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FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, an international journal established in 1955, is a quarterly magazine printed by quality litho on fine art paper, and with Prince Philip, overseas governments and air force libraries as long-term subscribers, FSR is recognised as the leading international organ in the world on the subject. It is produced in England with the collaboration of a team of more than seventy experts and specialists from Britain and twenty other countries, including Western Europe, and the USA, Canada, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia,China, Japan and the Middle East. They include numerous PhDs, doctors of medicine, astronomers, physicists and other scientific experts.

Besides carrying the latest UFO reports from all parts of the English-speaking world, the Review also regularly includes numerous reports translated directly from the leading foreign languages — French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, the Scandinavian languages, Russian and Slavonic languages, Chinese and Arabic.

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UFO Matrix Subscriptions
The Maltings
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UFO MATRIX aims to cover every aspect of the UFO phenomena.
There is no hidden agenda or fixed editorial plan on what we can and cannot cover. We will endeavour to offer you the reader as much information as we possibly can on the UFO phenomena which will allow you to reach your own conclusion.

We will not favour any one particular theory as to what UFOs may or may not be, neither will we ignore the research of our colleagues who take a more sceptical viewpoint.

UFO MATRIX is open to anyone who wishes to submit an article or feature for possible publication.

The one thing we do feel strongly about is the importance of UFO study and research. This is the primary reason for producing this publication.
It is to bring to the attention of the general public at large as much information on the UFO phenomena as possible.

We feel that whatever lies behind the UFO phenomena, it deserves serious study and debate and to do that it needs to be kept in the public domain.

UFO MATRIX is our contribution to keeping the UFO phenomena in the public eye and gathering knowledge to continue the research and investigation into the UFO phenomena.

UFO Matrix is now available on all major digital platforms. Make your purchases here, download the app for your platform, login to it, then enjoy your favourite magazine in one place, on your favourite device!


Web: http://www.ufomatrix.com/

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