UFO ROUNDUP Volume 5 Number 18 May 4, 2000 Editor: Joseph Trainor


Multiple UFO sightings were reported near Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK during April, including two incidents of direct contact with humans.

The flap began on Friday, March 24, 2000 when Elaine King, 40, of Tetney Lock, near Grimsby, Lincs.”was transported from her bed to an alien space craft that was constructed entirely of a steel-like material.”

The incident occurred at 9:30 a.m.

“Mrs. King explained, ‘I was in bed and felt myself getting weaker and weaker like I was collapsing. Next thing I knew, I was in this corridor.'”

“While on board the alien ship, she opened a door and was shocked to find a human male ‘spread-eagled’ on a table while aliens ”peeled back his skin to look at his insides.'”

“‘There was a female being who was milky white and wearing some sort of wig. I think it was to make her look less frightening and more human. She communicated to me, telling me not to worry about my cats and dog, that they would be looked after. She didn’t speak to me in words, just put thoughts in my head. She didn’t scare me. I thought she was trying to help,’ said Mrs. King.”

“She said she thought she was going to die, but the next thing she knew she was back in her bed and only eleven and a half minutes had passed.”

“‘I am so relieved to be back. I thought I was gone for good,’ she said.”

“Mrs. King said she knows people will perceive her as ‘mad’ but she honestly believes it was an abduction attempt. She claims to have had many ‘alien’ encounters, including seeing unearthly lights in the sky, having out-of- body experiences, hearing unexplained humming and seeing UFOs while riding her pony.”

The same day, March 24, a fruit vendor “from Grimsby’s Freeman Street saw what he believes was a UFO hovering in the sky above Willingham Street” at 2 p.m. “Thirty-seven-year-old Tony Kirby claimed he saw a pure white unearthly object (hovering) still in the sky. And investigations with the RAF revealed they did not have any aircraft in the area at the time.”

At 8 p.m. that evening, “11-year-old Reshi Kumar was seated in the back of his father’s car stalled in traffic when he noticed ‘a really bright round light in the sky. It was hovering in the same position, then it dropped really sharply, and left a white line behind it.'”

“‘One minute it was there, the next it was gone. It was really weird,’ explained Reshi, who does not believe in aliens, despite being an avid X-Files follower.”

“Reshi added, ‘At first I thought it must have been a plane but the object didn’t have any red or blue lights. It’s definitely one for Mulder and Scully because I don’t know what it was.'”

In early April 2000, Cliff Blyth, 68, of Corn Mews, Cleethorpes, Lincs. was reportedly shot by aliens. Blyth told the Grimsby Evening Telegraph that he was struck in the chest by “a two-inch red ball of fire that came right through the window and passed through” his chest.

Blyth reported no adverse physiological effects as a result of being struck by the small sphere.

“Cliff and Margaret Blyth, of Corn Mews, Cleethorpes, got the shock of their lives when an unidentified red ball hurtled towards their house and passed through Mr. Blyth’s body. Mrs. Blyth was on the telephone when her husband shouted at her to rush to the window.”

“‘I left the phone dangling, and I saw a two-inch red ball of fire come through the window and pass through my husband’s chest. We immediately lifted his shirt to see if it had left any mark, but there was nothing there. We daren’t tell anyone at first,’ Ms. Blyth said, ‘It was very frightening.'”

“‘People will think we’re mad, but there was something in the sky,’ Mr. Blyth said, ‘I’m too old to be scared. It didn’t hurt, but we both saw it, and my wife never drinks.'”

On Thursday, April 6, 2000, John and Dorothy Ramsden of Lidyard Road, Humberston, Lincs. had a UFO experience at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Ramsden “thought her husband was joking when he claimed to have seen a UFO in the form of a silver cigar.”

“Dorothy Ramsden, who saw a UFO in Danbury Street forty years ago, said, ‘We were about to get into our car when my husband said he’d seen an unidentified flying object. At first I thought he was pulling my leg. But then I saw the lovely silver object with a pinky (pinkish) glow hovering in the sky.'”

“John Ramsden,” aged 63 like his wife, “a self-proclaimed sceptic who refuses to watch sci-fi on television, said, ‘When I first spotted it, I thought, What the hell is that? It was fascinating. We just stared at it in amazement for around six minutes, and I could see it from as far away as Toll Bar School.'”

“The couple, who were not frightened by the experience, described the object as hanging at an angle without moving.”

On Friday, April 7, 2000, Mrs. Elaine Reed of Princes Road, Cleethorpes, Lincs. spotted a daylight disc.

“Mrs. Reid “described the object as ‘red and as big as an aerosol (can).’ She said, ‘My husband told me I was seeing things and that I should forget about it. At first I thought it was a helicopter but it moved so quietly that I knew it couldn’t have been'”

She added that it was ‘a bright light travelling slowly across the sky down the (river) Humber.'”

Another anonymous witness told the Telegraph that “he saw ‘a really bright light hovering above Brundell Park.’ He said, ‘It was like a comet. It was so quick it couldn’t have been an aeroplane or a helicopter. It was travelling at a height (altitude) between 3,000 and 5,000 feet. I can’t describe it. I’ve never seen anything like it.'” (See the Grimsby Evening Telegraph for April 4, April 5, April 10 and April 14, 2000. Many thanks to Gerry Lovell of Far Shores for forwarding the newspaper articles.)


A very large multicolored UFO appeared early on Easter Sunday morning, April 23, 2000, over the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, in the foothills of the Andes about 800 kilometers (500 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires.

The craft, which appeared at 2 a.m., was seen by television newswoman Noemi Molina, who attempted to capture its image on her camcorder. But after five seconds of shooting, her camcorder’s battery suddenly lost all of its power.

“Yesterday (April 24) still gripped by strange bewilderment, journalist Noemi Molina told a group of reporters at the Municipal Court building,” in the El Centro section of Bariloche, as the city is sometimes called, “that she had witnessed an unidentified flying object.”

Srta. Molina, “the popular host of the Telenoticias” TV program “stated that the event took place around 2 a.m. last Sunday (April 23) near the city’s Cathedral.”

“‘It was huge,’ said Noemi, stating that she had been in the company of her sister Norma, who also saw the strange phenomenon. She further added that it ‘resembled a great ship giving off multicolored lights, moving slowly over the lake, (Lago Nahuel Huapi–J.T.) heading toward Chile…we could hear an intense noise.'”

“Ufologists would identify the large object as being one of the so-called ‘motherships.’ Molina pointed out that she ‘tried to record it on her camcorder, but upon activating the recording function, the battery was drained, and there was nothing more I could do.'”

“‘Seeing what I’d seen made it almost impossible to sleep, and at least my sister saw it, as well, for which I thanked God. Yet I’m depressed at the fact that I wasn’t able to film it,’ she said.”

“”Other people stated having seen the strange object” on Sunday “and gave the size of the object described. El Cordillerano called the local airport authorities who claimed complete ignorance of the matter.”

“Noemi Molina added, ‘It all started with distant light–what I saw was fantastic. I’m still nervous from the sighting.'” (See the newspaper El Cordillerano for April 25, 2000. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros, Chupacabras and Other Nysteries y Forbidden Mexico para esa historia.)

(Editor’s Comment: San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the hottest UFO spots in Argentina, with sightings every year since 1947.)


On Monday, April 24, 2000, at 12:20 a.m., Ken H. was driving north on Interstate Highway I-85 in Palmetto, Georgia (population 2,600), about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southwest of Atlanta, when he spied something unusual in the sky.

“At approximately 12:20 a.m., I was driving home from my part-time night job,” Ken reported, “While traveling north on I-85, I noticed in the distance what seemed to be a Jumbo Jet traveling unusually slow in a northwesterly direction from the south. As I got closer to the object, I could see that this was no jet like I’d ever seen, and I live right in the flight corridor of Hartsfield International Airport.”

“This thing was a triangle that was slightly more acute than an equilateral triangle. It was black, slick and had a very strange lighting arrangement. It had red and white non-blinking lights.. I’m sorry but I can’t remember the exact position of the lights,” he added, “This morning I had a sighting that left my mouth wide open. And I had it in view for five minutes.”

“One detail that I remember clearly is that there appeared to be red ‘tail lights’ and two rapidly-flashing strobes, one at each rear corner. The strobes blinked perfectly in tandem. This thing was the size of a (Boeing) 747 and was parked nearly in a dead hover. It was also a 10 mile per hour (16 kilometer per hour) drift with a slight northwesterly yaw.”

“I nearly drove under the thing. It was about a quarter-mile away and looked to be at about 2,000 feet of altitude. I drove to the next exit south and pulled over and watched the object drift to the north and disappear.”

Ken, 34, describes himself as “the father of two, a college graduate and an amateur astronomer.”

He added that he returned to the area the following day and noticed that the UFO had been hovering over “a firebreak with high-voltage power lines. My mind is still having a hard time believing what my eyes saw.” (Email Interview)


Two UFO sightings were reported in western Canada last week.

On Thursday, April 20, 2000, at 9:11 p.m., Lindsay A. was at her home on the north side of Winnipeg (population 620,000), capital of Canada’s Manitoba province, when she spotted an unusual light in the sky.

“I saw bright white lights blinking in the sky,” Lindsay reported, “It approached from the north, hovered and darted away to the west. The object appeared to be moving quickly. We were facing north when we saw it moving in our direction. It seemed to be a gray circular object all covered with bright white lights. Very high–almost unbelievable. Travelled at around 70 miles per hour.” (Email Form Report)

A week later, on Thursday, April 27, 2000, at around 10 p.m., a crew working on an oil rig spotted a UFO just outside Estevan, Saskatchewan (population 10,300), a town on Provincial Highway 39 about 125 miles (200 kilometers) southeast of Regina.

Eyewitness Shawn B. reported, “We were all working on a rig facing different ways. Once aware (of it), we all turned to the southwest. It looked like a falling flashlight at first, but it kept getting bigger and bigger.. We all stopped working to look at it. I shut the rig of, and it (the UFO) made no sound at all. It started heading off to my right, then seemed to start ascending very quickly. We thought it was an airplane coming down until it started going straight up. It didn’t have any specific shape–just very bright.”

“”It lit up a large area around the rig. Seemed like it was there for a half-hour, but it was only a few seconds. We told our fellow employees but they didn’t take it seriously.” (Email Form Report)


Zoltan B. and his family left their home in Adelaide, South Australia for Easter weekend, intending to spend some time with family members who live in the suburbs of Melbourne. But when they got to Australia’s Victoria state, they got the surprise of their lives.

The family of six had just arrived in Highlett, Vic. at 10:15 p.m. on Saturday, April 22, 2000. Zoltan reported, “We had just gotten home at 11:15, alighting from our car. Facing north, we noticed a bright light in the sky coming in our direction. There was blanket rain-bearing cloud cover, and this object was well under the clouds.”

He described the UFO as “a bright glowing red orb, seemingly ethereal, almost transparent, plasma-like. On first sighting, it appeared to be about five centimeters at arm’s length.”

“My wife, having a videocamera in the car, had the presence of mind to record it for nearly five minutes., although somewhat wobbily, until it faded out of view.”

“”It was totally silent, no other lights, no other discernable or recognizable shape. It maintained a steady altitude and speed as it travelled in a westerly direction …until it dropped from view.”

Because of the cloud cover and because the object was “well below” the overcast, Zoltan added that “my estimate of height (altitude) is no more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) Speed estimate was approximately 150 kilometers per hour (90 miles per hour). As it altered direction, it appeared to slow down to some extent.”

The family’s UFO video was broadcast on Melbourne’s Channel 7 news program at 6 p.m. on Easter Sunday, April 23, 2000. (Email Form Report)


The Washington Post reports that Attorney General Janet Reno, the FBI and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are planning a ten-day paramilitary exercise, described as “the largest-ever field test of the nation’s ability to respond to a terrorist attack with chemical or biological weapons.”

The ten-day exercise, called Operation Topoff, will take place “sometime during May” and will involve the simulated use of a weapon of mass destruction on the target cities of Denver, Colorado and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

(Editor’s Note: Portsmouth has long been the “saucer capital” of New Hampshire, with UFO sightings dating back to the 1640s.)

“After the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City and East Africa U.S. embassy bombings and a 1995 sarin attack on Tokyo’s subway, U.S. officials have concluded that it’s only a matter of when–not whether–some terrorist will use a weapon of mass destruction on a domestic target.”

On April 28, 2000, the Washington Post reported that “a recent, secret exercise to determine how a medium-sized city would cope after the terrorist detonation of a weapon of mass destruction.” Unfortunately, the target city of Cincinnati, Ohio and its police and other city services were said to be “woefully unprepared for such an attack.”

“The Post, quoting unidentified sources, said the findings were presented by Attorney General Janet Reno, then Deputy Secretary of Defense John Hamre, and senior FBI officials met at the Pentagon earlier this year. They reportedly ordered the formation of interagency working groups for problems that might arise from a major terrorist attack..”

(Editor’s Comment: Mr. Hamre, you may recall, was one of the masterminds of last year’s ill-fated Operation Abacus.)

“Called ‘Topoff’ because of the involvement of top officials (TOP OFFicials, get it?–J.T.) the exercise will have the participation of Reno, (USA Department of) Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala and FEMA director James Lee Witt.”

“‘It is vitally important that our nation be prepared for the consequences of a terrorist event,’ Witt said Thursday,” April 27, 2000.

“Denver, Colo. and Portsmouth, N.H. were picked to represent a large metropolitan area and a smaller city and because they have different levels of training. Denver has had federally-funded preparedness training; Portsmouth has not.”

FBI and FEMA agents will coordinate with state and municipal officials in both of the target cities. It has not been stated what type of destructive weapon will be simulated during the exercise, but the Post assures us that “No actual weapon or germs will be used.” (Many thanks to Steve L. Wilson Sr. for forwarding the newspaper story.)

(Editor’s Comment: With the exception of that fellow who “did a Bufoird” in Pittsburgh ;last weekend, there haven’t been any terrorist incidents in the USA for quite some time. With Ms. Reno in charge of this operation, and considering what happened in Miami two weeks ago, born-again Christians and Republicans alike should keep their eyes and ears open during the month of May.)

From the UFO Files…


Friday, May 5, will see the long-awaited planetary alignment. The event seems to have stirred up a number of unusual dreams and visions. Here are some we’ve received at UFO Roundup.

Jacqueline B. describes herself as “a visionary from Roseburg, Oregon.” On April 9, 2000, she had a strange dream about the planetary alignment.

“I’m in this room, and some people are in there talking to me. I’m outside of the place. There was this man who had curly black hair. He was walking with me. He said he was a journalist. I said I was a writer. We came upon this place. It felt like it was some kind of important gathering.”

“Suddenly, I looked up into the sky and I could see the alignment of the planets. I was so excited. The journalist was very excited. Oh, I see it again. It was so beautiful. The sky was breaking into these multiple crescent-shaped crystals. Out of the middle came this sighting of the “bright yellow UFO ship.’ It was odd- looking. It had four large curved panels on each side. In the center, there was a bright light. It was also slowly falling down from the sky.”

You can imagine Jacqueline’s surprise when she read last week’s issue of UFO Roundup and saw an account of the very same yellow UFO she had seen in her April 9 dream. (See UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 17 for more details.)

Christopher H. lives in Portland, Oregon, and he had a strange and frightening dream about New York City.

“On Monday, January 17 (2000), my wife and I slept later than usual,” he writes. “The first thing she said when we woke up was, ‘Wow! I just had the weirdest dream!'”

Chris replied, “Oh, you mean the one where you see the large tidal wave coming, and there’s nothing you can do about it?”

His wife sat bolt upright in bed. “Yes! How did you know?”

Now it was Chris’s turn to be surprised. His wife had had the exact same dream he’d experienced.

“My dream took place in New York City (I’ve never been there–C.H.) and I did some business at a bank with large picture windows. I walked out into the street, turned around and saw a massive tidal wave (taller than the buildings–C.H.) frozen in position but still threatening to take out the entire city.”

“Suddenly I realized I was naked and a bit more than a little self-conscious about it. I saw a girl walking with a full-length belted sweater with a hood (like they wore in the 70s–C.H.), so I asked her if I could borrow it until tomorrow, when we could meet in front of this bank. She said I could borrow it, but we would have to meet at ‘The Park’ at a place where people go to mourn those who had died or were missing.”

(Editor’s Comment: “The Park,” of course, is Central Park. Chris has never been to the Apple, but it sounds as if he’s talking about the John Lennon Peace Memorial in Central Park.)

“I agreed, but at that moment an overwhelming sadness came over me and I realized that she would not be showing up tomorrow. She would be one of those who perished in the tidal wave.”

“Suddenly, I was transported to another part of the city, where I was being led by an elderly Hindu gentleman. He kept saying that it was my mindahli or bindahli that was keeping me safe from the tidal wave. I have no idea what he was talking about.”

(Editor’s Comment: Perhaps one of our readers in India can clue us in.)

Early Monday morning, April 17, 2000, your editor had another strange “big wave” dream. However, my Anishinabe “grandfather” Tackanash did not appear in this one. And it took place on Lake Michigan, not Lake Superior.

I dreamed that I was at a small resort motel in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The motel was just south of Route 2 in Naubishaway, Michigan, on the north shore of Lake Michigan. It was either May or June, as the deciduous trees had all of their leaves. The sky was covered with a thick gray overcast. I was meeting my sisters, who had come out from New England for a visit, and we were going to go to dinner. Since I had a few minutes to spare, I walked down to the sandy beach and took a long look at the lake.

I notice the small waves crashing ashore and some whitecaps further out. The waves become more numerous and a little higher. The sight makes me uneasy. Then I realize why. There’s no wind. You need a wind to kick up waves on the Great Lakes.

Instantly I look south, toward Beaver island. The horizon is in motion–coming my way. I head straight for the patio and enter the motel’s dining room. I have to find my sisters, Maureen and Carolyn. I have to find them now!

Six women are standing in the dining room. It’s just been cleaned. The Admiral chairs are stacked on top of the polished dining tables. The hostess turns to me and says, “What are you doing here?”

“Listen to me,” I reply. “The lake is rising–”

The ladies stare in puzzlement, so I try it again. “There’s a big wave coming ashore. It’ll be here in less than five minutes. I saw it. Get out now!”

A white-haired grandmother blinks in sudden comprehension. “You mean a seiche wave!?”

“Exactly! It’s going to flood the whole shore,” I say, running through the dining room. “You’ve got to get out of here!”

I hurry down the central corridor, scanning room numbers. Ah, there’s the one I want. I push open the door, and there they are, standing around talking.

“Moe! Ca! We’ve got to get out of here–now!”

Carolyn asks, “Why?”

“We just got here,” Maureen adds.

“There’s a big wave out on the lake. It’s heading for shore. Right towards us!”


Before I can repeat myself, Maureen lets out a yell. I turn to my right, just in time to see a foaming wave slide right past the window.. No further words are necessary. All three of us scramble out the door and dash down the hall.

“Go! Go!” I holler, “Take the stairs!”

Up the carpeted stairs we gallop. I can hear the building groaning under the impact of the waves. We run at full tilt down the upstairs hallway, through a smaller dining area and out onto the sundeck. A wooden catwalk connects the deck to the parking lot.

We cross the catwalk, first Maureen, then Carolyn, then me. I can feel the wooden structure vibrating under my feet. Peering over the railing, I can see lakewater surging around the first-floor patio. Already the motel’s back yard is flooded.

We reach the other side and join the people in the parking lot. Everybody starts heading for Route 2 and the high ground on the other side. I glance back at the shore. It looks more like the north shore of Oahu than upper Michigan. Waves ten feet high are crashing against the summer homes and cabins lining the beach.

The overcast sky is darker. It looks even more threatening than the thunderstorm we had on July 4, 1999 here in Duluth. A lightning bolt stabs down on the southern horizon. It seems to last longer than normal.

Another bolt strikes in the southwest. On the beach somewhere between Duel Lake and Point Patterson. I start counting under my breath…One thousand, two thousand…

The lightning bolt fades. I gape in disbelief. I have just seen a sustained lightning bolt of an estimated five billion volts last for about 12 to 15 seconds. Impossible!

The dark gray clouds are lower and moving swiftly from the southwest to the northeast. Maureen shouts, “Joe! Come on!”

We walk at a fast clip, joining the stream of refugees heading uphill. Suddenly, large snowflakes begin dropping from the clouds.

“Oh, my God!” Carolyn yells, “It’s snowing!”

“Welcome to the U.P.,” I say, and I wake up.

Kent Peters had a frightening vision of life in the USA after the Earth changes. He originally had this dream back in 1980. He described it in detail on the Sunday, April 30, 2000 broadcast of The Prophecy Club.

It is a time of war. “There’s a one-world government, but there’s fighting on every continent.”

Kent is walking down the street when an elderly man he’s never seen before rushes up to him and says, “Have you got your mark yet? You’ll need it to do business.”

And he shows Kent his right hand. There is a curious tattoo on the back of the hand between the thumb and the pinky finger. It is a black circle or sun with two levels of wavy rays emanating out from it. Kent described it as “a double sunburst.”

“He began to cry and kept saying, ‘The end is here! The end is here!'” Kent said.

Just then Kent hears the roar of helicopter engines. Black helicopters are flying low over the city. Then “a white Humvee or whatever you call it” screeches around the corner and comes to a stop. Troops clad all in black pour out. “They are wearing black uniforms with body armor and blue helmets. They are openly rounding up people now.”

The black-clad troops herd all of the pedestrians into a circle. The civilians have to raise their right hands like first graders asking for permission to visit the bathroom. Grim-faced military policemen toting Bullpup-style automatic rifles check each upraised hand. If a person has the mark, they bellow, “Get going!” or “On your way!” and push that person past the police line.

Those who lack the “double sunburst” are brutally knocked to the ground, handcuffed and led away to a waiting truck.

All at once, Kent heard “a spiritual voice” in his mind saying, “Don’t go back to your house. Don’t take anything from your house.”

I have to go back for my wife! Kent thinks, and starts running down the sidewalk. “I ran back to my house. I got to my front door. The lock had been taken off and replaced. There was an electronic scanner in the shape of a hand. You couldn’t unlock the door unless you put your hand with the mark on the scanner.”

Kent gives the door a push, anyway. Slowly it swings open. There is no sign of his wife. “There stood this sinister being. It was tall, dark, gaunt. It wasn’t human. It was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. I screamed with everything in me. Then I woke up.”

Kent has made a video about his strange dream entitled I Saw the Tribulation.

Tomorrow is May 5, and it will be interesting to see what–if anything–happens. Meanwhile, take some comfort in this thought. Not every dream is prophetic. After all, as Sigmund Freud pointed out, “Sometimes a dream is only a dream.”

We’ll be back next week with more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, plus coverage of any strange events that might have occurred on Planetary Alignment Day. Right here at “the paper that goes home– UFO Roundup. See you then.

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2000 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on their websites or in news groups provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first appeared. .

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