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The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

November 13, 2007

Readers of Inexplicata are familiar with the reports on Argentinean UFO and paranormal cases provided by our contributing editor, Guillermo Gimenez, who co-directs the Planeta UFO weblist (with Christian Quintero. Mr. Gimenez took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

Hi Guillermo — Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to answer some questions for INEXPLICATA. As a researcher, what is your opinion on the case involving the four police officers that had the CE-4 experience near the town of Irene.

Hello Scott – well, I can tell you that this is without a doubt a very interesting case, more so when its protagonists were four police officers from the Buenos Aires Provincial Police, holding the ranks of lieutenants and sub-lieutenants. Two of the witnessed not only a large object that came close to them, but also the descent and perception of four small humanoid figures, greenish-hued, large-headed and gray-eyed. You can also add to this the number of witnesses who claim having seen — between 1 and 2 a.m., the indicated time of the encounter on Wednesday, November 7 – strange lights in the sky and a loud detonation whose source still remains unknown. There are also reports from other localities which I consider to be “hot spots”, such as Coronel Dorrego, Oriente, Tres Arroyos and Necochea, plus the visual testimony of a UFO photographed some days ago at a lagoon near the place where the events occurred. All of this can be added to the veracity of the events.

Can you describe the conditions one finds in rural Argentina? By this I mean the distances to be covered, the population density, the factors that make it ideal for UFO sightings?

The Republic of Argentina is a vast country. Traversing it covers thousands of miles from north to south and east to west. Our fields are fruitful in a number of areas and therefore, distances here are vast, making favorable for UFO events. For example, between my city, which is Necochea, and the neighboring city of Tres Arroyos, there’s a distance of 142 kilometers. There are some homesteads and small localities where strange objects are also reported, as well as encounters with their occupants.

This region is very rich in UFO case histories, and we’ve had all kinds of encounters with beings of various descriptions. Perhaps the first recorded CE-3 case in this region took place in Tres Arroyos around 1940 and its protagonists were also police officers from the Province of Buenos Aires. They witnessed a luminous, disk-shaped object and could see a number of humanoid figures “coming and going,” in the words of Sgt. Vicente and Patrolman Gitani. This sighting impressed them to the extent that they withdrew from the area. A startling case. Imagine what it must’ve been like, Scott, to undergo an experience like this one.

Does this case remind you of other cases involving police officers that ran into UFOs in your country’s rural areas?

Argentina has had many UFO cases involving police officers. I’m reminded of the events of the Julio Orozco case from May 1999 in the province of La Pampa, a region that has always offered rich and interesting case histories. Another would be the one that occurred in Salta, in the vicinity of the Tin Tin straight road, near the Cachi Pass at an elevation of 6100 meters, when a patrol car was escorted by a huge UFO along a beautiful region of our country. This was around May 2001. Another event would be July 2002 incident in the Province of Cordoba, when various law enforcement officers sighted a large object. As you can see, I can keep listing cases, but I think this offer a good sample.

Have you had the chance to investigate any similar cases in Necochea and its environs?

I had the chance to investigate several UFO cases involving police officers as well as regular citizens, highway chases and even encounters with occupants. All of this took place in Province of Buenos Aires, in cities such as Necochea, Miramar, Tres Arroyos, Coronel Dorrego, Oriente, etc., in other words, the same area as the main events. Case histories are abundant and have taken place at different times.

Which ufological mystery intrigues you most?

My interest in ufology came about in the summer of 1977 in my city, Necochea, when I was able to see the maneuvers of a large mothership that crossed the city at a very low altitude and in perfect silence. There were hundreds of witnesses. From that moment I felt the urge to research. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and find in various parts of the world (the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, etc.) many encounters that were similar to others that took place enormous distances away and in other times. Surprising cases involving different witnesses. There’s no doubt that cases involving the presence of occupants intrigue me the most. Here in Necochea I have looked into real encounter cases. Our area is rich not only in cases, but in the quantity and quality of the eyewitnesses involved.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

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