UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 12

Volume 1 No. 12

12th February 2002

Editor: Anthony James


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SOURCE: Diario de Rio Negro http://www.rionegro.com.ar/arch200202/s03g45.html

DATE: February 3, 2002


Russia Has Its Own “Time Machine”

Scientist Claims Having Built Machine That Enables Visits to the Past.

MOSCOW (ANSA) – In Third Millennium Russia, now fully converted to capitalism and market economy, there are still those who would like to return to the old style USSR. A ‘Time Machine’ completely ‘Made in Russia’ has been built for these irrepressible nostalgic’s. According to the device’s inventor, it’s existence is a reality.

According to Russian engineer Valdin Cernobrov, the machine popularised in H.G. Wells homonymous novel far from being a literary creation, is in fact a scientific endeavour of it’s own, although still in it’s infancy. “In fact”, notes Cernobrov, “those who attempt to return to the past to keep certain historical events from occurring – for example, the collapse of the Soviet Union, would fail in the attempt and would run the risk of not being able to return to the ‘future’.

Cernobrov’s ‘machine’ (at least according to the photo’s published in newspapers, since it’s creator refuses to show it to other media) is a spherical metallic capsule measuring 2 metres in diameter, very similar to astronaut Yuri Gagarin’s first Vostok spacecraft. Within it, explains the inventor, is a meter wide cabin that houses the passenger. Strong rotating electromagnetic fields generated in the capsule decrease or increase the flow of time, whose alteration is recorded by a high precision timepieces.

Cernobrov, who worked in the Soviet Space Agency’s planning office and subsequently founded the Cosmopolsk Society, claims having conducted initial tests in Volgograd (the former Stalingrad) having reached a ‘distance in time’ of some scant minutes, for the moment. “For the time being, above all for security reasons, the experiments were performed with animals and were extremely brief in order to avoid any health hazards and to keep the machine from becoming lost, since it is very expensive”, explained the Russian scientist. “However, this time lapse shall be gradually increased in the future, with the aim of achieving the mission of ‘exiting our time for a few days or a month at most, and exclusively toward the past, this would enable the capsule’s recovery”.

The first “Chrononaut” has already been chosen: young computer programmer Ivan Konov, who according to Cemobrov. “is in fine psychophysical conditions which give him the necessary sang froid to describe even the vision of the ‘Worlds End’.

According to the Russian engineer, no ‘chrononaut’ would be able to modify historic fact. “Even if he interfered with events, this event would have weight only when verified, having no consequence what-so-ever to our present, and in any event, any such effort would maroon him in a parallel universe from which he could never return. (ANSA)

Translation Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.



UFO Whistle Blower Speaks Out

Clifford Stone

In the world of UFO research, the name of retired Sergeant Clifford Stone is nearly a legend. A decorated Vietnam combat veteran who served 22 years in the Army, Stone claims to have also served on Top Secret UFO crash-retrieval missions. He says that he saw the spacecraft; he saw the bodies. In 1990, at great personal risk, he broke his silence.

Since retiring from the military more than a decade ago, Sgt. Stone has dedicated his life to ending official UFO secrecy and fighting for government accountability. Using his insider’s knowledge, Stone has amassed one of the largest private collections of authentic government UFO documents ever. He alone has been able to obtain “smoking gun” documents that other investigators have not been able to find. How has he done it?

Now you can learn investigative techniques from one of UFOlogy’s master researchers. You can see and hear Sgt. Stone for yourself.

An exclusive set of audio and video tapes document the life and work of this extraordinarily courageous American. These tapes were created to help Sgt. stone get his UFO cover-up busting information out to the public. Purchase copies directly from the publisher. That way you are helping Sgt. Stone in his efforts to end UFO secrecy and restore government accountability.

Order on-line at: http://www.globalviewcom.com/index4.html

“The reason I’m trying to get information out about UFOs and the reality that UFOs do exist and that our Government knows about it, very simply put, is that Government never has the right to lie to the people.” — Sgt. Clifford Stone.

In May of 1991, Sgt. Stone went to Washington, D.C. to testify at a press conference held by The Disclosure Project, and to brief members of Congress about covert UFO research projects.




Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 4:37 AM

Subject: Physical Craft Appears Above MT Adams, WA

With over 2000 eyewitnesses here at the Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake, Washington, some of which are Astro/Nuclear/Plasma physicists, 14+ hours of video of ships stopping, lighting up on command, accelerating, making right angle turns, landing and morphing into as many as four brilliant lights then back to one, appearing with pre-knowledge right on schedule, and with pictures taken by UFO investigators etc., it seems this is not enough. This case, if the evidence presented in a court of law, would win hands down as proof UFOs are real. People are executed on less evidence.

There are even pictures of ships stepping down in vibration and becoming physical. Scientists, and we use this term loosely, such as Jim Todd at the Omsi Planetarium say these are nothing more than satellites. We are at a complete loss as to how a scientist with any ability to reason or apply scientific method could make such a statement after viewing the footage. We could understand him saying this is faked, or equipment problems, yet what do we do with all the eyewitnesses? To say they are satellites or the space station or shuttle is an open display of ignorance or another agenda. Who are these scientists we put into positions of authority to educate our children and the masses?

spar3 goldship


These objects are coming in every size shape and colour, are seen by multiple eyewitnesses operating within our atmosphere. They are shown manoeuvring, responding to requests by people on the ground to light up, landing on the mountain, and flying behind trees. And now for the grand finally, they have opened up a portal, materialised, and allowed us to photograph them with pre-knowledge of the event. Any reasonable mind would come to the conclusion that these are unknowns, they do not fit into any know parameter and indeed need further study. Unless we are misinformed, NASA is not our neighbour, there is no landing strip in the nearby forest and satellites do not change directions, stop, and land.

ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) – Self-Mastery Earth Institute PO Box 281, Hood River, Oregon 97031 (509) 395-2092





Dear Friends and Supporters of The Disclosure Project,

As we enter 2002, we find the issues addressed by The Disclosure Project to be even more relevant than ever.

Terrorism, geopolitical instability, world poverty and an increasingly damaged ecosystem all speak to the need to disclose the truth about illegal secrecy that has robbed us of the knowledge and technologies needed to address these challenges. The rogue and illegal suppression of technologies that could give us a sustainable civilisation without the need for oil has become a threat to US national security, international peace and the long-term future of humanity.

Since the historic National Press Club event on May 9, we have identified literally dozens of new top-secret military and intelligence witnesses to UFO, extraterrestrial and advanced energy programs. In 2002, we plan to videotape the testimony of these new witnesses for disclosure this year.

We hope to have another international press conference in Washington DC this year at which this new and compelling testimony and evidence will be presented. But this is dependent on your continued support and I ask that you donate what you can to the Disclosure Project to support the expansion of the Witnesses’ Archive and fund this next, historic press conference.

Additionally, the first Annual Disclosure Symposium, which will be open to the public, will be held June 21-23 in the San Francisco Bay area. This event will bring together some of the most compelling first-hand military and government witnesses and other evidence for a week-end of presentations, discussions and panels. Seating is limited, but you can register now to attend this historic gathering in June.

And this month, we have begun the Disclosure Representative Program so that you can create presentations in your local area of the witness testimony videos and build a base of grass roots support for The Disclosure Project. Imagine: If only 100 people world-wide each organised 5 events this year showing this compelling witness testimony, up to 500 cities, towns and communities could be educated and motivated to act. Consider becoming a Representative and help us grow the grass roots momentum for Disclosure.

We also have recently released a new DVD of the 2 hour Disclosure Video with additional materials, including the nearly 500 page Briefing Document provided to Congress. And for those wanting a more in-depth view of the witness testimony, we have available the 4 hour video of Testimony provided to members of Congress and other leaders. I encourage you to get these materials and spread the word amongst your friends, family and co-workers.

Dozens of people have worked for years to pull together this ground-breaking testimony and evidence. Now you have the tools to educate your own community about the truth about UFOs, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the out of control, illegal secrecy that threatens our future.

By coming together, each of us can create a momentum for Disclosure that is unstoppable. Now is the time for action. Will you join us?

Wishing you all the best,

Steven M. Greer MD

Director, The Disclosure Project http://www.disclosureproject.org


Below is a list of upcoming Disclosure Project events:

March 2, 2002 – Disclosure Project event in Tampa, Fl.

NOTE: We need to identify volunteers in the Tampa area willing to help produce this event. Please contact Reed Murray at 434-245-5007, pr@disclosureproject.org if you can help or know someone who can help.

March 15, 2002 – Disclosure Project event in the San Francisco area

March 29-30, 2002 – Dr. Greer lecture at the Sarayon conference in Colorado

April 26, 2002 – Disclosure Project event in Ashland, Oregon

April 27, 2002 – Dr. Greer lecture at the WESAK conference in Mt. Shasta

May 4-6, 2002 – Dr. Greer lecture at the IIIHS conference in Montreal

June 21-23, 2002 – Disclosure Project Annual conference in San Mateo, Ca.

Late Summer, 2002 – Disclosure Project Press Conference at the National Press Club in Washington



630 Italian Sightings During 2001

The complete number of reported sightings of presumed UFO phenomena in Italy during the course of the Year 2001 is slightly higher than the total that we had estimated some weeks back.

In fact, 630 is the number of cases gathered and recorded by CISU “Italian sightings working group”, which has issued a press release of the data relative to the recently ended twelve-month period.

As already and duly evidenced, 2001 saw a veritable wave of UFO sightings in our country, with a doubling in the number of reports with respect to the media over previous years. The wave was centred around the summer months (more than two-thirds of the cases) and particularly in August, having had an abnormal course in comparison with other Italian waves, which tend to occur during the autumn.

The monthly lists of cases have already been accessible for some time on the Internet. Website of the CISU at: http://www.arpnet.it/ufo/casi0101.htm as well as a monthly distribution at: http://www.arpnet.it/ufo/mesi2001.htm They will be updated during the next few days with data from December and with the new cases of the preceding months, received during recent weeks.






The witness was travelling west bound on State Highway 17, and saw in the distance a group of white lights with a central blinking red light, moving off in the distance at 6:15 AM. There was heavy traffic in both directions as he drove four miles east of Exit 119, that intersects with State Highway 302, which leads to Pine Bush. As he approached Exit 119, he suddenly became aware of three very (size of 737 at least) large white lights substantially touching each other in a horizontal row. “The craft was very low with an altitude of only about 300 feet, descending silently as though gliding. Its speed was about 60 MPH as it passed over Highway 17’s traffic, and continued to my right descending over trees and rooftops and then turned left toward Pine Bush”. The witness says, “It was banking 45 degrees, revealing three large white moderately bright circular lights defining a perfect equilateral triangle and a same size circular red light in centre. None of the lights were blinking. The area between the lights appeared black and triangular, barely distinguishable from sky which was still dark and completely overcast. The craft passed about 100 feet over and in front of me. The object descended far enough to disappear below my horizon. The terrain to my right at that point is below elevation of Highway 17, where only treetops and rooftops of buildings are visible. I did not pull over to the shoulder because of the traffic risk. Within seconds I saw a road sign saying “Pine Bush.” I passed it then doubled back onto 17 and then 302 and a side road off 302 in the direction of the apparent landing looking for the object but didn’t see it again. Stewart International Airport is fifteen miles east with C-5 aircraft. Thanks to George Filer www.nationalufocenter.com



The witness was by a campsite at 4:30 AM near the naval base on January 11, 2002, when he saw two lights moving in the water with a light about 100 feet above. The one in the air started to move side to side in a strange way. The two in the water began to move with it. The way they moved was like no plane. The one in the air started south towards Malibu, that’s when others that looked like stars began to follow, and scan the waters as if it was a group project. The objects were airborne for thirty minutes and were gone. The lights in the water never took off they seem to dive. Thanks to George Filer



Robert La Marco writes… “my wife and kid’s had a sighting of a very bright disc shaped object over Hazlet on January 22, 2002. I myself did not see it, but they were going to basket ball practice, south bound on Route 35, when my wife saw a bright disc low over the trees in the direction of Holmdel, NJ. She stated to me that it just sat there in the sky, not moving. Within 1 minute or so it streaked off to the East, towards the Atlantic Ocean at a very high rate of speed. It covered what I would say was 5 to 7 miles in 2 to 3 seconds. She stated to me, “IT WAS NO PLANE”! Her and both my boy’s saw it very clearly, it was at about 8:00 PM”. thanks to R. J. La Marco.



It was about 9:15 PM on January 27, 2002, when my boyfriend and I went out to look at the stars. He was looking through the binoculars for several minutes, when I heard him gasp, and he pointed. There was an object with bright lights ascending from the tree’s that stopped and hovered there for about a minute then it slowly flew above the house making no noise. Just as it was over the house it picked up speed and flew out of sight. The black or grey UFO was the shape of a boomerang. The lights were spectacular white along the top and one red one on the bottom.


February 2, 2002

According to the Corazon de Maria de Angol Church, researchers of the Ovnivision Chile group were able to witness the transit of a UFO over the Butaco sector of the Angol Commune. Researchers were able to capture images of this strange lukinous body through a video camera and a still camera.

For a few months now, the capitol of the Mallecas region has recorded a significant number of UFO sightings. It is for this reason that a team of ‘Ovnivision Chile’ was invited to the area by Raul Gajardo, a local researcher and retired Carabinero, hoping to look for the phenomenon.

After visiting the sector known as Las Pines, where a close encounter of the 3rd kind allegedly took place on Feb 16 2001, researchers arrived at the Butaco sector, some 10km away from Angol. After taking some photographs and making routine observations, the team visited the Corazon de Maria Church, where they had the privilege of having a sighting. While photo’s were being taken, something strange drew the researchers attention. They were able to witness the transit of a large luminous body in the clear skies over Angol. It was later established that an object had appeared from a north-westerly direction over the city at around 20:10 hours and vanished five minutes later.





I would like to comment on a reply that you made to one of your readers who asked that you include Ireland in your reports. You replied that you do cover Ireland under a section which you label “U.K.”. Please be advised that Ireland is not a part of the United Kingdom (U.K) and is in fact an independent country. You would not, as an example, list Romania under the heading of Hungary on the theory that they are located in close proximity to each other. For more than 70 years now Ireland has had no connection with England, that is since it was recognized as a separate and independent country. That event took hundreds of years of suffering and countless deaths to accomplish. This of course excludes that small six county area in the north/east which is still under English occupation.


William F. Sloan


Dear William,
Thank you for correcting me on the UK / Ireland subject. Yes! you of course are right in what you say, I never gave it a second thought when I wrote it. I apologise to the Irish people for my oversight and stand corrected, I hope no-one has taken offence. Could I also use the message you sent, to include in the next newsletter, also with my above apology ? And could you best advise me, should I put Ireland or Eire ?

I have also checked my group listings for UFO NEWS UK and note that you are not listed, How do you get the newsletter ? and would you like to be added to the group list to get it direct?

Again, I apologise,

Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards



Dear Anthony,

I certainly would not object to your repeating the correspondence I sent you or, for that matter, anything else I might write to anyone.

As to the proper name for Ireland: either Eire, the name of Ireland in the Irish language, or Ireland should be equally correct. You are aware, I assume, that the so-called “Northern Ireland” is a fictitious creation carved out of the island to accommodate England’s colonists there, the so-called “Protestants”, who are seeking union with their mother land. England established the boundary of that area to give their colonists a bare majority there and thereby to exclude the natives from power.

I would very much like to be included among the subscribers to your publication.

William F. Sloan


Peruvian Air Force creates UFO Group

I have just received the following message from Rose Marie Paz Wells, director of the insitiuto Peruano de relaciones Espaciales (IPRI), Peru’s oldest UFO research organization.

Dear Friends,

This message is to make you aware of the fact that in December 2001, the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) created the OIFAA (Office for the investigation of Anomalous activity). I am freely reproducing the statement issued by FAP commander Jose Luis Chamorro, the director of said office, and which appeared in ‘Somos’ magazine (a suppliment of the El comercio newspaper) on February 2, 2002 regarding the fundamental purpose of his office:

“The key matter here is safety: if non-Peruvian aircraft enters our territory without proper authorization, it must be either acknowledged or ‘intercepted immediately whether it is Ecuadorian, Russian or Martian.”

These statements tend to disclose the trajectory and intentions which led to the creation of such an agency: to destroy the enemy and capture it’s technology.

The members of this committee are: Abraham Ramirez Lituma (dean of the Peruvian Air Force academy and an expert in Aeronautical Law), Fernando Fuenzalida (anthropologist), Mario Zegarra (physician) and Anthony Choy (hypnotist).

Rose Marie Paz Wells: Presidente del Instituto Peruano de Relaciones Interplanetarias (IPRI) ICQ 18379601

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Last night on Dreamland Whitley Strieber brought on Jim Marrs and Linda Moulton Howe and discussed more MJ-12 documents. The interesting thing is I’ve just read “The Brookhaven Connection” by Wade Gordon and the book has these documents in it for the reader to evaluate for himself. Here is the introduction of the book “The Brookhaven Connection.”


Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is located in the quiet suburban community of Upton, New York. To the general public, BNL is the preeminent multidisciplinary research laboratory of the United State. It is the site for high profile television documentaries on neutrons, neutrinos, charge-particle and photonuclear reactions, and the latest developments in particle physics. In addition, Brookhaven National Laboratory Public Affairs office provide grade-school children and the general public guided tours of the laboratory. All this exposure should lead one to believe that at Brookhaven there is nothing to hide. However, beneath the photogenic labs and the carefully orchestrated images of white smocked clinical researchers with identification badges carefully following security procedures, there is a maze of subbasements where the real research takes place: exploring hyperspace and time travel.

To find out more about the book please see the following web-sites: www.psychicradio.net And to order the book www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com

I also suggest e-mailing the publisher at skybooks@yahoo.com I also found the telephone number of the publisher and it is USA (516) 681-0273.

Good luck on your quest for knowledge.

All the best,

Tim Rivers




If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrial or their vehicles?


I have had a copy of that law on my wall since 1988. It is to be found in the CFR ‘Codified Federal Regulations’. It has to do with quarantine, supposing that if a person had ‘extraterrestrial contact’ that might endanger the earth as in biological, viral, bacterial threats, etc, they should turn themselves in for quarantine at the NASA quarantine facility[ in Puerto Rico?], or be subject to arrest and forcible quarantine at the same facility. It was never used and was reportedly repealed although I have not looked to see if it actually was. The millions who have had such contact obviously have not brought contaminants out of their experience, and none of the official NASA programs have resulted in ‘et contact’ so the law was unnecessary and a much bigger topic of discussion 10 years ago. So far, the law is only amusing, not proof of et contact…..You can find it in most public law libraries as are found in Court Houses.




This Issues Selected Picture


1945. Photo alleges to show two “foo fighters” accompanying a flight of Japanese Takikawa-Kawasaki 98 fighters over the Suzuki Mountains, central Japan. From Turris & Fusco, “Obiettivo sugli UFO”



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