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Physician compelled by Brazilian Air Force to lie about UFOs

Wellaide Cecim, a physician working during the 70s in a health care unit in Village of Colares, Pará, Brazil, admits she was forced by military to lie about how serious the “suck-suck phenomena” was.

Article by Carlos Mendes.
Translated by Paulo Santos, from the Brazilian UFO Magazine team.
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“I’ve been compelled by Brazilian Air Force to convince the locals that the lights attacking them were mass hallucinations and that what they saw has never happened”. Who says this, after reading the material published yesterday by newspaper O Liberal about the “suck-suck” phenomena, a weird episode that terrified many communities at Colares, Vigia, Santo Antonio do Tauá, Mosqueiro e Baía do Sol in the end of 1977 and beginning of 1978, is Wellaide Cecim Carvalho. She was the responsible for a health care unit at Colares at that time. She treated about 80 victims of the mysterious lights. “I was the first one to make contact with the victims of the suck-suck phenomena. In spite of my 22 years old at that time and being completely skeptic, I started to notice changes the medicine failed to explain. The burns on the victims’ skin were almost always on the neck and the breast, with two small and parallel holes, as if it was a little bite, but it wasn’t”.

Doctor on public health and psychiatry, Wellaide Cecim says that after 60 days of daily records, more than 120 cases, she started to report these cases to their superiors. But she wasn’t prepared to their reaction: She has been forbidden to admit something strange was happening. “But, being faithful to what I see, not to what I hear, I kept on speaking. Even under the risk of being fired”. Follows the interview she gave to Carlos Mendes, a journalist from O Liberal, published by the Brazilian UFO Magazine and added to its campaign UFOs Freedom of Information Now, which is described at:


Question — The authorities didn’t see the phenomena, but even seeing they wouldn’t believe…
Wellaide — They didn’t even pay me a visit. I had to discover the victims lost erythrocytes all by myself. I’ve always tried to do my best in my job, since that time. I noticed the victims had lost blood because of the research I made to find out why these people had giddiness, sluggishness and could hardly walk. I sent several reports to the health secretary.

Question — And who was the health secretary?
Wellaide — Doctor Manoel Ayres. My immediate superior was doctor Luiz Flávio Figueiredo. He forbad me to talk, make suggestions or even agree to the locals. But, you don’t need medical knowledge to know. Necrosis occurs only 96 hours after a burn. The victims burns had necrosis immediately, just five minutes after the attack.

Question — What’s the explanation to this?
Wellaide — That’s when it all begins: they (the flying objects pilots) couldn’t be Russians because, it doesn’t matter their technology at that time, and nobody could make burns in that way.

Question — As a psychiatrist, do you believe these people could be victims of a mass hysteria?
Wellaide — This is what the Air Force always asked me to say. It did not happen any kind of mass hysteria or visual hallucinations. The psychiatry proves it didn’t happen. It may happen mystic collective problems when people commit mass suicide. But nobody can have the same delirium, the same visual, sonic and synesthetic hallucination at the same time and in different places.

Question — Who asked the Air Force to investigate the case?
Wellaide — Once nobody helped, much the opposite, they told me to shut up, the Colares mayor at that time, Mr. Alfredo Ribeiro Bastos, called the Brazilian Air Force. And came, from Paraná, the president of the Ufology society of that state, the philosopher, ufologist and biomedical Daniel Rebisso Giese. We wrote the first book on this subject: “Vampires and extraterrestrials in Amazonia”. The priest of Colares and also a doctor, Alfredo de la Ó, already dead, also called for help.

Question — And what hurt you most?
Wellaide — It was the fact that, in my 22 years old, responsible for a health care unit, I had a lot of people in front of me needing research to find out why they were immobilized. Why they couldn’t walk or talk. And when I looked at the hemogram to compare the last records, I’ve learnt they had very low rates of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. The fact is, no object can bring out skin necrosis after a burn so fast. A third factor is the alopecia, the fall of hair from the skin, in a way it will never grow again. The victims have never had hair on the skin burnt again.

Question — And when did the Air Force appeared?
Wellaide — 90 days after our requests. When Colares was empty and scared, they came. Because of the dictatorship we were under, they used to call me every day to ask me to speak to the people, to try to convince them they were having mass hallucination, but I always refused.

Question — Under all this pressure from the military, what did you do?
Wellaide — I refused to do this. I always told them I wouldn’t obey. I disagree to them when they say I was afraid of being considered a fool. I really don’t mind. I gave interviews to several TVs from Brazil, EUA and Europe, even under the risk of being fired. Besides being a skeptic, I’m totally sure of what I saw. I don’t know what it is, but I know its real.

Question — Did you, as did the captain Uyrangê Hollanda, the investigation commander, see beings from space?
Wellaide — Yes I did. It was 5 pm in the afternoon at Colares. There was a ship at 50 meters of altitude, above the city’s main street. Inside of this ship there was a being, 1.20 or 1.30 meter high. This happened when I was driving to help a child with broken clavicle, I was going to immobilize her. They were flying so low that I was completely unable to react. I could see the UFOs bright metal and it wasn’t a dish-like object, but much more like a cone or a cylinder. Its course was elliptical. 5 o’clock in the afternoon your eyes can’t play tricks on you. You may have visions, hallucinate, but, like me, many others would have to.

Question — Did someone died after being sucked by the lights?
Wellaide — Two persons I took to the hospital in the capital, Belém, had died. I took them in my car. And when they gave me the death certificate, I could read “unknown reason”. The victims had the burns, the tinny holes, the examination. I mean, it’s very easy to hide things in this country.

Some amazing cases

The Operation Saucer collected reports from the people who saw the lights. Fishermen, rural workers, simple and ordinary people hit by the lights were interviewed by the Brazilian Air Force’s personnel between November of 1977 and the beginning of 1978. What they told is written in a report called Operation Saucer. The Air Force’s document signed by the captain Uyrangê Hollanda and obtained by the newspaper O Liberal. Over 230 pages of the Operation Saucer main report were fully scanned and are published at the website of the Brazilian UFO Magazine. They can be downloaded freely at More documents about the Brazilian Air Force secret procedures of UFO research can also be downloaded freely at Both courtesy of the Brazilian UFO Magazine.

Case 1 — Adelaide Pereira da Silva, 37 years old, illiterate. Place: Colares, October 16th 1977, 21:00 hours. She noticed a reddish light lighting her room and all the interior of the house. All the doors and windows were closed, then she opened a window to see a bright object with a bluish light moving slightly above the trees (about 30 meters). She felt a strong pain in the eyes and her body became numb. She carried these symptoms for several days.

Case 2 — Maria Celeste Pereira da Silva, 20 years old, educated. Her UFOs sighting happened on October 18th 1977 at 22:00 hours. In the same moment her mother, Adelaide, noticed a strange light coming inside her house, she felt a great pain all over her body, as if she were being heavily compressed. Also a numb feeling started to rise through her body coming from the feet and a strong heat appeared, spreading from the right shoulder until the head. She thinks She have been hit on the right side of the body by a beam of reddish light.

Case 3 — Maria Francisca Furtado, 30 years old, primary school education only. She told what happened in the night of October 18th of 1977, about 21:30. She lives close to a village called Vila Nova do Ubintuba. As the attacks were becoming more common, she and her husband used to come every night to Mr. Miguel Arcângelo Soares house in order to sleep together to several families. On that day, she was hit by the light beam and got half-paralyzed. She felt a kind of electric shock. First, her feet became hot and a shiver took over her body, from the feet until the head. She felt the right part of the body became numb and this sensation endured for one hour. Then came the headache and fever. Se did not go outdoors, so she couldn’t see the ‘ship’. Men and Women had the same symptoms after seeing the object.

Case 4 — A farmer called Abel Soares Trindade, 28 years old, was inside his house hearing to the radio when something happened. It was about half past nine in the night of September 14th 1977 when he noticed a bluish light coming from the roof. He got half-paralyzed and had a feeling as if his head was growing bigger. He struggled to cry for help for he could hardly speak. For several days after the attack he had headache and hoarseness. His wife, America Silva Soares, 23 years old, had the same symptoms.

Case 5 — Another report came from Raimundo Nonato Barbosa, 48 years old. He told when he was coming back home through the woods, as he passed by a friend’s house, he suddenly felt as if he lost his strengths. The shoes he was carrying on his hand fell to the ground. He picked them up and kept walking. The shoes fell to the ground again. When he lowered to pick them up again he could see a bright object, with a round shape like a sea-ray, just above his shoulder. It had about 1.50 meters and moved at very low altitude, about five or ten meters over the ground. The object was emitting a light beam, as a flash lamp, very strong and bluish colored, towards him. Very scared, Raimundo gathered his strengths and run to his friend’s house, crying for help.

In the middle of his way, looking back, he noticed the object rose to the sky, between the trees, leaving bright and multicolored sparks behind. He complained of shivering, headache and numbness on the region of the body hit by the light beam. It wasn’t noticed the symptoms of burning. He showed how the object was drawing on the ground. He represented the bright sparks using three vertical lines with about 20 degrees between themselves. He drew small circles connected to these lines and told they were lights in several colors. He couldn’t repeat the draw on paper.

Case 6 — Five fishermen told to the military they could see two beings inside the ship. An encounter of the first kind with five fisherman of Colares and a ship with extraterrestrial beings inside would have taken place on October 12th, 1977, at 23:30. In the report the farmer called Manoel Espírito Santo, 20 years old, primary school education, told to the military what happened, during the Operation Saucer. He told he was in front of his house with his friends, Júlio, Paulo, Deca and Carlito, when he noticed a yellow light moving in the rising-sunset direction. It slowed down, almost stopping by them, about 20 meters away. Manoel said he could see the light had two ‘pilots’. They seemed to be human. The ‘man’ was at the left side and the ‘woman’ at the right side.

Both were wearing something similar to glasses on their eyes and had communication equipment. The man on the left rose his ‘glasses’, as if staring to them, and at this very moment the other pilot, using a lateral pipe, sent a red light beam to them. The moment he was hit by the light Manoel felt a strong shock, as if it was an electric shock. The sensation started on the feet and rose to his head. Then he got his legs and arms paralyzed and almost lost his consciousness. The ship went away slowly, speeding up. Manoel could move again, but felt numbness for several minutes. From far away, the ship looked like a star red-yellow colored. It changed its color from bright yellow to red and, when it was closer, he could see a bluish light on the frontal upper part. It was cylinder-shaped, like a barrel, and had a frontal smaller pipe, reddish colored, and a thinner one on its side, 45 degrees apart, where the bluish light was coming from. It had about 1.20 to 1.40 meters, seemed transparent on the bluish part and had a division between the pilots.





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