Filer’s Files #44-2002 By George Filer MUFON Eastern Region Director October 30, 2002

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Features this week are: Are we a colony of another civilization? Green Fireball over Europe, Multiple UFOs seen New York, New Jersey sphere and cross sightings, Pennsylvania UFO emits beam, Georgia UFO seen by family, Wisconsin lights, Illinois ten UFOs near O’Hare Airport, Missouri green triangle, New Mexico photos, Idaho sphere UFO, Washington disk, Canadian wedges, Chile UFOs photographed, UK lights in sky, and Borneo and Australia UFO reports in news. A Free UFO Symposium will be held at George Washington University on the 4th of November.


Our Milky Way Galaxy has at least 100 billion stars, and in all probability has 400 billion stars. Astronomers have identified over one hundred planets outside our own solar system and a high proportion of the closely examined stars seem to have some type of solar system creating supposition that there are millions, perhaps billions of earth like planets in our Galaxy alone. Carl Sagan once said: “There may be a million worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy alone which are at this moment inhabited by other intelligent beings” (Cosmos, episode XI). We also are finding that meteorites carry the essential building blocks for life, therefore it is reasonable to assume they have spread life throughout the universe like the proverbial angels of God or Johnny Appleseed. A study of several hundred solar-like stars shows signatures of heavy elements in their spectra from which we can deduce that material to form Earth-like planets is probably abundant. Our own sun is a relatively young star and if life exits in space, other civilizations have had millions, perhaps billions of years to advance ahead of us. If even only a few alien civilizations have arisen in the 10 billion or so year history of our Galaxy, most of the habitable parts of the Galaxy would likely be colonized by now.

When I spoke at the University of Toronto, I learned that Astronomer Norman Murray believes that, “The implication, if this result holds up, is that there are Earth-like bodies in orbit around most of the stars in our galaxy.” Earth is already sending out satellites throughout our solar system and farther. It is pretty easy to deduce that we will explore much of our Galaxy even at speeds less than the speed of light and find some forms of life. Launching space probes is becoming cheaper and it is reasonable to assume we will choose to launch exploration for various reasons. Earth is rapidly being over populated, so we may choose to develop other planets to settle, or attempt to conquer, or conduct mining operations. Eventually, missionaries may spread our religion and civilization throughout our Galaxy.

It is reasonable to assume there must be a few other civilizations in our Galaxy that most likely developed much earlier than our own. Unless civilizations tend to destroy themselves with their own technology, most alien civilizations would be technologically thousands or even millions of years ahead of us. If these civilizations exist we can logically assume they have or are visiting Earth. Carl Sagan stated in his book, “Intelligent Life in the Universe” “I believe that efficient interstellar spaceflight to the furthest reaches of the Galaxy is a feasible objective for humanity. If this is the case, other civilizations, aeons more advanced than ours, must today be plying the spaces between the stars.” (page 449.) Astronomer Ian Crawford wrote, His diffusion model leads to “full galactic colonization” in 5 to 50 million years (Scientific American, Nov. 2000, page 8). Several million years is a long time in comparison to a human life span, but it is short in comparison to the life span of main sequence stars. Enrico Fermi, the famous physicist, argued in 1943, “Where are they?” Extraterrestrials should have colonized Earth long ago, but they are not here.. Fermi was a prominent scientist, and his question is called: Fermi’s Paradox.

My response to Enrico Firmi, is that extraterrestrial probes are visiting us on a regular basis. They may not have shown themselves openly, but humanity is not looking at or analyzing the ample evidence available. Each week for over five years in Filer’s Files, I have provided evidence that our Earth is being visited by probes from other civilizations. While I was on active duty in the US Air Force, London Control directed us to investigate and intercept a large UFO. We intercepted the UFO, I saw it on my radar and visually just before it flew away at incredible speed. There are thousands of similar stories where aircrews, ground and airborne radar operators have observed UFOs. It’s time for scientists to start looking at the incredible evidence collected daily around the world. NASA Space Shuttle videos are a good place to start. In my opinion we are not alone.


AMSTERDAM TOWARDS ENGLAND — The Dutch Meteor Society reports, a green fireball unidentified flying object brighter than the moon was sighted over large parts of western-Europe on Saturday evening October 27, 2002, at 19:20:20 UT. Many observers report the sky went green- bluish for a few seconds. Combining reports from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Britain we presume the fireball appeared over the North-sea moving roughly from east-southeast to west-northwest. Using accurate observations reported by Klaas Jobse and Alex Scholten the fireball appeared about 120 km west-north-west from Amsterdam and appeared to pass fifty km north of Great Yarmouth on the eastern coast o f England. The exact beginning point and ending point of the fireball are uncertain.

There is a great deal speculation about the exact nature of green fireballs. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, a respected astronomer from the University of New Mexico was absolutely convinced that the green fireballs are not conventional fireballs or meteorites. Green fireballs were passing over New Mexico on a fairly regular basis, often followed by a series of UFO reports. La Paz also ruled out other unconventional types of meteors and fireballs. Based on Space Shuttle videos the UFOs may create the green fireball upon entry into the Earth atmosphere. Frequently they are sighted above sensitive military installations. FBI Documents as outlined in the book, “Above Top Secret,” by Timothy Good reveals: .. ‘the matter of Unidentified Aircraft or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, otherwise know as Flying Disks, Flying Saucers and Balls of Fire’ is considered to be top secret by Intelligence Officers of both the Army and the Air Forces.’ (Page 267). I suggest that green fireballs may be extraterrestrial probes entering our atmosphere. The green fireballs appear to fly horizontal paths indicating a possible probe rather than a meteorites. The green color of the glowing gases simply does not agree with what is known about meteorites. There is a detailed map showing the trajectory of the fireball at: The Faurid meteor shower is expected on October 31.


ROME — As I was driving to pick up my sister at her high school on October 7, 2002, I noticed a VERY bright object in the sky. Another appeared below it. I picked up my sister and we sat in the car with a clear view of the west, and noticed the bottom one started zigzagging left and right. At least two other ones appeared below the large bright one and did the same. The bright one dimmed dropped down even with the other two and shot back up. The lights changed from bright to dark several times and then one dark one shot across below those, much closer. We observed this activity until clouds rolled in and obscured the view!

THOUSAND ISLAND BRIDGE — While fishing in the St Larence River on Sunday, October 6, 2002, -at between 7 and 7:30 AM, my fishing partner and I observed a saucer shaped object in the sky just to the east of the rising sun. As the sun kept rising and moving, the object stayed in one place. It was hard to judge the distance-50 to 100 or more miles at a 30 degree angle from ground level. We did not see it leave as trees got in the way. It was definitely nothing I have ever seen before.

FARMINGDALE, LONG ISLAND — I was up late as usual and I always look around outside and I look up and appreciate the sky. On October 6, 2002, there was one “star” in the sky at about eye level, that was so bright that I assumed it was a plane. Just one bright white glow. I stared at it until my eyes watered and I would look away for a moment close my eyes and re-open them, look back and stare again…same thing. It seemed to hover but then move quickly slightly to its left then right. It was far away and the distance it seemed to travel so quickly ruled out my second idea that it might be a helicopter. I went outside at 3 AM, leaned on my car and stared into a clear night at this bright object. I noticed at times a sparkle of light to its left and right or maybe my eyes tired from staring, I don’t know. I gave up and dismissed it as “whatever” until I found that there have been many reports of objects in Long Island.

NEW YORK CITY — Mary Fowler writes, “I just saw something very odd while sitting by the window of my apartment at 1:30 AM, on October 29, 2002. I saw a string of lights that looked like a constellation floating by in the sky. I wanted to go to the rooftop of my building to get a better look but was too afraid because I am not really a believer in UFO’s. I am very surprised to see something strange like this, especially in New York City. Could it have been birds migrating? But if it were birds why was it lit up like stars? I am very uneasy about this. Do you know what this could be? Thanks to Mary.

ALBANY — Bruce Cornet PH.d. reports that a possible daylight filming of a UFO was just broadcast by FOX TV NEWS on October 28, 2002. It pertains to an incident that occurred on the afternoon of October 20th near Albany, when a FOX 23 news photographer Brandon Mowry filmed the fast-moving unidentified metallic flying object. Mowry said that he didn’t notice the fast-moving object zooming across the sky until he went back to his station and watched the video. The tapes were sent to the FBI to determine exactly what the object is. The object was a slender cylinder, with two projections or “fins” extending outwards from each above the clouds. They showed numerous clips, stills, and enhancements of the object, which they presented as a “U-F-O or what?” It was either a missile or projectile of some sort which resembled a giant missile flying dangerously close to a jetliner. The sky conditions were clear with some wispy white clouds. The UFO passed behind one such cloud, and a commercial jet also briefly appears in the video. Police were called, who then apparently notified the FBI. Hopefully, the media will carefully follow this story. Based on estimates the object was estimated to be 1,000 feet long. They showed the object one frame at a time in the clouds. They commented that some people believe this is a living creature. The news story lasted for about 10 minutes. Thanks to


JERSEY CITY — The witness reports sighting a sphere with an unmistakable copper finish on October 7, 2002, that was not emitting light but reflecting it. It turned black and shadowy on its lower half intermittently giving an impression of undulation The sphere was approximately 2 to-3 feet in diameter based on its visibility in reference to the Chase building about a half-mile away and its relative size in comparison with Chase’s satellite dishes .. It flew a straight and consistent flight path to the northeast maintaining an altitude of about 300 feet. Its trajectory and path was too straight for a balloon to maintain for the duration that I witnessed. It made no sound.

UNION — At 1:55 PM, on October 6, 2002, the witness looked toward the east and saw what appeared to be two extremely small, white aircraft that resembled crosses. They moved at slow air speed and each appeared to release two parachutes. But I saw no person attached to them. Instead, I saw what looked like two tear-dropped, transparent shapes, almost the consistency of a bubble a kid would blow. After a minute, they vanished and the aircraft moved west. Then, from behind a cloud, came three more planes of the same description and they formed a five-across formation and headed west toward Morristown, N.J.
Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CLARKES SUMMITT — At around 9:30 PM on October 8, 2002, my daughter was driving south on Route 81 at the 195 mile marker when she saw strange lights. At the same time another trucker said, he saw a UFO. She called me to tell me about it. I was expecting a shipment of birds at the Post Office in Scranton that came in about 10:00 PM, so my 13 year old daughter and I drove to pick them up. Knowing that I was going through the same area as the UFO report, we kept our eyes open. When we passed the 195 mile marker to my left was an oval object with both a red and blue row of lights. We pulled off and sat there looking at it. It was the weirdest thing we ever saw. The lights were fading out to almost no lights and then coming back on bright. My daughter yelled “Oh my God, its moving.” It was not moving straight but more in a circle. The object was not rotating, because the several rows of the lights were very defined as it moved around the local area. There are no airports or military bases in the area and it was too big and too high for a prank. I can’t see how anyone could have faked this. Peter Davenport reports the witness was very credible. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


EASTMAN — My family was driving home from the fair on October 13, 2002, when we spotted a very bright light. It was not quite dusk when we saw it. We drove slowly with the windows down until we lost sight of it behind some trees and we turned around to go back for another look. We saw it again in the same spot and then as if it had seen us, it just blinked off like a light bulb. The sky was clear and I am familiar with the towers and other light producing objects in the area. The UFO was way too bright and just above tree top level about 5 miles away. The light was almost “pure” white. I could not make out a shape behind it. I made a report to Warner Robins Air Force Base, Georgia an hour after the sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


DES PLAINES — At about 4:30 PM, my wife was getting our kids in the car to leave on October 5, 2002, when we heard our neighbors yelling, look up there! There were ten balls of light at this distance moving around at what I estimate to be a mile high. They were higher than the planes are at that distance from the airport. They then formed into an hourglass shape or two triangles and remained that way for about five minutes. They changed again to an inverted L shape and started to travel east towards the lake. They then changed again to two rows of two or five on top of five with the outside two lights being farther north than the others. They stayed this way until they flew out of site in about 15 minutes. Five minutes later two more flew directly north to south past us at a much closer distance. There was still one on top of the other, so we could see the shape was a flying triangle or possibly diamond. NUFORC


SPRINGFIELD — The witness states, “This event was probably space junk burning up in the atmosphere on October 11, 2002, but the intensity of the light, color, and speed of object were extraordinary.” A shape was discernable at 6:17 CDT. It was roughly an acute triangle with points of greater brightness. Color was bright green with gold overtones. Sparks were flying off the thing tangential to direction of movement. It traveled roughly from an 11:00 position to almost the horizon in a north-northeasterly direction. Color of sparks ranged from gold to dark red. It looked like it had a plasma surrounding it. The object was about 16 millimeters in length and about 4 or 5 millimeters in width at the widest as observed by the naked eye. There was also some structure evident in the shape itself with some longitudinal lines of brightness, almost a gold red, running through the basic shape. It was quite striking. I observed it from the driver’s seat of my vehicle and was startled enough to come to a complete stop and contemplate what I had just seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HAYWARD — My friends were walking down the road and we noticed a flashing pure light on October 10, 2002. This light was never there before, because it was by our radio hill. When we stopped and the flashing kept moving around and then the light would occasionally split into 3 to 4 different lights and go back. The light was at a 30 degree angle and appeared to be a spherical. When it flashed the light came out in all directions and I can also tell that it was below the clouds because when it flashed it lit up the clouds behind it above it and below it. I have lived here many years and have never seen a light like that before . We could also see it moving slowly. It would flash and seem to split, but by the time the next flash took place it rejoined. Thanks to Peter Davenport


ROSE LAKE — As we were traveling east on I-90 we observed a bright sphere that was not moving on October 12, 2002. We pulled over on exit 34 to get a better look and realized that the sphere had split or there were actually two together. One went west and the other went east, then began to zigzag as it turned east by southeast. After that it quickly faded from view, but not apparently from traveling too far away. After the sphere separated or split, my wife and I continued to watch the one going south by south-west, and we didn’t really keep track of the other moving west. My son, who is ten and daughters 7, and watched the other one moving west, as they could see it out the rear window of our car. As it continued moving west until it faded. (NUFORC Note: The object the witnesses observed was not the ISS, which passed overhead at 19:08 and 20:44 hrs. on this date.)


LAS CRUCES — The witness reports, “I took 4 pictures of the mountains to the west on October 5, 2002, with a Canon G2 digital camera. The last shot taken at 4:49 PM was enlarged after downloading to a computer. Only then were the images of two objects noticed in the sky. One in the upper left was disk-shaped and appeared metallic in luster. A second object, below and to the right of the first, was apparently much smaller and/or farther away.


RENTON — I saw one UFO moving very fast across the sky on October 12, 2002,. I was in the military and I’ve seen A-10’s moving at high speed and low altitude, but this was the fastest I’ve ever seen anything move. What I saw was a little more than a half circle of light, with the brightest section facing the direction of movement, kind of like you would expect a meteor to look as it was coming down through the atmosphere. It appeared about the size of a quarter from my perspective.

SEATTLE — At 6:00 AM, on October 10, 2002, I observed a sphere shaped object descending from the sky to the north and the object I saw was entirely lit up and was yellow orange in color with a smaller red light on top. In its rapid descent, it moved in a downward jerking motion and occasionally made darting motions to either side. It did not appear to be an airplane or a helicopter, there were no landing lights etc. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


OSHAWA, ONTARIO — My wife and I were watching TV around 10:30 PM, on October 14, 2002. We live on the sixth floor of an apartment building. To the east, there appeared to be 2 or 3 orange colored lights coming towards us, (this happens frequently as we are apparently in the flight path of the Oshawa airport). The only thing was, the lights did not get any closer. They seemed to possibly be about a mile away from us. They hovered for a while and eventually, as time went by, at least seven lights were seen by both of us. I used binoculars to try and see more, but all I could make out was the orange lights and nothing else, except for what seemed like smoke, steam or exhaust coming from them at times?. This stream of exhaust seemed to go up into the sky quite a ways. We heard no sound and the night air was calm. If there were helicopters hovering in the night sky, I’m sure we would have heard something. Then they were gone.

HUNGRY HILL B.C. — Brian Vike writes, a resident from Telkwa, British Columbia was heading to work at 9:45 PM, to one of our local sawmills on October 8, 2002, when he spotted, in his words. “An object shaped like a piece of pie!” He also said it had three white lights at each of the corners, or “fins” as he put it. The witness also said he lives under the flight path for the Smithers Airport, and had not ever seen an object of this type or shape fly over head in the past, so seeing this was very unusual. When his eyes caught it he turned into a rest spot at the top of Hungry Hill to watch. The object sat and hovered in one place about 200 feet up from the base of Grouse Mountain and did not make a sound. The black silhouette was about 40 feet across and it flew off in a westerly direction. Thanks to Brian Vike, Editor for the Canadian Communicator


ANGOL — A number of anomalous aerial phenomena have been recorded over the area since September and reports have intensified since October 14, 2002. The city of Angol in Chile’s Ninth Region has recorded several UFO waves in recent years and these reports have been collected by local researcher Raul Gajardo. On September 11, a well-known local businessman saw a fuchsia-colored object firing a blue beam of light. “Then another similar object appeared. From this last one, which fired a similar blue beam, three smaller object of the same color were clustering around it. Seventy photos were taken with a zoom lens but the UFO only appeared in four of them. Members of a local radio station and two security guards also witnessed a red object having the relative size of a ping-pong ball. Thanks to Scott Corrales for the translation (C) 2002.


ROTHERHAM — On October 12, 2002,at approximately 7:45 PM, my fiancé and I were walking home and noticed a strange light in the sky. He pointed it out to me and we both observed it for about two minutes. We are both quite certain that it wasn’t a helicopter, airplane, or a star. It was much bigger and brighter than a star and it swayed from side to side and seemed to bob up and down. The light faded and got brighter whilst we watched it for about two minutes until it eventually just disappeared altogether, but it did not move away, it just faded away. We both observed strange white beams of light coming off it that resembled a sparkler. I live near to Sheffield in England. The strange light that I sighted was over Tickhill in South Yorkshire, England. Peter Davenport reports If the reported time is correct, the object was not the Space Station/Space Shuttle, which were rendezvoused on this date. They passed over at approximately 19:30 hours. (7:30 PM).


KOTA KINABALU, SABAH — It was 7 PM in the evening, while I was at the factory coming out for a smoke on October 8, 2002. I saw this craft with lights in the sky hovering. At first, I didn’t pay much noticed to it cause I thought would be a helicopter flying around the area. Then I realized that the object wasn’t making any sound and the lights on the craft seems like a hamburger. It was hovering slowly like a normal helicopter will do but after two minutes looking at the object , it suddenly disappeared with trials of lights following it. That is, the last I saw of the object, and that was when my spine started to shiver. Two days later the Daily Express in Sabah had a front page picture of the object.


VICTORIA STATE — “Purnim grandmother Sue Sharples can’t explain the metallic object she saw in the sky yesterday (Friday, October 18, 2002).” “She also has no idea where the rear windscreen of the vehicle she was driving has gone.” “Mrs. Sharples said yesterday she was driving with her husband along Mortlake Road on the northern side of Warrnambool, when the couple noticed the shiny object above the vehicle.” Their baby grandson was in a cupola in the back seat. Mrs. Sharples said that, “After a few fleeting glances they noticed the rear windscreen disappear upwards after it seemed to have been ‘sucked from’ the car.” “She admits their story is ‘absolutely unbelievable’ but that the proof lies with the vehicle’s missing window and there is not a scratch on the car. Nothing,” she said. Two searches of the area failed to locate the missing (car) window. The couple’s son-in-law phoned police in case someone had been hurt by the projectile. “Experts from the (automotive firm) Windscreens O’Brien can’t explain how the window could have disappeared.” “After inspecting the car, a spokesman said the window could not have been kicked out and there was no sign (that) it had been cut free.” “The seal was still attached, and there was no glass splintering, he said.” “The windscreen was fitted to the 1994 Toyota earlier this year (2002).” “‘How can you say what something is when you have never seen one before?’ she said, ‘It’s just absolutely amazing. Thanks to “The Australian,” October 19, 2002

A Free UFO Symposium at George Washington University

Interstellar Travel and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena At this unique symposium eminent scientists and aviation experts will explore the potential for interstellar travel and the evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena, sometimes referred to as UFOs. Hosted by The George Washington University and sponsored by SCI FI Channel, this symposium will provide attendees with a scientific understanding of how interstellar travel might be possible and highlight the need for a thorough scientific investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena. Moderator – Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City College at the City University of New York, Dr. Richard Henry, professor of astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of applied physics at Stanford, Dr. Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist and computer scientist, Dr. Bernard Haisch, Director for the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, Ted Roe, Executive Director of the National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena, John Callahan, former Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA: The George Washington University’s Marvin Center — Continental Ballroom. 800 21st Street. November 8, 2002, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Call Cynthia Determan at (202) 879-9309.


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