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International Development Research Centre (EIBC)

Address: I. Kalytyuk – Rivne, Ukraine, Rivne coordinator operative visiting team, secretary and director of the Center. kontaktkoordinator@bigmir.net
S. Petrov – Kharkov, Ukraine, Kharkov coordinator operative visiting team. moon-cafe@mail.ru
I. Pristavko – Minsk, Belarus, Minsk coordinator operative visiting team. pristavko.ivan@mail.ru
S. Minkov – Lugansk, Ukraine, leading experts. awax2000@i.ua
S. Shpakovsky – Toronto, Canada, the leading experts. sergejsh@yahoo.com

Phone/Fax: +380661452160

Other: Research Areas:
1. The scientific study of people who were abducted, the testing of the psyche, a bluff, tracking of gestures, handwriting analysis, a method of “the logic of” systematization.
2. Search and accumulation of ufology away processing archives, declassified materials, information about groups and centers around the world of ufology. In order to preserve their historic value.
3. Working with people that have memories of past lives, particularly when they were aliens
4. Search and transparency of government declassified materials USSR and Ukraine
5. International cooperation
6. Outreach “ufology news”
7. Popularization of scientific methods of work
8. Advanced and innovative developments in ufology
and much more …

Page “ufology news” http://ufology-news.com/
Interview in ufologist http://ufology-news.com/category/intervyu
Document date http://ufology-news.com/category/dokument-dnya
Ads http://ufology-news.com/category/doska-obyavlenij
Minutes of the meetings and field reports http://ufology-news.com/mic-eibc
Monitoring http://ufology-news.com/onlajn-monitoring
Forms and documentation http://ufology-news.com/ankety
Useful materials (films, articles, books, programs) http://ufology-news.org.ua/raznoe/
Links http://ufology-news.com/sajty
and much more …

(The Center also collaborates with the Government of ufology organization – Ukrainian Scientific-Research Center of anomalous phenomena “Zond” that exists at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Department of Aviation and Space Systems, which is the successor of almost all state programs for the study of UFOs and UAP in Ukraine. Refer to the lecturer PhD A. Bilyk kuforg@ua.fm)

Web: http://ufology-news.com/


ONAPOS – Society of Observers of Anomalous Phenomena in the Environment (Obschestvo Nablyudatelei’ Anomal’nyh Proyavleniy’ v Okruzhayushei’ Srede)

Kui’bysheva Street 13 -332


Autonomous Republic of Crimea



Phone/Fax: 380652-51-48-87

Independent society of enthusiasts who dedicated their lifes to the research of anomalous phenomena, to study UFOs and alien contacts specifically using scientific approach. Coordinated by Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, PhD. Based in the capital of picturesque Crimean peninsula, the city of Simferopol’ -the most southern part of Ukraine.

E-mail: helek05@mail.ru

Web: http://onapos.com



The Ukrainian Ufologic Club

Phone/Fax: +38 (097)7987672

E-mail: ufo@sochka.com

Web: http:/ufodos.org.ua

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