overhead give or take a few feet, at a guess it was 2 or 3 hundred feet up, I could not hear any noise from it, as it got very close almost overhead the bright flicker orange light illuminated part of the structure above it, I could see a flat surface with horizontal lines (structure) to it.

I could not see the whole thing, because the light did not illuminate all of it, as it past directly overhead I could no longer see any structure because the light dazzled myself, as it moved further forward I could see the structure again behind the light, it looked the same structure as previously mentioned. The impression I got was that the light generated was in the centre and underneath the structure, possibly a byproduct of its propulsion system. I have never seen a light like that, it looked like a plasma and very pure in colour. The strange thing about it was that although it appeared very bright it did not illuminate much around itself, and that very rapid flicker to it.

There were no other lights to this structure.

It was definitely a machine. It was definitely an airborne craft. There was no noticeable secondary effects caused by it as it went over (noise, wind, pressure change, gravity, static and so on) nothing in the house had been affected that I am aware of.

It moved on in a northerly direction same flight path as the first until it disappeared out of view.

About 1 hour later I decided to report what I had seen to the Lincolnshire police, basically I was told that they dont police the skies and was put through to RAF Waddington, I explained what I had seen, but before I got a chance to ask if they had seen anything on their radar, I was put through to the MODs UFO Hotline, where I left a brief description of what I had seen on their answering machine leaving my Name address and telephone number.

The following morning at 6am I told my work colleges about what I had seen the previous evening, they suggested to post it on the internet and thats what I am doing. I work for a large semiconductor manufacturer. I am employed there as a photolithography Equipment Engineer grade engineer, responsible for the repair and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which is highly scientific and complex in nature, the reason I am telling you this is because I think in a scientific manor and not prone to fantasy.

What I witnessed last Thursday night was amazing and will remember it for the rest of my life.

Hope you find this information useful or at least interesting.

Best regards,


UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website as I was particularly interested to see how the plasma effect compared with the balloons/lanterns and received the following reply:

Hello John,

Many thanks for getting back to myself about my UFO report.

I looked at the videos from the website link you sent, the Dutch one was similar to what I witnessed but I didn’t understand what they were saying, don’t speak Dutch!

No this was no Chinese lantern or firework. There was stuff I forgot to put in my report, such as scale of object seen, brightness comparison, distance it travelled and speed.

I live in a 2 stories detached house and when it was directly overhead it was definitely larger than the house, the structure that I could see of the craft above the light was solid and complex not transparent lots of detail to it. The brightness of the light was greater than a cars full beam headlights. I struggled to look at it because it was so bright, it looked like a plasma, its colour was so pure, the flickering was about 20 to 30 times a second and constant all the time viewed as was the first sighting.

When I observed it at a distance the light was still bright but diffused by the atmosphere. When it was overhead the light was much clearer it appeared to have depth to it, this is going to sound crazy, but it looked like the light was going inwards on itself, which would explain why it poorly illuminated the things around it, it really had depth to it, like a pool (I am not a loon honestly).

If I hadn’t seen the second sighting I wouldn’t have thought any more about the first, it was just some flickering orange thing in the sky, could of been anything, but the second one I got a very close view of it, and it was a very large object (machine). The distance I observed it travel was greater than 1 mile difficult to judge, the speed at first I thought was fast, but working it out it must of been about 20 miles per hour. Also the direction of travel, speed and altitude did not change, it was very controlled, unlike these Chinese lanterns or fireworks.

I just wish there had been someone else there with a video camera to have recorded it. I have never seen anything like that in my life, hopefully someone else has seen it. I was skeptical about UFOs but not any more, I am not even that bothered if anyone believes me or not, I know what I saw. I believe it needed to be reported, that’s important to me. Who knows what these things are or their purpose?

Thanks very much for your time,

Best regards

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