UFO Organizations in Ohio, USA

Cleveland Ufology Project

E-mail: info@clevelandufo.com
Web: http://www.clevelandufo.com
Lima Area UFO Associates (LAURA)
P.O. Box 5193
Ohio 45802-5193

Web: http://limaohioufo.blogspot.com
Miami Valley UFO Society
P.O. Box 367
South Vienna
Ohio 45369-0367

Phone: 937-207-5116

This non-profit group has been formed for the residents of the Ohio Miami Valley area (but open to all). It serves as a discussion group for all those interested in the UFO phenomenon, it’s purpose is to get people talking about the subject, and to keep them up to date on the latest news.

Web: http://miamivalleyufosociety.com

Roundtown UFO Society
PO Box 52
OH 43103

Phone: 740-474-6773

We are an outlet for people who want to know the latest information that we may know about ufos and also for people who may have seen an unknown object and who wish to report it. It is important to get the reports and to be able to analyze them. We believe that there have been a lot of unreported ufo sightings over the past several years.

E-mail: rufos@columbus.rr.com
Web: http://roundtownufosociety.com

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