UFOs Over Yucatan Peninsula

Source: El Diario de Yucatan
Date: July 5, 200
TICUL — The alleged lights that cross the skies over the Benito
Juarez sector have been the subject of meetings and
conversations among neighbors.

Some residents of Ticul believe they are Unidentified Flying
Object and increasing numbers of locals are visiting the hills.

The appartions at midnight keep people awake to see “the lights
that move and then remain still before continuing their
journey.” In the month of May, several residents claimed having
seen UFOs over by Dzan, and some 3 or 4 years ago people
ascended Santa Elena Hill for a better look.


SOURCE: Diario de Yucatan

DATE: July 5, 2004

UFO’s: A Compulsory Subject of Conversation

** More people visit a neighborhood to see “the lights”

TICUL – The subject of the alleged apparition of lights in the
sky have been a compulsory subject of conversation among local
relatives. Skeptics and believers alike are visiting this locale
and some even think they could be UFOs.

The remarks made in the county seat have not delayed long,
especially among people who visit the site and residents of the
Benito Juarez sector itself, located on the hill and one of the
most isolated ones in the community.

Witnesses report that shortly after midnight the lights begin to
appear. At times, they can see a very large light that crosses
the skies several times. At times they remain motionless before
taking off at high speed, they say.

The widespread belief is that [the lights] are UFOs.

Residents of the Benito Juarez neighborhood claim that the
lights began to appear the very same night the earthquake
occured. Others believe that the phenomenon occurs on given
years and are not limited to a certain part of the state.

According to the information provided, these lights were also
seen some 2 or 3 years ago along the road leading to the
municipality of Santa Elena. Furthermore, some five or six years
ago, the same strange phenomenon was seen along the road to

The fact is that the unidentified lights are the topic of the
day — one that is gaining popularity among every stratum of
this community. Night after night, between 150 to 200 people
have been reporting to the Benito Juarez sector and claim that
they have indeed seen these lights.




DATE: July 5, 2004


Unidentified Flying Objects are the talk of the town in Ticul

28 years ago, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United
States (CIA) recorded the manifestation of UFOs some 28 years
ago in the skies over Merida, according to a recently
declassified report by said agency.

In 1976, Robert S. Ashford, the U.S. consul in Merida, reported
to the Department of State, and in turn, State apprised the CIA,
of the apparition of UFOs in the sky.

Hundreds of persons visit the San Benito neighborhood on a daily
basis for some 15 days, claiming to have seen UFOs. Visitors to
the site are local residents who spend long hours gazing skyward
and some claim having seen “a large saucer-shaped object with
multicolored lights that moves across the sky at night.”

The tenant farmers of the district leave their homes early in
the morning to see the strange object. Given the curious nature
of the event, increasing numbers of people have come to see this
phenomenon, but very few have seen the flying object. Mrs. Maria
Cardenas Ek and Lourdes Bojorquez claim having been witnesses to
the event.

Mrs. Cardenas said that on Thursday, June 17, she was home when
she noticed a shining object spinning around a tower belonging
to the Federal Electric Commission. After a while it stood still
in the air, and that was when the dogs began to bark.

The second time she saw it was around 1 a.m., when she saw the
flying object in the skies again. Since that date, seeing this
object at night has become a regular activity. The correspondent
for the POR ESTO newspaper was on site for many hours to see if
the object would manifest, but was unsuccessful. However, locals
say that the UFO doesn’t have a fixed schedule for its

The fact of the matter is that expectations are on the increase
among local residents on account of the strange lights in the
sky, and the number of curiosity seekers is growing.


Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales

Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

Special thanks to David Triay Lucatero, CAFE

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