UFO Organizations in Australia

ACERN (Australian Close Encounters Resource Network)

10 Shady Lane
Agnes Water
Qld 4677

Phone/Fax: (61) 07 4974 7219

E-mail: starline@iinet.net.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acern.com.au
Web: http://www.acern.com.au

Australian “UFO communities” on Facebook

A list compiled by Keith Basterfield

Web: http://ufos-scientificresearch.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/australian-ufo-communities-on-facebook_11.html

Australian UFO Research Network (AUFORN)

The Australian UFO Research Network is a voluntary, non-profit organization established in 1998 by Diane Harrison & Robert Frola.

AUFORN has diligently for over 10 years received, researched, recorded and disseminated UFO sightings from around Australia.

The Australian UFO Research Network has become a National voice with an investigative team throughout Australia.

UFOINFO Note: I used to forward my sighting reports to AUFORN but have not heard from them in a long time so not sure if they are still operational. I have also been told the same from witnesses who have sent reports in to AUFORN.

E-mail: AUFORN06@bigpond.com
Web: http://www.auforn.com

Consciousness Development and Research Group (Australia) [C.D.R.G. (Australia)]
Wamuran (Glasshouse Mountains / Sunshine Coast

For exact address, please contact us via our website.

We are known and service Australia Wide.

C.D.R.G. (Australia) © is a Private Independent Investigation and Research Group; CSETI (Australia) CE-5 Working Group; Official Australian Point-Of-Contact for Dr Steven Greer and CSETI; Our Coordinators have Advanced Research Training by Dr. Steven Greer (The CE-5 Initiative). Our focus is to Help Guide Individuals wishing to explore their Personal Consciousness Development as well as Research and Investigate the UFO Phenomena and alike. We Educate the Public about The CE-5 Initiative (via an Approved Abridged Version of the CSETI CE-5 Training). We have a decades of experience with professional skills and qualifications and resources as our foundation. For more information, please go to our website.

Phone: +617429641222

Web: http://www.cdrg-australia.com


Independent Network of UFO Researchers
PO Box 169
NSW 2780

Phone: 02 47573848

Facebook/INUFOR – new book published April 2016 – “Contact Down Under”

Web: http://independentnetuforesearchers.com.au

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC)
P.O. Box 174
South Hobart
Tasmania 7004

E-mail: tufoic@yahoo.com
Web: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tufoic-Tasmanian-UFO-Investigation-Centre/183020878416047

UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia
PO Box 211 X
NSW 2560

The UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia was established in 2000 as the UFO Society of Western Sydney.

The society was established to provide the public with information relating to UFO and paranormal phenomena such as hauntings.

The society was established to provide the public with information relating to the UFO enigma and other paranormal phenomena. The society beckons the public to forward their own accounts of anything that seems bizarre or unusual so as to defy logic!

Web: http://www.ufosociety.net.au

UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA)
PO Box 191
Regents Park
NSW 2143

Mobile: 0412 649428

Contact Person: Peter Khoury

UFOESA is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to helping witnesses and experiencers of UFO events to cope with and understand their encounters. We consist of a number of professionals amongst whom are Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Doctor, Physicist and other professionals. During his visit to Australia in February 1996 Professor John E Mack appointed Peter Khoury Australian representative for (PEER) Programme for Extraordinary Experience Research at Harvard Medical School U.S.A. Peter was also invited to Japan in February 1996 as the main speaker to discuss his own UFO Abduction experiences. Peter Khoury is the president of the organisation and is an Abductee who can relate to those who have had experiences.

UFOESA has a public education programme and holds regular public meetings with such speakers as Professor John E.Mack, Jenny Randles, Bill Chalker, Kelly Cahill (Australian Abductee), Retired naval Pilot Shamus O’Farrell, UFOESA President Peter Khoury and many local UFO researchers and experiencers. We also hold confidential Support group meetings for people who have had UFO related Experiences and have recently started publishing a Newsletter.

E-mail: pkufoesa@ufoesa.com
Web: www.ufoesa.com

UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated
PO Box Q95
Queen Victoria Building PO Boxes
NSW 1230

UFO Research (NSW) was established at a public meeting on 10 November 1991.
The Association promotes an open-minded awareness of the UFO phenomenon, through hosting monthly public meetings, sky-watches, conferences, workshops and other special events.

Our aims are:
· Examination and analysis for the veracity of images and videos that are suspected of showing UFOs
· Provide an open forum for people with interests in UFOs
· Collect and publish UFO sighting reports
· Organize monthly sky watches in Sydney using Dr Steven Greer CE 5 protocols
· Annual country weekends for sky watching
· Periodically host an UFO Investigation training
· Provide support for those who believe they have had extraterrestrial contact
· Encourage contactees and abductees to share their experiences and meet others with similar experiences

The President is Mariana Flynn.

Web: http://www.ufor.asn.au

UFO Research Queensland Inc
PO Box 15222
City East
Queensland 4002

Phone/Fax: (07) 3376 1780

UFO Research Queensland Incorporated is a voluntary, non-profit association established in 1956 to receive, record and research UFO sightings.

UFO Research Queensland’s official policy is that there now exists, and has for many years, a large body of well attested sightings that are so unambiguous the only reasonable inference is that extraterrestrial vehicles are flying through our atmosphere, landing on the ground and entering our oceans.

E-mail: info@uforq.asn.au
Web: http://www.uforq.asn.au

GPO Box 9
SA 5001

Phone: (61) (08) 8269 3217

UFOSA is a public organisation centred in Adelaide, South Australia that presents and discusses information about UFO’s (Unhuman Flying Objects).

UFOSA conducts public meetings in the Adelaide South Australia CBD (Central Business District) and offers a UFO report telephone number (08 8269 3217) and UFO counseling service especially for the Adelaide area.

E-mail: ufo_sa@hotmail.com
Web: http://ufosa.wordpress.com


Validate is an independent investigative body seeking key elements that may provide evidential support to certain paranormal related theories such as hauntings, alleged foreign intervention i.e. UFO phenomena and cryptozoology.

In order to authenticate claims, Validate will endeavour to gather bona fide data without relying on calculations or any conclusions drawn by other groups or organisations. This clean slate approach enables Validate to conduct its own studies without influence. All obtained information (raw data) can therefore be thoroughly scrutinised at Validate’s best capacity.

In essence, Validate deals with highly controversial areas that are considered as fringe science. Here, even the most qualified scientists who have invested time and risked their academic careers to pursue phenomena research, find it extremely difficult to understand and draw solid conclusions. Validate acknowledges these difficulties through experience.

Although Validate operates on strict guidelines, it appreciates the fact that certain events are beyond our academic textbooks. In other words, Validate will not be dissuaded no matter how extraordinary the claim may be.

Researching Australian UFO phenomena since 2000.

E-mail: validate@live.com.au
Web: http://www.paranormalnation.com.au

Victorian UFO Action (VUFOA)

Contact: Ben Hurle – Director

Phone: 0409 388 340

VUFOA – Victoria’s only dedicated UFO research and invetigation organisation which focuses exclusively on Victorian UFO cases.

VUFOA is committed to investigation and reporting our findings to our members and educating the public on the topic of UFOs and natural/man-made phenomena

We also have a Youtube Channel “VUFOA TV” where we broadcast a 1 hour show bi-monthly – Members can subscribe for $10.00 per year to access all our exclusive content and rare interviews.

Web: http://www.vufoa.com

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