Filer’s Files #50-1998 By George Filer MUFON Eastern Region Director December 17, 1998

George Filer:
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Albert M. Chop, deputy public relations director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and former United States Air Force spokesman for Project Blue Book stated, “I’ve been convinced for a long time that the flying saucers are real and interplanetary. In other words we are being watched by beings from outer space!”


TURNERSVILLE– Evelyn Galson states: “I had a strange experience on December 11, 1998, which was a Thursday. It was 10:30 PM and I had gone downstairs when I heard an unusual whirling sound. I hurried up and opened the front door and I saw an object in the sky, it was traveling north. I couldn’t see the shape but there were two white lights, one on top and one on the bottom. The whirling sound was coming from this object and when the object left my field of view the sound stopped. On Dec. 15, 1998, I saw another object. It was 6:00 AM in the morning and I had gone downstairs to brew some coffee, when I heard a whirling sound. This time the whirling sound was deep, the sound I heard on December 11th was a high pitched whirling sound. I went to the window and looked out. I then noticed an object in the sky with multiple red and white flashing lights. It looked like it had about 6 or 7 lights on it. But the lights were not blinking like you see on airplanes, but brightly flashing. I have seen many airplanes and helicopters, but have never seen anything like this. This object was traveling north also and when the object moved further away the whirling sound got lower and lower until it stopped. I was listening for the usual sound an airplane makes, but I only heard the whirling sound. The object was about 40 degrees above the horizon and its size was the size of a dime held at arm’s length. Thanks to Evelyn Galson

HAWTHORNE—David Cosoi saw a really fast moving bright blue white light race across the sky on December 13, 1998, at around 11:30 PM. There was no noise as the light moved across the sky. It looked different and larger than most meteors. It appeared low, only some 10,000 feet high in comparison with other aircraft in the area. The Art Bell Show reported a similar object over Brooklyn, 20 miles to the southeast. The object appeared to be traveling from the southeast to northwest horizontal to the ground at tremendous speed. The object flew across the horizon in a few seconds. Thanks to Connie Cosoi 44 Elbon Ave. Hawthrone, NJ 07506.


Kenny Young reports that he has been sent a video of possible UFO taken on November 16, 1998. The videotape depicts two oddities; one meteoric object resembling a flaming, fan-shaped contrail which slowly descends to earth followed shortly by a missile-like object streaking across the sky. James DeVoy states: Please take a look at my video I shot it at 5:35 PM, still day light. The missile shaped object was flying away from the fireballs location, but I could only tape one object at a time. A NASA scientist said that this fireball was an illusion caused by the atmosphere, calling it a jet, but jets don’t land in water and that is where the object was heading. But an Air Force spokes person who saw the video said it looked like a meteor. I am confused and want to find out for sure what these two objects are. At this point I am excited because of the many different opinions. James DeVoy (941) 625-5793 Port Charlotte, FL, Thanks to KENNY YOUNG who is evaluating the video. UFO Research


John Thompson State Section Director writes; “While I know the inner- terrestrial (INT) threat will turn many folks’ stomachs, how can you ignore it? I believe 99.9 percent of this abduction madness is not of extraterrestrial origin. When there is NEVER any physical evidence of substance, how can you not consider mental projections or hologramic-like images being projected into the victims’ minds? Even bruises could be created by mental actions. Those that do not to wish to consider the INT thesis for abductions and many entity sightings: A) Have never investigated entity/abduction cases. B) Have not investigated many UFO/alien cases. C) Are biased, wish to remain politically correct in the UFO camp, hopelessly naive, or have a money ET UFO product to promote. D) Most importantly, ignore the fact that there is no physical proof to prove “abductions” and that intelligent and independent witnesses (who can stand background checks) seeing a person being kidnapped into a physical space craft are never located. I do believe that the “abduction threat” is real but one that does not involve physically abducting people. Instead, it is a captive mental process that our religious leaders should be researching and warning our country of. The six- million dollar question is, what are these INTs doing with their helpless victims? Why do they keep coming back once past “a look-see?” Reports of “abductees” being “abducted” 30 times or more have to be taken with great alarm. The INTs are coming back repeatedly to the same people for some logical reason. If nothing is being done to them physically–as I believe–you are only left with thought processing manipulation or mind- altering programs as possible solutions. The dumbing down of our species certainly cannot be ruled out as we are a growing threat to the INTs. Conditioning human minds to their program or way of thinking is also rational. “The devil made me do it” probably has real basis. The devil and his clan is just another form of aliens; inner-terrestrial aliens. And while not stylish or sexy, to ignore the evidence is to continue crossing busy highways without looking for cars. We are getting hit repeatedly! I personally believe many of our leaders in of American life have been “contaminated.” Why has not been more been said about the INT threat? This is not biblical preaching; I believe it can be proven scientifically, if the will was there. Thanks to John Thompson.


CLERMONT COUNTY–Kenny Young reports an Unusual ‘Blue-Object’ was spotted in Northern Kentucky on December 13, 1998. Blue UFOs, suspected black helicopters, power outage and earth tremors were reported in Northern Kentucky Sunday evening. A caller to the Bill Boshears radio program ‘Sci-Zone,’ on A.M. Radio 700 WLW, reported visually observing a ‘blue-colored’ object descending from the sky in an area near the Eastgate Mall, located off of Interstate 275 in Clermont County. The caller questioned if the object he observed could have been a meteor. While Pennsylvania researcher Stan Gordon, the guest for the program, listened intently, the caller reported the blue- colored object around 10:35 p.m. during the radio program. A separate, independent report of a blue-colored object seen near Hopeful-Church Road in Boone County, Kentucky was received at 12:30 p.m. by telephone from a resident of Florence, KY. This person, whose name will be withheld to honor privacy concerns, left her place of employment near Burlington, KY at 11:00 p.m. and was driving home. She had not heard the radio program and is an independent source. While traveling south on Hopeful-Church Road at 11:15 p.m., she reported spotting a large triangular object that seemed to be hovering. The object was composed of very prominent blue lights which blinked or traced in a vertical pattern. This vertical arrangement struck the witness as very unusual. She said that she almost hit a curb while looking at the object. With her car running, she could not discern any noise. She was impressed of a triangular structure behind the lights by discernible against the ‘skyglow’ caused by light pollution in the Florence area, and by a partial luminance of the body due to the blue lights reflecting from its surface. She thought white lights may have also been present, and is most confident that this object was not a helicopter. Further, she claims to readily recognize all commercial air traffic, living under a north-south runway for Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport in Erlanger. She speculated that this object could have been a military airplane, but doesn’t know why it would seem to hover with blue lights. She added that the object departed at a low elevation to the south-east, in proximity to the airport, but not along a flight-path to approach the runway. Special note: CINERGY (Cincinnati Gas and Electric), explained the reason for numerous 1995 power failures. The categories were: Equipment Failure, Animal (squirrel chews through line), Weather Related, Automotive (car hits a pole), and UNKNOWN. A sizable portion of unknowns were relegated to failures that ‘happen mostly at night.’ Thanks to Kenny Young — UFO Research


WEST MEMPHIS–Joe Trainor describes a triangle UFO sighting in Arkansas. The sighting report, forwarded by Michael J. Long of Mississippi UFO Files, reads: On Sunday, November 29, 1998, at 7:55, a witness who asked to remain anonymous “was at my brother’s yard” in West Memphis, Ark. “when I looked up and saw a triangle-shaped craft flying just above the tree tops. I got a good look at it because the streetlights were shining on the bottom of the shiny silver craft. It had dim yellow lights on each corner. It was flying horizontal to the ground, and then the nose of it rose to a 45-degree angle, and it kept flying straight ahead. The craft then turned sharply to the left and disappeared behind the tree line.” Trainor says the man added that within minutes “several low-flying planes began circling” the area “for 30 seconds, and then they left also,” 12/7/98, UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #49, Joe Trainor editor


LAKE ONTARIO–“ORBWATCH” is the name of a group of “observers” which is currently monitoring the anomalous phenomena in the area of the western end of Lake Ontario, Southern Ontario, Canada. These phenomena comprise: Unexplained aerial activity in the form of “Nocturnal Lights” which have been seen moving over the water’s surface, hovering and often submerging. At times these lights have also been seen moving under the water surface and reemerging. Unexplained aerial activity in the form of “Diurnal Lights” which seemingly “appear from nowhere” and are just “there.” Excellent photographs have been taken in recent months of the orbs and the site was last updated on November 25, 1998. They often remain in a certain spot, change shape, luminosity, height, width, and, at times, appear to have some form of solid object within the light itself. Sometimes these objects appear fifty feet above the surface. Thanks to Orbwatch at:


CASTLETOWN–Kral Kirkhouse reports at 9:15 PM, on December 15, 1998, a craft was observed hovering over the river. As it was hovering some kind of energy beam was seen. The beam lasted for a few seconds and the UFO flew sky ward. The UFO was Saturn shaped the ring was sort of a red and yellow in color. Thanks to Kral Kirkhouse at 6 Oswal Terr so, Castletown, Sunderland Tyne and Wear England Thanks to ISUR and John Thompson.


A message dated December 10, 1998, from Ross Dowe of the Australia National UFO Hotline reads: The Hotline has been very busy taking sighting reports from most parts of Australia over the last 48 hours. UFO reports are coming from Melbourne, Victoria; Perth, Western Australia; Darwin, Northern Territory; Brisbane, Queensland; Canberra, Australian Capital; and Albury, New South Wales. All these reports are similar in nature. Respondents are claiming that they have sighted a very large black or dark triangular shaped object with an illuminated array underneath, descriptive of “Ezekiel’s wheel.” The UFO was seen standing still, rotating and moving slowly passing overhead. Ross Dowe (


My thesis is if we can discover what happened on July 8, 1947, fifty years ago, we can help solve the mystery of Roswell. Numerous books have been written claiming an alien craft crashed, but they are based mostly on old memories and testimony. Intelligence officer Major Jessie Marcel had picked up some of the debris on a ranch near Roswell, showed it to his family and brought it to Roswell Air Base for examination. On July 8, Colonel Blanchard announced that the Army Air Force had captured a flying saucer. Major Marcel and the debris were flown to Fort Worth, Texas. James Bond Johnson was ordered by his newspaper the Fort Worth Star to go to the base and photograph the debris. When he arrived at the Eighth Air Force Commander’ office, he was met by Colonel Dubose the Chief of Staff. General Ramey was not there, but a still wrapped package of debris was on the floor. Colonel Dubose and Bond Johnson unwrapped the debris and spread it out to prepare for the photo shoot. Bond Johnson remembers the material smelled burned. Fifteen minutes later, General Ramey arrived clutching a piece of paper in his hand. First, a photo of Ramey was taken with only the back of the paper visible. It was decided that Col. Dubose should join in the pictures. Apparently, General Ramey opened and read the paper since the writing was now visible in the later photo. No one seemed to know the exact identity of the debris. Major Marcel was also photographed. Bond Johnson left quickly because he was trying to meet a newspaper deadline. We can now assume that Major Marcel attempted to convince General Ramey that this debris was special and had alien writing on it. Frankly, his career probably depended on it. About an hour later, after the message had been read thoroughly and we assume the debris was closely examined Weather Officer Warrant Officer Irving Newton was asked to come over and take a look. He explained he was the only weather officer on duty. In sworn testimony to the Air Force he claims “Several minutes later General Ramey himself called and said get your ass over here, if you don’t have a car take the first one with a key” We have to make some assumptions here that General Ramey was reacting to the orders in the Confidential message and this debris was very important. Extremely important for General Ramey to go so far as to tell W. O. Newton to steal a car to get there. Apparently, a second cameraman besides Bond Johnson was quickly summoned. When Newton arrived he states in a sworn statement to the Air Force in the Roswell Report: “I was met at the door by a Lt. Col. or Col. who told me that someone had found a flying saucer in New Mexico and they had it in the General’s office. A flight had been set up to fly it to Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, but the General suspicioned that it might be a meteorological equipment or something of that nature and wanted it examined by meteorological personnel.” –Snip– Newton also states, “While I was examining the debris, Major Marcel was picking up pieces of the target sticks and trying to convince me that some of the notations on the sticks were alien writings. There were figures on the sticks lavender or pink in color, appeared to be weather faded markings with no rhyme or reason. He did not convince me these were alien writings. ” Essentially, Major Marcel’s career was on the line. The Army Air Force had already announced to the world they had captured a flying saucer. Major Marcel saw a great deal on in a field near Roswell, he had shown his family and his bosses were in an embarrassing situation.

We can assume Newton saw what he was supposed to see based on what General Ramey wanted. Newton then claims he easily identified the debris. He states: “I was convinced at the time that this was a balloon with a RAWIN target and I remain convinced.” Certainly at first look most people would identify the debris has belonging to a RAWIN target reflector and a balloon. But, we have some unanswered questions. Why does the debris appear different? The two sets of photographs taken only an hour apart seem to show a sanitized version of the debris. Several key beams or sticks are missing. Last week, I attempted several times to send this comparison to our readers. Most were eventually able to receive them, but many people wrote to complain. Another problem is that we may have a cropped version of Newton’s photograph accidentally cutting off some of the important evidence.

Photographs had already been taken of the debris an hour earlier, so why was it so important to get additional photographs taken of the debris? Even though Newton identified the debris as part of a weather balloon it was flown to Wright Patterson for further analysis. The Army and the Air Force have always stated this was standard off the shelf materials. Why couldn’t the dozens of military people who saw the material before Newton identify it as the mundane? Was it sanitized so Newton would identify the debris as something mundane. Remember the photographs taken in General Ramey’s office are virtually the only government approved evidence we have to prove anything important happened in 1947. Controversial MJ-12 documents have been declared fakes by the government.

BOB DURANT writes that: “Once again you have misled your readers by printing J. Bond Johnson’s fantasies concerning the Roswell photos. He claims — and you published — that the University of Manchester, England and its physics department are studying the Roswell photos, and that a professor of physics named Neil Morris is working on the project. The University is doing nothing on the photos, nor is their physics department. Neil Morris is neither a physicist nor a professor. Morris is a technician attached to the physics department at Manchester. When they need a light bulb changed, they call Morris. Morris works on the Roswell photos on his spare time, as a hobby, using a very ordinary personal computer and very ordinary off-the-shelf photo manipulation software. See his web site, and check all this out. I hasten to add that Morris is perfectly honest about who he is and what he is doing. You might do a favor for your readers if you would ask your friend J. Bond Johnson to share with us some details about his years as a psychological warfare specialist working for the National Security Council. Johnson has a doctorate in psychology, and retired from the Army reserves as a full colonel.” Thanks to Bob Durant.
Editor’s Note: I stand corrected that Neil Morris is apparently not a physicist, although he does work for the Physics Department of the University of Manchester as a technician specializing in photography. He apparently maintains — and uses — the highly technical equipment for the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. Neil Morris and the RPIT team are uncovering evidence and writing within the Ramey photographs that may be significant. See website at: My purpose is to obtain has much information from these photographs as possible. Dr. James Bond Johnson pioneered in studying the etiology of post-traumatic stress disorder, having interviewed returned prisoners of war, escapees and evadees during three wars. He served as cadet pilot in WWII, a Marine Corps captain during the Korean conflict and an Army psychological operations specialist during the Vietnam War. He has been a consultant to the National Security Council he served on the Eisenhower Commission, which revised the Code of Conduct for prisoners of war and was a Pentagon consultant to “Operation Homecoming,” the Department of Defense rehabilitation program for POWs from Vietnam. He retired as a Colonel in the reserves.

JESSIE MARCEL Jr., son of Major Marcel had been shown the debris the previous night. “The debris I saw and I am absolutely sure of this because of the excitement generated by my dad did not really look like the Mogul debris. What I saw was NOT paper backed metal foil. The foil was metal on both sides. I fully admit that I did not ‘bend staple or spindle’ this said foil. I did not witness the so called ‘metal with a memory’ characteristic that some other people said they saw. The beams I examined were NOT balsa wood but were metal which had the same color, etc., as did the foil. The symbols did not look like flower petals to me but had more geometry attached to the configuration.” Thanks to-Jessie Marcel, Jr.

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