UFO Sighting Report – Canada March 9th 2008 : Leader, Saskatchewan

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Leader Saskatchewan Canada

Date: March 9 2008

Time: 12:10

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Looks like a star or double star with Rays jutting out either side.

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: Through 10×50 binoculars it looks like a star burst. Hovering in the sky to the east of Leader. Bounces back and forth apearrs to zig zag and do strange loops in the same area. Through binoculars its red and yellow. Also two larger rays of light shone through my front yard simultaneously. It appears to be turning in the sky and it much brighter and larger then any of the stars in the sky.


Follow-up report by Barb Campbell, SPPRC Inc.

Hello Barb

Sorry I haven’t replied sooner.. the thing that I saw I am sure could have been a star or something the reason it caught my eye was because when I first spotted it I thought it was an airplane and it appeared to be flying straight towards me I kind of panicked because I thought maybe it was crashing or something.. I watched it for a little while longer and it began looping and zigzagging and flying back and forth..

the rays of light in my yard I could only really describe as moon beams that�s what they looked like to me they were one right after another..

the time was about 12:10 am that I first spotted it I watched it for about 1.5 hours it looked as thought it was going higher into the sky I phoned my Mom who lives behind me and she said with binoculars it looked as though it had rays coming out each side of it..

I then closed my blinds because It was creeping me out and not sure whether it went away or not the only other thing I thought I should mention is that about 1 hour after I started watching it there was the most spectacular northern light show that I have ever seen..

Hope this helps and hope I am not wasting your time thanks for the reply..

Have a great day (withheld) Leader Sask

Barb’s note: Many thanks to the witness for responding.


Take care,

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UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell & SPPRC for the follow-up report.

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