UFO Organizations in Finland

Suomen Ufotutkijat (FUFORA)
P.O. Box 51
33721 Tampere

Phone: 358405170553

The official site of Suomen Ufotutkijat ry (Finnish UFO Research Association, a.k.a. FUFORA).

E-mail: info@fufora.fi
Web: http://www.suomenufotutkijat.fi

PL 555
40101 Jyväskylä

Formed in March 1999, UFO Finland Researches and gathers UFO-reports of Finnish cases, publishes literature and aims to find ways to increase co-operation between Finnish scientists and UFO-researchers.

E-mail: ufofin@ufofinland.org
Web: http://www.ufofinland.org

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