UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 35 December 23, 1999 Editor: Joseph Trainor


China is in the grip of a major UFO flap. There were hundreds of sightings in the last week, and the flap has been reported in the major Communist Party newspapers.

“China is undergoing a sudden surge in unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings, always with the same descriptions.”

“”The Beijing Youth Daily published the sightings Monday (December 13, 1999) with a photo of two amber oblong objects taken the night before by China’s central broadcaster.”

“The newspaper said the photo, which resembles a pair of missiles, was taken” in Changping, a city 70 kilometers (42 miles) north of Beijing.

“In another article, illustrated with another photo taken above the capital (Beijing–J.T.), the newspaper carried eyewitness accounts of the UFO sightings of November 14 and December 11, 1999.”

“Shanghai’s press weighed in last week, reporting–with a photo–on two local UFO sightings on the same date at the beginning of the month (December–J.T.) at roughly the same place and time.”

“‘It was oblong, yellow, with a shiny pointed top and a white tail,’ one of the witnesses identified only as Mrs. Yang told the (newspaper) Liberation Daily.”

“An aviation expert who saw video footage of one of the sightings was quoted as saying the object was neither an airplane nor a meteorological phenomenon but an ‘artificial flying object.'”

“The Beijing Youth Daily theorized that the sightings could have been illusions created by fumes from the engines of jets lifting off at dusk.” (See Agence France Presse for December 10, 1999, “China reports sudden surge in UFO sightings.” Many thanks to Jan H. Raabe for the AFP report.)


On Sunday night, December 19, 1999, hundreds of eyewitnesses in southern Sweden and Denmark saw a “luminous UFO” cross the night sky.

According to Helge Nyborg Jensen, the UFO was described as “a large luminous bowl flying across Denmark. The bowl was red and had a tail like a parabola. It flew in a straight line from northwest to southeast and was also seen in southern Sweden.”

Witnesses estimated that the UFO took “one to three minutes to cross the sky,” which works out “to a relatively slow speed.. The TV news said there was nothing to be worried about and no one had been injured.”

The Tycho Brahe Institute of Copenhagen (Denmark’s capital–J.T.) “was very interested and is seeking eyewitnesses” to the object’s passage. (Many thanks to Helge Nyborg Jensen and Steve Wilson Sr. for this report.)


Guyra, a small town in northern New South Wales, Australia, continues to be the focus of interest following the crash of a mystery object into its reservoir dam last week.

On Friday, December 10, 1999, authorities in Australia stated that the damage to the dam, which resulted in a 12-meter cavern, had been “caused by a small meteorite about the size of a golf ball. Police said the meteorite was embedded about 14 feet into soft rock and could not be quickly removed.”

On Wednesday, December 8, 1999, retired Col. John Auchettl and Dr. Ron Barnett of Phenomenon Research Australia (PRA) flew to Guyra from Melbourne to begin an on-site investigation.

According to Col. Auchettl and Dr. Barnett, “We went over the impact site in more detail. We arrived at the site very early on the 8th and checked out the location with a number of research tools. The radiation level at the site was at normal background levels. That night, an IR (infrared) camera was used to look for hot spots–none were found. Samples have been taken and will be looked at.”

Col. Auchettl and Dr. Barnett found a number of interesting anomalies at the purported UFO crash site. These include:

(1) The object’s angle of entry (approach) to the dam was very shallow, less than 45 degrees.

(2) No one in Guyra heard a sonic boom or an explosion prior to the crash.

(3) The reeds have burn marks, “which is most unusual in a meteorite impact.”

(4) The reeds were flattened “in a strange shape, not quite like an explosion but with the characteristics of a compression wave.”

(5) The mud splash indicates that the object “may have skipped on the water” before hitting the dam.

A fossicker (prospector in the USA–J.T.) claimed to have seen “a comet-like object” heading towards Guyra the night of the crash.

Doug Strang “was having a beer and watching the sky near Mount Isa” in northwestern Queensland when “something passed overhead.”

Strang reported that he saw “an object with white taillings. It was already burning up, and it was going at a nice steady pace. I mean, was it a shooting star? It looked like a comet. It was obviously burning up.”

“And as it moved toward the horizon, it split into three or four sections. What I did see was four smaller white dots in alignment, and then nothing. That was it. I didn’t seen anything fall.” (Many thanks to Diane Harrison of Australian UFO Research and Kenneth Young of Cincinnati UFO Research for this report.)

(Editor’s Comment: Evidence of a compression wave followed by a mud splash suggests a large object as opposed to “a meteorite the size of a golf ball.” It could have struck the dam and then rebounded into deeper water. The UFO may still be at the bottom of the reservoir.)


“In an apparent nod to public opinion, the (Egyptian) government on Thursday (December 16, 1999) canceled its plan to cap the Great Pyramid in gold for the Millenium celebration.”

“Organizers of the (12-hour) all-night concert by French musician Jean-Michel Jarre had wanted a helicopter to lower a golden cap on the Great Pyramid at midnight.”

“Egypt had planned to ring in the New Year by affixing a gold-encased capstone on the Great Pyramid, built as a tomb for King Cheops (Pharoah Khufu–Cheops was his Greek name–J.T.) about 4,500 years ago.”

“The 30-foot cap was to be lowered by helicopter at the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999, making the broken pyramid whole again, if only for a night.”

“Culture Minister Farouk Hosni gave no reason for backing off the plan, but said the decisioon was made despite technical assurance that it would not have done damage to the monument, Egypt’s Middle East News Agency reported.”

The 12-hour concert is still planned, however, and it wil feature 1,000 performers in a dance opera.

Opposition to the capping scheme came primarily from Muslim and Christian groups.

Muslim imams were upset because of Internet rumors that Egyptair Flight 990 was shot down as part of a black magical spell to mark the Millenium, of which the pyramid capping ceremony was supposedly a part.

Fundamentalist Christian leaders in the USA, notably Rev. Texe Marrs of Living Truth Ministries in Austin, Texas, alleged that the Illuminati were planning to hold a Black Mass in the King’s Chamber at midnight.

The hot rumor in Egypt is that the decision not to cap the pyramid stemmed from the dicovery of a mysterious mummy at Maydum Pyramid three months ago.

“A small secret room has been discovered behind the burial chamber of King Sneferu of the Fourth Dynasty (2,600 B.C.) at Maydum Pyramid in Egypt, but the contents have not been revealed.” (See the Tampa, Fla. Tribune for December 16, 1999, “Egypt cancels plan to cap a pyramid.” Also USA Today for December 20, 1999, “Millenium Watch.” Also Fortean Times #130 for January 2000, “Sidelines,” page 13.)


“At least two people have reported seeing glowing objects over the (Maryland) Eastern Shore.”

“Kathy Dink of Federalsburg (population 2,365) was delivering Christmas trees and watched yesterday (Tuesday, December 7, 1999) when she saw ‘a light blue flame that looked like a missile or a rocket.'”

“Dink says at the time she spotted a missile or tube-shaped object about 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) in length traveling in a different direction. She said the two objects seemed to collide.”

“Jim Henderson of Princess Anne (population 1,666) says he was hunting when he saw something similar. He says he saw what looked like a yellow or orange comet tail.”

“Henderson called the NASA Wallops (Island) Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore because he was afraid a plane might have crashed.”

“Spokesmen at Wallops and at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in southern Maryland say they can’t explain the sighting or confirm the existence of any aircraft in the area at that time.”

The sightings took place north and south of Salisbury, Md., located 110 miles (176 kilometers) southeast of Baltimore.. Federalsburg, Md. is on Route 307 approximately 33 miles north of Salisbury, while Princess Anne, Md. is on Route 388 approximately 14 miles south of Salisbury. (Report of radio station WBAL in Baltimore, Md. for December 8, 1999. Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for this report.)


On Tuesday, December 7, 1999, “at 6:30 p.m., I saw an incredibly large craft near my house while taking my dog for a walk. I first sighted a large white light that had many different colours moving about inside of it…The thing was as big as an open daily newspaper (held) at arm’s length. We’re talking at least two feet across the sky. The lights at the back were like a triangle but moving backwards through the sky. There was a large white light at the front,” David C. reported.

Describing the object’s shape “as a ruler… you know, sort of like those things they have at school (an L-shaped compass?–J.T.), he added, “I ran back home to get my brother out of bed. We then ran to a motorway bridge that is near my house. The craft by now was just going over a hill about four or five miles away from our house. It was still three inches wide at that distance.”

To Dave’s surprise, at the bridge he encountered another pedestrian who had seen the large UFO a few minutes earlier. This man had also gone to the motorway bridge for a better look. “He couldn’t believe how big it was, and he couldn’t hear any noise,” Dave reported, “Has anyone seen anything similar? I would be interested to know.” (Email Form Report)


“After an unprecedented nine delays, space shuttle Discovery blasted into orbit Sunday (December 19, 1999).”

“It was NASA’s last chance this year to send the shuttle and seven astronauts to” the rescue of the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been in “safe mode” in orbit during the past six weeks.

“The shuttle flight was originally scheduled for October when the telescope was just one mechanical difficulty away from shutting down many of its systems and suspending its science mission.”

NASA delayed the shuttle’s launch so that safety inspectors could check the rocket boosters to see if Discovery suffered “from the same welding problems found on an external fuel tank under construction for a future mission.”

Bad weather delayed the shuttle’s launch on Friday, December 17 and again on Saturday, December 18, 1999.

“Everything finally came together, and Discovery soared at 7:50 p.m” Eastern time Sunday evening, with the launch “lighting up the sky for miles around.”

Discovery caught up with the comatose Hubble Space Telescope on Tuesday, December 21, 1999, “deftly snatching the observatory from its orbital perch more than 300 miles above Earth.”

Astronauts Steve Smith and John Grunsfeld were scheduled for a six-hour repair mission, the most critical of the 10-day flight.

“The spacewalkers’ first and most important job is to replace all of the mission’s six stabilizing gyroscopes. Hubble needs at least three working gyroscopes to point at celestial objects for observations.”

Hubble has been in “safe mode” since its fourth gyroscope failed on November 4, 1999.

“The gyroscopes, each about the size of a soda can, are housed in pairs inside of three toaster-sized metal cases with handles. Smith and Grunsfeld must open doors protecting Hubble’s fragile electronics and gently remove the cases. In some spots, there are only four or five inches between the spacewalkers and the delicate components that could be damaged by the accidental brush of the hand.”

“French astronaut Jean Francois Clervoy will use Discovery’s 50-foot robot arm to gingerly move the spacewalkers around the four-story telescope.”

“On Tuesday Clervoy used the arm to grab Hubble from orbit and and latch the telescope to a rotating platform in Discovery’s cargo bay.” (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for December 22, 1999, “Discovery crew catches up with Hubble,” pages 1A and 7A; USA Today for December 20, 1999, “Shuttle blasts off to Hubble’s rescue,” page 3A, and December 17, 1999, “Hubble mission delayed one day,” page 4A.)


On Sunday, December 19, 1999, Former U.S. Army colonel and chaplain Jim Ammerman appeared on The Prophecy Club radio program in Topeka, Kansas and talked about possible responses to civil unrest during the Y2K rollover to the new year.

Rev. Ammerman, producer of the videotape Military Takeover of America, told listeners he had received a report from a man in San Antonio, Texas who had seen yellow rectangular City Closed – Martial Law signs in a military vehicle.

“Those signs were printed up a year ago,” he said. and added Y2K responses have been hotly debated in Washington, D.C.

Rev. Ammerman said some of President William Jefferson Clinton’s national security advisers were “against using the phrase martial law, so they came up with a blander- sounding presidential emergency instead.”

Rev. Ammerman claimed that the military buildup is being done in accordance with “a piecemeal executive order.”

Rev. Ammerman told listeners that, if Y2K rioting breaks out, “all fifty (states of the USA) National Guards will be federalized,” and then UN troops will be brought in to back them up.

Rev. Ammerman claimed that President Clinton had spoken with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan “about using troops from Australia, Greece and Germany” to patrol cities in the USA.


Three men were arrested recently by the FBI in an apparent bid to forestall any Y2K- related terrorist activity in the USA.

“A militia leader is in jail for plotting to blow up a Florida nuclear plant and black out Atlanta (Georgia) by destroying electrical facilities, federal authorities said today (Thursday, December 9, 1999).”

“Donald Beauregard, 31, of St. Petersburg (Florida) plotted to carry out the attacks by stealing explosives and weapons from National Guard armories in central Florida, acording to the U.S. Attorney’s office here. Beauregard was arrested Wednesday (December 8) after he was indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy and weapons charges.”

“James Diver, a 38-year-old from Atlanta, is believed to be a high-ranking member of the Southeastern States Alliance (a coalition of rightwing militia groups–J.T.) On Friday (December 10, 1999) he was ordered to be held without bail on federal charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Diver’s (defense) attorney, federal public defender Jimmy Hardy said his client should get (bail) bond because federal prosecutors appeared to be targeting militia members.”

The arrest that caused the biggest stir, however, took place in Port Angeles, Washington state (population 17,710) on Friday, December 17, 1999.

Abdul Ressam, 32, a citizen of Algeria, was “driving his car,” a Chrysler 300, off the ferry and “was arrsted after U.S. Customs Service inspectors became suspicious.”

“In Ressam’s car, Customs agents found 10 plastic bags containing 118 pounds of a fine white powder, identified as a form of urea to manufacture explosives and fertilizer; 14 pounds of a crystalline powder identified by the government as a form of sulfate intended to keep things dry; two 22-ounce jars, each three-quarters full with a yellowish liquid identified as nitroglycerine and four small black boxes believed to be detonators, which each contained a circuit board connected to a Casio watch and a 9-volt battery.”

“At the border checkpoint he told inspectors that he was headed to Seattle but appeared nervous when asked why he had not crossed at Vancouver, rather than taking the ‘out of the way’ route through Port Angeles, officials said.”

After a search of the car’s trunk uncovered the bags of white powder, “Ressam then ran a few blocks from the scene before inspectors caught him.”

“They grabbed him after he tried to jump in a car that had slowed down at an intersection, officials said. The driver of that car was able to lock the door and speed away.”

“FBI investigators say they believe that Ressam is part of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA).” Since Saturday, December 18, they have been searching for a possible accomplice.

The Ressam case has resulted in two warnings of Y2K terrorism being issued by the USA’s federal government.

“‘We have ongoing efforts that look at both international terrorism (and) protecting against domestic terrorism. That work is something that the president has closely involved himsel in and and has done a lot of work on,’ (White House spokeman Joseph) Lockhart said.”

Both “the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center” and the Los Angeles Times have hinted that rightwing Christians may be planning millenial mayhem.

According to the APBNews, “Mark Potok of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center told APBNews.com, ‘Many believe we are in the run-up to the battle of Armageddon. There are others who believe the Y2K computer bug is going to bring about the crash of Western civilization… and they see this as an opening to make the revolution they’ve all been pining for for years… The FBI may be essentially rolling up people they fear are about to unleash violence around Dec. 31,’ Potok said.”

(Editor’s Comment: Interesting how no distinction is made between your church-going born-agains and pistol-packing militia members. Interesting, but typical of Zionism. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Times is even worse.)

“With just 20 days left in the fading Millenium and with many groups believing that a hellish end of the Earth is nigh, there seems to be a growing paranoia among many extremists that think that it will be government agents disguised as terrorists who will strike first. They fear that the government will declare martial law and impose a ‘new world order’ on America.”

“Officials estimate that there are nearly 1,000 cults in the country, large and small. There are also more than 500 hate groups in the United States, many of them gun-loving.”

“A recent Newsweek magazine poll found that 2 in 10 Americans think that the world will end in their lifetime, and that 6 percent of Americans, or about 15 million people, expect the Apocalypse in 2000.” (See the Tampa, Fla. Tribune for December 10, 1999, “Militia rhetoric watched closely,” the St. Petersburg, Fla. Times for December 9, 1999, “Indictment details plot to blow up power lines,” USA Today for December 20, 1999, “Terror suspect’s arrest sparks high alert,” and for December 21, 1999, “State Department may have terrorism update,” and the Los Angeles Times for December 11, 1999, “Keeping an eye on would-be Y2K terrorists.”)

from the UFO Files…


The run-up to New Year’s Eve and the recent headlines about millenial jitters must be getting to me. Because I had a really strange series of dreams on Thursday, December 16, 1999.

I dreamed that I was a nine-year-old boy of the Anishinabe people, and it was late spring or early summer, and I was visiting Cahokia for the first time with my family.

But it wasn’t the Cahokia, Illinois we know today. It was Cahokia one thousand or perhaps two thousand years ago. A large city on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, with its wide dirt streets and spacious plazas. Monk’s Mound was a spectacular mud-brick pyramid. And there were smaller pyramids around the city.

There was a large religious procession which was witnessed by indigenous people from all over North America. Ganegahaga-ono from upstate New York. Tohono Oodham from the desert Southwest. And my family, which had arrived by kichimishoon, a large birchbark canoe–what the French called a Montreal canoe–from our home on Chequamegon Bay on the south shore of Lake Superior. In terms of color and pageantry, this procession outdid anything I saw in Hawaii.

Americans then were just as star-struck as they are today. During the procession, everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Awenhai, the beautiful princess of the Ontouagannha people. She cut quite a figure in her white dress with its colorful beadwork. On either side of her were two full-grown cougars (also known as pumas or mountain lions.) There were many stories about her. She was a sorcererss who had danced on the moon (!!) She could turn herself into a cougar. She was hundreds of years old. (She looked about twenty.)

With the family was my grandfather, Tackanash. Now, I’ve dreamed of Tackanash off and on over the years. But this was the first time I’ve dreamed about him in fifteen years, so it seems significant.

We were sitting in the market plaza with a Lakota family we were friendly with. Possibly related to by marriage. And Tackanash tells me to go to the river and relieve my cousin, who was standing watch over the remaining makuks (birchbark boxes) we’d brought down from Mauningwaunakauning Miniss (Anishinabe for Island of the Golden-Breated Woodpecker, now Madeline Island just east of Bayfield, Wisconsin.)

So there I am sitting on the riverbank near the canoe, looking toward the Missouri side and seeing a handful of tipis and an ocean of ripe prairie grass rolling away to the west. And then I hear an eagle scream, and I look again. And the prairie is gone, and I’m looking at the familiar skyline of modern St. Louis.

The city, however, is in ruins. Twisted girders poke out of the tops of broken skyscrapers. Black smoke boils upward from two dozen spots. The Poplar Bridge is gone, and all that remains of the railroad bridge are pylons sticking out of the river. The Gateway Arch looks like a turkey wishbone after somebody made a wish.

Startled, I jump to my feet. The buildings between Choteau Avenue and Busch Stadium are heaps of rubble. I can see the stadium in silhouette, and there are a few dings in it, like a chipped porcelain cup. Needle-nosed helicopters are zipping back and forth over the riverfront.

I feel a sudden compulsion to look to my left. I do, and a woman stands there. A Native American woman a few years older than Awenhai, wearing a green dress and a green fringed shawl. Right in front of her, running towards me, are the two Fatima seers. Francisco and Jacinta Marto, looking as out-of-place in pre-Columbian Illinois as a pair of giraffes.

Jacinta does the talking–in Portuguese! Very lively little girl in a black kerchief, peasant blouse and black skirt. “Masinaigan, there will be an explosion in the big city.”

I gesture across the river. “Sao Luis?”

“Nao, nao.” Frowning, she stamps her foot impatiently. “Nova York! Nova York!”

I feel hands on my shoulders. Tackanash whispers, “What do you see, Masinaigan?”

“The city is destroyed, Nimishoo.” (Anishinabe for Grandfather.)

Then he looks at the same direction as me and lets out a cry. Jacinta and brother Francisco are gone. And so is the woman in green. In the woman’s place is a single cornstalk brimming with ripe yellow corn ears. And I shudder because corn won’t be ripening for another month.

And I wake up. But I’m still dreaming, though. I dream I’ve awakened outdoors under a cool night sky ablaze with stars.

(An explosion in New York City!? Where in New York? Jacinta!)

A dark mountain looms over me. I recognize its distinctive shape. Inyan Kara. I’m in Wyoming.

I can see a fire glimmering high on the ponderosa- clad mountain slope. I frown, thinking, They’ve already lit the fire. I’m late for powwow.

Tackanash smiles down at me. Pushing the blanet aside, I murmur, “I’m sorry, Nimishoo. I overslept.”

He chuckles. “I never saw such a lazy boy.”

And so we climb the trail up to the powwow, Tackanash and I. There are mostly Lakota people there, some Zizitza, some Awishi. Tackanash and I are the only Anishinabe present.

And then things really get weird. Bill Clinton is there, but it’s the president as he was as a young man. He’s dressed like a Lakota medicine chief. (This is strange because I rarely dream of present- day political figures.) He removes his shirt and lets some elderly men paint symbols on his body. Then he grimaces and makes no sound as the tribal elder pierces his chest with two skewers.

I watch in amazement. He’s going to do the sun dance.

Sure enough, soon Bill is dancing around the wooden pole, dragging a buffalo skull behind him. At first he moves with a vigorous step, singing along with the wisdom singers beating the drum.

As the night goes on, a strange thing happens. Every time Bill passes by, he is a little bit older, and his feet are less certain. He no longer sings. The crowd watches silently. The only sound comes from the spirit drum and the wisdom signers.

And then he stumbles. Painfully he rises to his feet, takes a few feeble steps and falls again. Panicstricken I glance to the east. The sky is beginning to lighten over the Black Hills.

I move forward, but Tackanash firmly grabs my shoulder. “No! Don’t enter the circle. This is his dance.”

I glance at Bill, and he isn’t moving. Oh, this is bad. This is very bad! I think, and I shout, “Bill, get up! You must finish!”

And I cast a fearful glance eastward, just in time to see the sun rising above the Black Hills.

And suddenly it is full daylight, and I’m back home in modern-day Duluth, with Tackanash at my side. As a matter of fact, we’re at the corner of Second Street and Mesaba Avenue.

It’s a cold day (March? November?) with a light overcast sky. A stiff wind tears at my clothes. Looking toward Lake Superior, I see tremendous waves rolling over Park Point. Waves 50 to 70 feet high. The bay west of the Point is full of floating debris.

About a mile offshore a large cargo ship struggles against the oncoming tidal waves. She’s the Columbia Star, and she looks like a submarine trying to surface. And doing it badly. She is slowly being swamped. But there’s a smaller black-and-white Coast Guard vessel on the way to the rescue.

What a roller-coaster ride for the Coast Guard! Up the front of the wave, crash through the foam on top, and then toboggan down the back side.

Tackanash and I head downhill on Mesaba Avenue for a better look. I can go no further than First Street. Lake Superior has flooded this whole end of the city. Greybeard waves crash ashore on First Street, pounding the asphalt into rubble and sending fountains of icy spray skyward.

“This way, Masinaigan,” he says, beckoning.

Soon we are walking north on Third Street, and I see an old brownstone building from the 1890s that has been converted into a prison. The glass is gone from the windows, replaced by shiny steel bars and barbed wire. The building is guarded by black-clad troops in body armor and combat helmets.

Behind the bars are people, moaning and shivering in the cold. A few are holding Bibles. Clutching the wires, they shout, “Help us! In the name of Jesus! Help us!”

And I wake up–for real this time. And my final dream thought is a hazy after-image, almost an indistinct postcard photo of the United Nations building in New York City. It fades, and I blink in the darkness of my bedroom. Grab my glasses and glance at the digital clock–2:31 a.m.

I go back to sleep, but the dream is just as vivid the next morning. It’s fully etched in my memory.

I do not know if there is anything to this precognition stuff. Or if perhaps the Millenium is like an opaque mirror in which we see our deepest fears reflected.

I do know this, though. Back on December 6, I had a “bad vibes” feeling about New York City in general, and the UN building in particular. I’ve only had that feeling once before. Way back in 1981, when Mehmet Ali Agca shot the Pope.

So, a memo to John Velez and our other readers in New York City…if you can get away for a few days after Christmas, please try to do so. I know this sounds like typical Big Apple paranoia. And if I’m wrong, we can all have a big laugh in a couple of weeks about my goofy predictions. But I can’t help feeling that the Apple is not a good place to be over New Year’s wekend. Please be careful. Okay?

Join us next week as we count down to the New Millenium. Here’s a hearty “Merry Christmas” from “the paper that goes home–UFO Roundup.” Enjoy your Christmas holiday.

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 1999 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights reserved. Eaders may post inews stories from UFO Roundup on their websites or in newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first appeared..


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