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Alien Hunters Organization (AHO)

AHO was established in 1997.

On the website you can find articles by our members about paranormal phenomena and science.

We started with ezoteric website (EZO). Now, we are searching for haunted places (houses, graveyard, ghosts activity) with “Haunted Places Project”.

Main mission : Propagate paranormal phenomena and try to explain it.

E-mail: m_s_m@wp.pl

Forum Zjawisk Paranormalnych: http://aho.phorum.pl

Web: http://www.aho-online.yoyo.pl


Fundacja Nautilus

Skr. Poczt. 221, 00-950 Warszawa1


The Nautilus Foundation

Post Box 221, 00-950 Warsaw 1


Phone: +48 0 601 38 48 04

The Nautilus Foundation was established in 2001 by Mr. Robert Bernatowicz, a radio and TV journalist after the first crop circles were discovered in Wylatowo in northwestern part of Poland. We are interested in all aspects of the Unknown especially UFO, crop circles, ESP, NDE, OOBE and other questions.

AIMS of The Foundation:

To collect, investigate and disseminate reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and related unexplained phenomena in the Polish area.

To encourage the study and debate of UFOs and provide support to members in the task of UFO/paranormal investigation and research.

To liaise with local and regional societies engaged in the research of UFOs.

To study of consciousness and paranormal phenomena.

Membership of FN is open to all individuals who support and comply with the our aims.

E-mail: nautilus@nautilus.org.pl

Web: http://www.nautilus.org.pl



INFRA is a UFO research organization founded in 2009 in Poland. The former name was NPN but the group ceased to exist in 2008. INFRA is devoted to UFO research and reporting. It is also one of the most popular UFO websites in Poland. Along with UFO phenomenon also other anomalous phenomena are subjects of its interest.

INFRA members express rational stance to UFO and its history as a very complex phenomenon. It is also devoted to explaining UFO myths and mistakes that occured in the history (for example: Gdynia UFO Crash). As INFRA’s says, only when we clean up the whole UFO-scene, we can see the real anomalies conected with it.

E-mail: infra@epoczta.pl

Web: http://www.infra.org.pl

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