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The Phenix Project

Serge Tinland

Les Terrasses du Lac

Avenue Georges Pompidou

06110 Le Cannet

Phone: + 33 (0)4 93 69 19 20

The Phenix Project for Humanity

Research and Analysis of Artefacts from Extraterrestrial Civilizations potentially present on Earth.

A new SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research concept called SETAV is based at the same time on the SETV protocol (Search for Extraterrestrial Visitation or Search for Extraterrestrial Signals in the Solar System or Earth-based) and on SETA protocol (Search for Extraterrestrial Artefacts or Search for Extraterrestrial Artefacts in the Solar System or Earth-based.) .

Web: http://www.thephenixproject.com


Les Repas Ufologiques

39 rue de Fretay

91140 Villejust

Phone/Fax: 01 69 31 04 90

Association organisant en France et en Europe des repas sur le thème les ufo. Ces lieu de rencontre sont très connues en France et ont un grand succès. ( Paris avec 100 à 200 personnes chaque mois, puis Marseille, Bruxelles, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Brest……)

E-mail: lebat1@aol.com

Web: www.les-repas-ufologiques.com



BP 50052

17302 Rochefort Cedex

In our mind, the study of the UFO phenomenon is a crucial and urgent step. Its accomplishment has been prevented for sixty years cause of a blocking at several levels: scientific (psycho-socio-immunological reaction), political (same mechanism, plus a “disinformation” component) and media (folklorized subject).

Thus a new structure arises, under the form of a non-profit organization called UFO-SCIENCE, in order to study in lab some aspects related to the UFO phenomenon, without prejudice about the origin of the phenomenon itself. We affirm the investigation of the UFO case is scientifically fertile for fundamental knowledge and technico-scientific applications.

Our last Presentation of the first results of low-density MHD system at the EAPPC International Symposium 2010 / BEAMS 2010. As in Vilnius (Lithuania, 2008) and Bremen (Germany, 2009), our paper was selected for oral presentations.

Web: http://www.ufo-science.com

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