Canada’s former defence minister claims UFOs exist

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By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director

September 7, 2005

George Filer:

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Canada’s Paul Hellyer Claims UFOs Exist

This week there is letter from a lady who claims to be an alien, and Canada’s former defence minister claims UFO’s exist, an RB-47’s encounters UFOs and the New Orleans disaster. Sightings were seen in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Sightings were also reported in Australia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Hungary.

Is not an alien force already among us?

PRESIDENT REAGAN stated, at the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations in Sept. 21, 1987. “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG US?”

Letter from Alenara

When President Reagan told the United Nations, “are there not already aliens among us?” Was he talking about people like Alenara?

Alenara a lady who lives in Sweden writes, “I would like to tell you that I have arrived, here on Earth and I am an alien incarnation, and I come from another world. I am sure you are open to contact. There is much life in the outer space, and some of us come here! Life on earth has us come here in subtle forms, many of us – alien visitors – work on improvement for earth and for life here, without ever letting others know of our presence!

I am however planning to be one of us who change the world. And do so openly. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Amherana Kha’re (how you spell my name depends on the pronunciation). Some time ago, I was living on my planet, in my home world. I can show you which star to look at in the night sky!

My home world is named Telmaar. We have only sent two individuals from our world to earth. It is I, and another. I know all of my companion, and will tell you about him, his whereabouts, his life mission, and we can even locate him if this is desired. I am a scientist. At home I worked with collecting all known science, the universal truth, that is, what is true science in spite of any beings interpreting or perceiving it in their own ways. This information was stored in a kind of libraries of ours, and I worked there, processing the information. I was in equivalent of earth years more than 370 years. Our average life span on that planet is equivalent of 1200 years. Persons of up to a 200 years are considered adolescent by our people, in our world. I am sent here to work with science.

In 1962, I was in proximity of planet Earth. We could hear radio broadcasts from earth, in our spaceship. I remember looking down toward the blue planet earth, wondering when my eyes would once look up from there below. It would last until 1980 when my suitable incarnation would be found. I remember the summer of 1982, traveling out of my body, in Sweden, watching the green birch trees, mountains and forests. October 1982 I was born. My life here has been difficult. At age 5, old enough to speak, I told people about immortality. One of the first things I ever said was “I am 300 years old.” My family did their best to suppress these aspects of me. I was always able to remember who I was. I have had contact with otherworldly (alien) people all this life. They helped me learn and remember science, and enhanced my telepathic and extrasensory perception. Today I am able to see all molecules, atoms, electrons, electrical and magnetic fields, gravity, and more. Facing any object or situation, I sense all information of it.

A person’s health status, his emotions, thoughts and dreams. I have incredible knowledge in chemistry, physics, and any other aspect of science, that is not yet known here on earth. It is knowledge I have with me, from my home world.

I can manifest atoms and soon also larger objects, and am learning to gain back my abilities and knowledge as I had prior to my incarnation. On my home world, we do not eat solid foods, our bodies are manifested in ways that I am learning to now apply to my human being, and go periods without eating or drinking, gaining incredible health and bodily rejuvenation. I am an alien manifestation. I am here for you, when ever you need to have contact. I can let you meet my alien contacts, they will gladly show you spaceships (UFOs) if we go together. I can heal any illness or bodily discomfort that you might have. Rejuvenation is here for you. Any science you ask for, is yours. We are here for you. Much love, Alenara, and the people of Telmaar

Editor’s Note: I have interviewed Alenara and found her to be a remarkable lady. We are skeptical of her claims, but feel it is only fair to test and learn more about her alien contacts and to her ability to prove her claims. I’m convinced she believes what she tells us. I have pointed out to her that remarkable claims require remarkable proof, and she states she is up to the test.

Canada’s former defence minister claims UFOs exist

TORONTO — Bill Curry reports, “Paul Hellyer has been a Liberal and a Conservative, has run for the leadership of both parties and founded two more, and will announce this month that he believes UFOs exist.” Yes, indeed, the 82-year-old former defence minister in Lester Pearson’s government is to address the Exopolitics Toronto Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Directions at U of T’s Convocation Hall on September. 25.

“My role is really to say publicly for the first time that I believe that what we call unidentified flying objects are real,” he said, “. . . and that people should know more about them and some of the implications of the fact they exist and that they’ve been observing our planet for more than half a century now.” “Yesterday, he said he has never seen a UFO and he had remained unconvinced of their existence until quite recently. In fact, as defence minister (he is known for unifying the forces), Mr. Hellyer said, he received reports of UFO sightings but didn’t pay much attention to them.

Lately, however, his reading on the subject and other evidence has him convinced they do exist. And he says this has policy implications for governments but will not reveal what he thinks they are. He said he doesn’t want to scoop himself. — The most important discoveries will provide answers to questions that we do not yet know how to ask and will concern objects we have not yet imagined. Thanks to The Globe and Mail and Jane Taber, and Bill Curry

RB-47s bombers chase UFO

Investigator Hank Schuren reports that he has obtained four (Reconnaissance Bomber) RB-47 reports from Strategic Air Command reporting UFOs in 1955. On 1 June an eastbound RB-47 experienced radar contact with an with a bright unknown return on their APG-32 set for 20 minutes and the warning light flashed intermittently. The RB-47’s K- system recorded what may have been the sweep of another radar nearby. Contact was lost at 2120 Z. Returning over the same route westbound the crew reported the ed Slightly East APG-32 again had a contact for thirty minutes duration at about 8,000 yards. No visual contact was made.

At 0030Z on 4 June, a westbound RB-47 experienced the electronic and visual contact with an unknown. The RB-47 gun warning light was flashing and the 5 radar had a contact at 7000 yards. Visual contact was made with a glistening silver metallic unknown that was seen low and to the rear and slightly to the right. The configuration of the unknown was obscured by contrails. The unknown aircraft broke off contact to the north with an increase in speed. The RB-47 was at 32,000 feet was se flying at Mach .735. The radar and visual contact were maintained for 9 minutes.

On 7 June at 0050Z, a westbound RB-47 at 35,000 feet experienced electronic contact with an object 3,500 yards at the same altitude. The scope return was square and rectangular.

On 8 June at 2044 Z, an eastbound RB-47 flying at 30,000 feet at 450 knots experienced electronic and visual contact with an unknown aircraft. The K system radar indicated sweep from another radar. Visual contact indicates aircraft was 5 to 10000 feet higher and 7 miles behind for twenty minutes. The copilot of the RB-47 states the unknown aircraft had a fighter configuration. A contrail was observed and a second RB-47 traveling 80 miles behind the first also saw the contrail. Thanks to Hank Schuren and SAC

Arizona three large bright orange lights

ESTRELLA MOUNTAIN — This was a great night to take the camera with me; I caught some really strange patterns from the Estrella Mountain lights on August 25, 2005, at 9:38 p.m. My girlfriend and I were coming home from the North valley taking the W 101 Freeway going towards the I-10 Interstate. We had just passed Peoria Road and we saw three large bright orange lights in a perfect row with a lonesome fourth one to the bottom left hand side. The fourth one disappeared after a minute or so but the three in a row were there and very bright. Thanks to Mike whose photos are ©2005 by M. Di Silvestro. and Brian Vike

Video clip #1 Estrella Mountain, Arizona Three Large Bright Orange Lights.

Video clip #3 Arizona Daylight Object Filmed.

Footage and Photos can be viewed at:

California orbs

HOLLYWOOD HILLS — A group of six of us were out on the Hollywood Hills on August 20, 2005, at 12:30 a.m. As we were watching a series of Orbs, even observing planes passing right by them, I captured several shots with my digital, as well as filming with my Sony Cam. We had an amazing encounter and all of us felt we had been teleported. Thanks to Victoria Liljenquist,

Photo shows a green craft with three lights, and another orb in the distance.

Photo #2 shows a streak of energy with small balls within it. Again, seeing the small gold orb dancing, after see the photo from my Digital Camera, it develops as a streak of bright white energy.

Photo #3 shows an orb flying over us in Hollywood on August 20, 2005. While looking thru my camera, I witnessed a small gold orb dancing around us, just between 6 of us and the trees. When the digital photo was transferred it appeared (enlarged view) this spinning Orb. Thanks to Victoria Liljenquest.

Illinois night visitors frightening the family

WESTMONT — Tonight my next door neighbor came to my house around 8:30 PM, and told me that she was very upset! She informed me that last night which was August 24 & 25, 2005, she had been awake all night by orbs of light floating around in her basement and also her bedroom. She had been complaining the month before of this same thing, and her husband even experienced something pulling the covers off him while in bed!

Last night her daughter also had the feeling that someone was sitting on her chest about 4 AM, on the 25th! Her daughter finally ran into her mother’s bedroom and told her Mom to move over, as she wasn’t going to continue sleeping in her room! The daughter is 18 years old, and going off to college soon, so she is not a little girl afraid of the dark! Last week the mother even said she saw what she calls ‘The Green Men.’

Florida Probable Abduction

MUFON’s Mary Zimmer reports, On August 2, 2005, the witness called, saying that he had just awakened and was very, very thirsty even after drinking several bottles of water and wanted to tell me about what happened to him. He said that at 1 PM, he watched about ten minutes of the news broadcast and had an overwhelming urge to go out into the back yard. He saw an orange light above the retention pond in back of his yard.

He said, that the object that he saw was the same one that he saw over the Gulf, but it was straight across, not tilted and about 200 to 300 feet in the air. It was like a straight bar and pointed at the end, but it may have been a disk. The surface was orange, pulsating, beautiful, flowing like water. There were three squares, then a space and then three more squares. It looked so large that he estimated that it could be covered by “a blanket unfolded”. He saw it for about 45 seconds and then it completely vanished. The night was silent with even the crickets not making noise. He found it hard to get back inside the house. He made some noise coming back, but did not awaken the others in his house. He called me at 3:52 A.M., but “thought it was earlier”, about 1:20 A.M.. There was missing time of two hours and forty-two minutes, during which apparently an abduction took place.

Thomas became very thirsty after this, drinking four or five 16 oz. bottles of water at once. He later suffered from vomiting, diarrhea and inability to urinate. None of his neighbors had seen the object.

On August 4, he noticed a slight burning sensation on his chest and discovered a small red triangle just below the skin. His doctor didn’t know what it was, but didn’t think it was anything to worry about. The doctor did find that his Triglycerides were dangerously high, 410, (normal 40 to 200) and said that he could be at risk for a stroke or heart attack. The doctor also found that his Electrolytes were extremely low, and advised him to drink PediaLite and to eat only fruit and vegetables.

The family had gone to Cape Canaveral to see the space shuttle return. At a lunch with the astronauts, Thomas’ niece asked about drinking Tang. The astronaut said that they no longer drank it, but used a different formula because they had found that weightlessness caused a decrease of electrolytes in the human body. This may be significant to Thomas because his electrolytes were very low after an apparent abduction. The witness was fearful of a little girl with dark eyes in the doctor’s waiting room, because her eyes made him afraid as did people who wore sun glasses. Thanks to MM Zimmer and MUFON Case Management System.

A forensic scientific approach should be a key part of our investigative arsenal in examining abduction cases.

Mississippi disc shaped craft

RIDGELAND — I captured a pretty good picture of a silver, disc-shaped UFO from an interstate overpass bridge on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 10:15 a.m… It held a steady position and hovered there for about one or maybe two minutes on a clear and sunny morning. It took off at the speed of sound, without making a sound. Even though I was alone at the time of the sighting, it is quite possible that others in traffic also saw it. Later in the day I spoke with someone else that also saw this UFO, but from a different location, and their description of the UFO, the time of the sighting, and its activity is exactly the same as what I witnessed. Thanks to Brian Vike.

New York two disks

FARMINGDALE — It was Sunday, August 28, 2005, at 7:40 PM a family was in the back yard The son was talking to his girlfriend and states, “I looked up and saw what looked to be a star, the sky was still bright and no other stars were out. An aircraft at 34,000 feet passed overhead heading north leaving a trail behind it. The object was in back of the trail. I have video. The UFO stayed in one spot. What was odd is that when the aircraft passed by leaving it’s contrail it broke where the UFO was. However, the rest of the contrail was still there. Our neighbors also saw this. We used binoculars and a telescope to get a better look. It was a bright different type of white light coming from this object. Then my neighbor spotted another one to the left of the first one we saw. They were both moving extremely slow heading west and stayed in formation until we lost sight. It took thirty minutes for both UFO’s to get to the horizon. Thanks to Peter Davenport.

Ohio sightings video

AKRON – Amy reports, “I captured UFO video footage and sent it to an investigator, but his VCR is broken so he still hasn’t seen the video. My camcorder stinks and won’t download onto a computer so the best I can do is a VHS tape. The object moves so quick that you can hardly see it. I had a guy at the photography shop slow it down and put it on a tape. Even in slow motion, it’s so fast you can hardly see it, pretty cool. I kept seeing these rainbow spots then these military jets would show up so I started taking pictures, that’s how I discovered the UFOs. I never saw any of them when the photos or videos were taken. I would be happy to mail you a copy of the video if you can send me your address, or if you talk to BJ, maybe he would send you his copy. Thanks to Amy

FOSTORIA — George Ritter sends a photo similar to that taken fifty miles away in Akron taken on August 29, 2005. Disc seems to wobble. Thanks to George Ritter.

Pennsylvania-UFO and Bigfoot Activity

Researcher Stan Gordon reports, UFO sightings and other anomalies continue to be reported during 2005 from across the Keystone state. The PA Bigfoot Society (PBS) has also been investigating some possible Bigfoot encounters. Some of the recent UFO sightings are indeed misidentifications of bright planets and stars.

WESTMORELAND COUNTY — I received a report from a witness who reported seeing a Bigfoot like creature on January 2, 2005, at a rural location along the Chestnut Ridge about 6:30 PM. It was almost dark as the witness was loading up his vehicle and heard a loud crashing sound across the road , and the noise of brush breaking. The man crossed the roadway and looked and about 125 feet distance, was a very large man-like figure moving through the field. He was able to get a good look at the creature which he estimated stood between 7 1/2 and 9 feet tall, was dark brown or black in color, entirely covered in hair, and walking erect on two legs. The witness could see that it had massive arms which hung down to his knees, and swung gracefully as it walked up the hill. The head of the creature seemed to be cone-shaped and no neck was observed. The witness indicated that as the creature continued on it’s path at one point it seemed to look towards him, but never changed it’s pace. What impressed the witness was how fast the creature was moving up hill in the nearly dark conditions. The creature was covering a large amount of ground in a short time. When the creature reached the horizon, the witness could see the shape of the creature clearly for 90 seconds as it moved into the tree line and was lost from sight. The witness is an avid sportsman who had never experienced anything like this.

SMITHFIELD — Jim Brown interviewed the witness who had a UFO sighting about sundown in early April 2005. He noticed a brilliant light move from a pond 300 feet away and up over some trees and cross the road ahead. The object was very bright, and was giving off light as it moved out of sight. Ten seconds later another similar light appeared, and followed the same path as the first. Minutes later, the man saw both lights fly back from the woods , and diving down towards the pond. Five minutes later, the two lights flew by again. It was getting dark when just then one light came from out of the woods started over the road and stopped over the road like it saw me standing there. It hovered a second, then the other one came out of the woods and joined it. Almost as soon as the second one got there, both of them flew off much faster than they had moved before. The football shaped glowing white objects flew under the railroad bridge. He estimated that the objects were moving at about 45 miles per hour and 100 feet above the ground.

GREENSBURG — The witness was walking with his dog when at about 10:30 PM, he reported seeing an unusual object in the western sky. It was a moonlit night and the object was shaped like a top and could easily be seen as it was backlit from the light of the moon. He first heard a low pitched humming sound, not typical of an aircraft. The witness continued to watch, and saw three red lights in the center part of the object. These lights which blinked in sequence, extended vertically from top to bottom. There were two steady green lights on the right and left side of the object.

Also visible were a series of dim white or opaque lights that looked almost like windows with a candle in them across the object. The object was observed for about 1.5 minutes as it moved slowly towards the south. The object seemed to be hovering over the area. The sound of the object became louder as it approached closer to the location of the witness. The dog suddenly began to bark and was looking in another direction. He observed a second object that was moving extremely fast south. The two objects appeared to intersect with the other object at nearly a 90 degree angle, at a far off point in the sky.

VANDERGRIFT — On August 24, 2005, at 5:20 AM,. the witness was loading up his vehicle and saw a strange object moving from the northwest and turning towards the east. The object appeared to be silver in color, and was described by the witness as looking, “a little flatter than a football shape with a bump on top.” His attention was drawn to a large second object probably an aircraft coming from Pittsburgh. This object which also was silent, appeared triangular in shape and looked like a stealth aircraft, with a pointed front section, and a flat bottom.

This craft also displayed two yellow lights, and a red blinking light on the rear section. The craft appeared to slow down as though to match the speed of the first object which was still crossing the sky. The football shaped object continued moving towards the east. The triangular craft suddenly picked up speed and chased the first object across the hill until they were gone from sight. The witness was very excited and called my UFO hotline just after the observation. Thanks to Stan Gordon UFO Hotline: 724-838-7768

Tennessee disk

JACKSON – On august 27, 2005, the witness spotted a disk shaped craft around midnight.

He states, “My friends and I saw it when we were playing outside. It was very scary, it just hovered above us for about 10 seconds when it took off and a couple of minutes later we started feeling light headed. ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

Australia UFOs photographed

NORTH QUEENSLAND — My name is Ross, I’m a farrier on the Atherton Tablelands and took a video of tri-delta/triangle light configured UFO on August 28, 2005, this time going south to north around 10 PM We have a website at where we try to upload the latest UFO’s in picture an video form here as we have had ongoing phenomena for 5 years now nightly. Thanks to Ross

NEWCASTLE — Recent photo taken above the local soccer game.

Canada Ring of Lights

Edmonton, Alberta Soft Light Blue Object

EDMONTON, ALBERTA — At 11:25 PM, my brother yelled for his wife and myself to come outside “quick!”. What appeared to be a shooting star was streaming by horizontally with two changes in direction on August 11, 2005, before it resumed a horizontal path. We easily ruled out a plane because its altitude was higher than any plane we ever witnessed. It did not appear to be a shooting star but was similar to a star in appearance with a soft, light blue coloring. We stood there for about 2-3 minutes until its distances made it hard to see. Thanks to Brian Vike.

PENTICTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA — HBCC UFO Research Note: As you will read in this report, there were others who witnessed the same ring of lights in the sky as this the lady did. I am hoping some other people who saw the object in the sky in this area would be kind enough to contact me with their report. Thanks to Brian Vike.

Summerland, B.C…– My girlfriend saw a big ring at 9:30 PM. She was heading north to Summerland, B.C. coming from Penticton, B.C. and saw something and a couple of customers mentioned that they also saw the same thing.

NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA – The witnesses were northbound on Island Highway on August 28, 2005, at about 8:45 PM when they witnessed a very bright light coming towards them just to the east and traveling in a southerly direction. The witness states, “I saw it first and thought it was a meteorite and I drew my husband’s attention to the object that did not have a tail. It appeared to be traveling extremely quickly, much faster than an airplane and in a straight line when all of a sudden it veered slightly east and upwards at an angle and disappeared into the clouds. It was almost dark but not quite. We pulled the car quickly over to the side of the highway and stared out the window expecting the object to appear through the cloud cover on the other side but it just disappeared. Thanks Brian Vike.

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO — A white long hooked shaped object was seen on August 26, 2005 while I was at my parent’s house at between 2:00-2:30 PM. Viewing south of my position, it’s altitude would be 2-3000 feet +. I could see the fluffy seeds flying with the wind at a lower altitude,1000 feet less. This long white hooked shaped object remained stationary for about 30 seconds. Then amazing, when it made its departure, it suddenly straightened out long in length, “horizontally straight”. Then in a blink of the eye, it shot across directly west towards Toronto. The straitening act and speed departure did overwhelm me. This thing could bend, and stay stationary for my viewing. You do curse yourself, not having your camera at moments like this.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home – Phone 250 845 2189 email: Website: HBCC UFO

Oshawa – Paul Shishis writes: On Sunday, September 4, 2005 between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, I have witnessed multiple sightings over Ontario. I confirm seeing them with the naked eye, it’s more than just flying seeds up there!. Some of the higher objects stay stationary for a couple of minutes. This first photo to the top left illustrate two large white spherical objects, with a third smaller white object close to the group of two. Thanks to Paul Shishis Blow up of objects.

Dominican Republic black UFO

INEXPLICATA -The Journal of Hispanic Ufology- At 12:50 PM, on August 29, 2005, the witness saw a completely black UFO at an altitude of between 1000 and 3000 meters. The witness states, I say this because the object flew between a low rain cloud and medium altitude white cloud. We know that rain clouds are usually at an altitude of between 1500 to 2500 meters, with the lowest ones at 1000 meters and the higher ones between 2500-3000 meters.

The object was traveling east and its shape was something like the alleged “flying humanoids” seen in Mexico over recent months. I cannot relate it to any other object, such as balloons, birds, airplanes, etc. on account of its very strange shape. Unfortunately I did not have time to get a photograph, as the sighting lasted only some 40 seconds and I did not have a camera at hand. The object was flying in an even, single-row movement, except for a moment in which it made a maneuver resembling a soft curve, which I estimate at some 5-10 degrees. Thanks to Scott Corrales (IHU). UFO Casebook online report Thanks to Kim Shaffer UFO Casebook

Hungary flying triangle

ROMANIAN BORDER — The witness reports it was 3 AM in the morning and I was near the Romanian border. I looked up in the sky and saw what I thought was a plane at first due to the lights either side (like planes have) then lights appeared in between the lights and started flashing. When they flashed it revealed the shape a triangle. It moved fairly quickly across the sky until it was out of sight,


From News of the World (Britain)… Girls went through “a living hell” as mob rule swept the Superdome. White tourists were targeted, says British student “SURVIVING Hurricane Katrina was the easy bit.” “We saw bodies coming into from the dome from the city. One person had six or seven stab wounds.” — Eyewitness account. “I saw the body of a soldier. The mob had shot him with his own gun.” — Eyewitness account Brit newspaper calls Superdome “Horrordome.”

The news media moves into the disaster areas taking video and photographs of all the misery freely criticizing the government for not responding more quickly. Yet, they are first on the scene with personnel and equipment watching people die and often refusing to give any help. It seems these billion dollar news industries should also have some compassion and ability to help those, if they choose to go into the eye of the storm. One Fox reporter was shown telling how he was seeing babies dying because of lack of water. Yet, he seemed to have plenty.

Just after the Hurricane passed near by several broadcasters standing in the middle of New Orleans were telling how once again the city had avoided major damage. It was only a day later when the 17th Street Canal levee broke flooding 80 percent of the city. Shea Penland, director of the Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of New Orleans, was surprised that the break in the levee was in a “a section that was just upgraded.” “It did not have an earthen levee. It had a vertical concrete wall several feet thick.”

My question is why could not city employees with bulldozers and earth moving equipment plug the hundred yards of the break. If a city owns some 350 miles of levees it seems logical that the city would own earth moving equipment and trucks to plug the leak? Several hundred city police officers out of 1400 apparently deserted or resigned.

Each of us should realize that the weather may become dangerous and that we need to plan ahead and have emergency supplies. Probably most important is water and any needed medical supplies. Most people can live three or four days without food but only a couple days without water. In many emergencies plenty of water is available but needs purification. Cheap purification tablets can purify your water until help comes. Also consider having tools, a mirror and a flashlights for signaling.

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