UFO Over Loring AFB Has Serviceman Debriefed Over Incident*

HBCC UFO Research Note: I have removed names in this report as not to identify the folks who are talked about in the below report. I have replaced the real names with a fictitious ones. The folks could not be reached to seek permission to post their names. Also Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research would love to hear from any serviceman or Loring AFB personal/families who have knowledge about the sighting. I can be reached at: hbccufo@telus.net or through my website at: http://www.hbccufo.org

Hi, Hope this finds you well. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, it is Football season and my son plays for (removed) so my wife and I “tramp around the northeast” this time of year!

Well a little background. My dad was Chief of the FAA office in Presque Isle. All the guys there were electronic techs and were responsible for navigational aids and some other equipment such as teletype machines at NOAA and Loring AFB. The nav-aids included the Presque Isle instrument landing system, PQI VOR and TACAN which were (and still are ) located in the middle of a potato field in Washburn, Me. This VOR equipment is considered one of the most important nav-aids in the States because it is the first or last an aircraft uses. Loring aircraft and any other military aircraft use the TACAN and it too is the first or last site in the USA. Ok now the boring is out!

I had a good friend from Boy Scouts whose father was the structures fire chief at Loring. They lived outside of PQI near Quoggy Joe State Park. Our families did a lot together outside of scouts, snowmobiling, camping, and family get together. That October, our troop had a Court of Honor which included a Pot Luck dinner. Rick’s father Dale, didn’t show up and his mom was very worried. That next weekend the Riley’s were over and Dale told us about the sighting.

Seems that calls came in from some of the families on the base. They also saw the lights moving around the base. The base sent out an engine after the first calls came in from the base housing area claiming that lights were seen threw the trees as well as in the air. Dale said that, and I can’t remember who, one of the higher ranking officers requested the engine to check out the housing area, and he assumed that it was because of a possible light plane or helicopter crash. After cruising the housing area they saw the lights towards the flight line and they headed in that direction. After reaching the gate to the flight line Dale said that they could see a red light over the area where the Nuclear storage site was located. The light stayed there for a time while the radios were going “nuts”. After a short time (minutes) the light flew off only to return again before disappearing.

The Pentagon closed the base down, not letting anyone on or off, and cut off all non approved communications. In fact, before Dale got home, Rick called me and told us that they were afraid the war was “just around the corner”, remember that Loring was a “Dew line” base or first strike.

Dale was allowed off base the next day, late in the afternoon after being debriefed by Air Force personnel. He was not on base the second night, but of course found out about it when he returned later in the week. A few days after this happened he was ordered to report for another debriefing. This time they were “suits”. His words not mine. I didn’t learn about the “men in black” until years later.

Now Dale retired and moved to Alaska, where they transferred from. Rick is now a minister somewhere in the middle America area, I’ve lost track of him while in the service.

What I find interesting is that the year before there was another series of sightings in the area. I have come to understand that Loring was visited then too, this from Dale. In December of 74, my next door neighbor and I were out snow sledding one night and observed a strange light passing over the town.

Thank you to the person for relating this interesting report.

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