UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 14 April 5, 1999 Editor: Joseph Trainor


Police in Argentina are investigating a strange case in the city of Cordoba, which some people are calling a “human mutilation.”

“An elderly woman was found dead and mutilated in her dwelling in Cordoba,” a city 300 kilometers (180 miles) west-northwest of Buenos Aires, the national capital, “and the local police are trying to establish why two dead dogs were found beside the cadaver.”

“According to sources, police personnel accompanied by the deceased’s nephew, entered the dwelling at Calle Amberes No. 8775 (street) in the barrio Arguello (neighborhood) to the west of the city of Cordoba and found the owner, 72-year-old Sra. Sara Margarita Priano, dead on the floor.”

“Sources indicated that the (woman’s) body was missing part of the torso, hip and skull, and that two dead dogs lay beside it.”

“The judicial police is seeking to establish the time and the cause of death, as well as the reason behind the mutilations. Researchers–following the directions of the prosecutor’s office–are trying to ascertain what relationship, if any, exists between” Sra. Priano’s death and the dogs’ deaths.

Between April and August of 2002, according to the Argentinian newspaper El Tribuno, there were 27 cattle mutilations in the countryside around Cordoba. The unusual nature of Sra. Priano’s death has ufologists in Argentina wondering if it might be the first “human mutilation” in that country. (See the Argentinian newspaper Cronica for October 15, 2002, “A macabre discovery: Elderly woman found dead and mutilated in Cordoba.” Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para eso caso. E tambem a Ufologia Brasileira por o articulo do jornal.)


On Tuesday, September 24, 2002, at approximately 7 p.m., “a large glowing disc” suddenly appeared in the sky over Mogilnie, a small village 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Wylatowa in Poland.

According to Tomasz Wiersawicz, UFO Roundup correspondent in Poland, “The object was a large disc, very brightly shining and at a slight inclincation to the horizontal. It was surrounded by a faint reddish light.”

The UFO’s sudden appearance “was so amazing that cars stopped on the road” outside Mogilnie, and the motorists “got out of their vehicles to get a better look at the object.”

Mogilnie was also the sight of “several crop circle formations” in August 2002 and “also during the previous year (2001) in the summer.” (Many thanks to Tomasz Wiersawicz for this report.)


On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 10:15 p.m., a silvery UFO appeared over the Otago coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

Eyewitness Kirsty Sutherland reported, “At 10:15 p.m., I saw what I thought was a plane. I was thinking what a strange direction it was travelling for this area” because “most flights travel either north or south. This one appeared from the west (i.e. over the Dunstan Mountains–J.T.),” heading east towards the Pacific Ocean.

Kirsty, who was in the city of Dunedin at the time, “followed it for about 30 seconds, then it vanished. It was slow-moving, with an instantaneous departure. The object was silver, similar to what you would see viewing a Boeing (jetliner) or the like without wings.” (Email Form Report)


“A triangular UFO was recently spotted by a woman in the western Slovak town of Jaslovske Bohunice. The woman said she was awakened by strange sounds at 1:30 a.m., according to Miroslav Karlek, a member of a UFO club in Trnava.”

Jaslovske Bohunice is located in Zapadoslovensky province, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Trnava, the provincial capital.

“When she looked out her bedroom window, she saw an illuminated triangular object moving above the town.”

“‘It was moving east and west, stopping from time to time, and was clearly visible from her window,’ Karlek said.” (See the newspaper Slovak Spectator for October 14, 2002, “Triangular UFO spotted.” Many thanks to Gerry Lovell and Miroslav Karlek for this newspaper article.)


On Friday, October 4, 2002, at 11 p.m., Annabel and Wayne Norton were at their home in the city of Northampton, UK when they spied something unusual in the night sky.

Annabel Norton reported, “The objects were flying high up in the sky. We spotted four triangular-shaped objects, all of the same size and white in colour, with a red/orange glow around them similar to an aura.”

“At first, we thought they were stars but, after a couple of minutes, we realized this was not possible due to the colour and the speed at which they were travelling.”

“The four objects were moving in a westerly direction at high speed. They looked as though they were dancing through the skies, moving forward with sudden movements to the sides. One permanently stayed at the back of the formation whilst the other three darted around almost as though they were playing with each other. We only witnessed this for a maximum of 40 seconds before they were totally out of sight.” (Email Form Report)


On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 7:45 p.m., John Novak and a friend were doing some automotive work in a backyard in Lake Forest Park, Washington state (population 13,142), located 15 miles (25 kilometers) north of Seattle, when they spotted a glowing UFO in the sky.

“At approximately 7:45 p.m.,” John reported, “a friend and I were in his backyard changing the oil in his van when, facing south, I saw a large, glowing, whitish-blue ball of brilliant light move slowly across the sky at least 60 to 65 degrees altitude above the horizon.”

“I first spotted it in the sky southwest of us, heading on an eastern path, which would have put it going over Puget Sound towards Lake Washington, over the small cities of Shoreline (population 53,025) and Lake Forest Park, just north of Seattle.”

“The moon was out that night, so we compared the size of the object relative to the moon, and it was about one-fourth the size of the moon. There were two airplanes to the south of us that appeared to change course and follow it to the east. We saw the red and white flashing (navigational) lights of the planes but never saw any flashes from the object, that was quite a bit larger in the sky than the airplanes.”

“Just before it went out of sight over the trees to the southeast, it just vanished, like someone had turned off the power. The two airplanes appeared to change course at that point and move west. The entire sighting was about three to four minutes” in duration. (Email Report)


On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 3:30 p.m., motorist James A. was driving on Missouri Avenue in East St. Louis, Illinois (population 31,542) when the lights at the railroad crossing began to flash. The gate came down, and Jim stopped the car, waiting for the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe freight train to go by.

“While waiting at the train crossing on Missouri Avenue,” Jim reported, “I noticed what I first thought to be a large object in the sky moving up and down in what I would describe as a ‘spiral motion,’ each time taking a different shape. Needless to say, my curiosity was raised.”

“After the train passed, I continued down Missouri Avenue, watching the object. It then became obvious that I was not watching one object but many. I would estimate 100 to 200, all moving in sequence.”

“When I left the (stop) light at Centreville (population 5,951), I pulled off Highway 15 before the Interstate Highway I-255 exit and continued viewing the object for about 10 more minutes. Suddenly, without hesitation, they broke ranks, with a large group heading southeast in a V-shaped formation, like geese flying. About two or three of these formations. A smaller group headed west, about 15 to 20 of them. I was trying to watch both groups in what they were doing.”

“Approximately 30 seconds after they proceeded in the directions they were heading, two F-15 fighter jets appeared out of the north, flying towards where the objects had been. At that very moment, the two groups of UFOs were gone–just disappeared.”

Jim described the UFOs as “metallic, sun reflecting off objects, round in nature the best I could tell. Very high, made sequential movements, very precise.”

East St. Louis, Ill. is on Highway 15, just across the Mississippi River from the large city of St. Louis, Missouri. (Email Form Report)

(Editor’s Note: Three miles (5 kilometers) south of East St. Louis on Route 3, also known as Mississippi Avenue, are the ruins of Cahokia, a pre-Columbian city that was the largest in the USA back in 2000 B.C. Monks Mound, a very large truncated pyramid, stands in Cahokia, once the capital city of a long-vanished civilization. Once again, the UFOs are visiting a prehistoric city for reasons known only to the occupants themselves.)


On Wednesday, October 9, 2002, Carmen K. reported, “My husband and I went outside around 8:30 p.m. to observe some strange lights in the sky” near their home in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. (population 18,435), a town located 75 miles (120 kilometers) west of Green Bay.

“When I got outside, I saw what appeared to be a falling star and I told him that’s what I thought it was. At that point, two objects became apparent and began flashing like strobe lights. At first they were white in color when they were moving from east to west. Then they looped around and within seconds were back in the same spot I had first seen them.”

“We called out my parents and our son, and we all observed them for around 30 more minutes. At one point, we saw as many as five of the lights, ranging in color from white to red. When they were red, the lights were steady and not flashing like the rest of them.”

“A plane then flew overhead, and the lights seemed to follow and come up on the plane very quickly like they were observing the plane. Then they disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared in the same spot I had first seen them. There was absolutely no noise with the objects.”

Three days later, on Sunday, October 13, 2002, at 2:03 a.m., the male witness, who asked to remain anonymous, reported, “I was driving north on Highway 61 between Dickeyville (population 1,043) and Tennyson. About one mile (1.6 kilometers) outside of Tennyson, I observed a flashing towards the Mississippi (River). It was not the usual barge lights. I thought to myself, There must be a new cellular tower down there, as I could see the sky flashing and not the source.”

“A little further on down the road, I looked over Hog Hollow (in Potosi, Wis.–J.T.) toward the (Mississippi) river and saw five red lights shaped in an inverted V. There are no roads, not even field roads, to access the Hollow. The river is not visible from this location, so it could not have been anything on it. I grew up there, and I have never witnessed anything like that before.”

Later on Sunday, October 13, 2002, at 10:35 p.m., eyewitness P.G.L. was at home in West Allis, Wis. (population 61,254), a suburb of Milwaukee, when he noticed a strange light in the sky.

“I stopped at our skylight just before bed and was looking at what I thought was the constellation Cassiopeia, but then, just below it, suddenly appeared four orange triangles,” P.G.L. reported.

(Editor’s Comment: Perhaps the same four triangular UFOs seen in Northampton, UK last week!)

“They appeared to be hovering approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters) up, and then moved at first slowly and then very quickly in a southeasterly direction. Since our skylight is on a slanted part of our roof, I was able to observe them for approximately 10 more seconds.”

“The configuration was three triangles in the same of an arrowhead, with a fourth riding underneath the arrowhead.” The fourth UFO “and the right tip of the arrowhead appeared to veer off slightly, still staying with the group, as they flew off at a greater rate of speed, due south, until I could no longer see them.” (Many thanks to John Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for these reports.)


“A tiny robot’s exploration of the Great Pyramid has captured imaginations around the world–and raised speculation about the idea behind the pharoah’s enigmatic monument.”

“The robot’s first find, broadcast live on international television in September (2002) from the heart of the pyramid that Pharoah Khufu built more than 4,000 years ago was ‘the hot topic the day after’ on a Web site forum for experts on ancient Egypt, said Lorelei Corcoran, director of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis.”

“Opening a stone door on a treasure worthy of King Tut might have made more compelling television, but experts say that, for them, the robot’s small step was exciting.”

“On TV, the robot pushed a small camera through a hole drilled in a stone door at the end of a narrow shaft inside the pyramid, revealing a cupboard-sized chamber. The day after the show, the robot began an untelevised crawl through another passage with a more difficult, zigzagging route. Several days later, it found the twin of the stone door in the first passage.”

“‘I would think that these additional details come only once every generation,’ said Dorothea Arnold, head of the Department of Egyptian Art” at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum. “‘Isn’t that something? This is new knowledge about one of the world’s masterpieces.'”

“The doors in the shafts–one to the south and one to the north–were each 211 feet (64 meters) from the starting point, a room-sized chamber within the pyramid. Both were carved of limestone to fit the 8-inch-square” apertures. “Each is adorned with what appear to be two brass handles resembling miniature knob-handled walking sticks.”

“The symmetry ‘from a philosophical point of view, is very Egyptian,’ said Corcoran, an art historian who specializes in the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.”

“The importance placed on balance and order–a natural reaction, then as now, to the world’s sometimes brutal uncertainties–was so great in ancient Egypt that it was personified as the goddess Maat.”

(Editor’s Comment: Curiously, one of the Great Pyramid’s shafts is aligned with the star Sirius, said by some occultists to be the home of the “Lords of Order.”)

“‘Sometimes her name is translated as Truth or Justice, but it really means something like Harmony or Balance,’ Corcoran said.”

“Researchers have been aware of the shafts, found in no other pyramid, for decades and debated whether they were carved into the pyramid as symbols or simply played a utilitarian role, perhaps as air shafts.”

“The pyramid has two inner chambers–each the starting point for a pair of shafts–and a third chamber underneath. The robot dubbed the Pyramid Rover explored the two shafts leading from the lower of the two inner chambers.”

The first door in the south shaft was discovered in March 1993 by the Upuaut II, a pioneering robot invented by German archaeologist Rudolf Grantenbrink. This year, “National Geographic, working with Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Antiquities, has commissioned the Boston (Mass.) firm, iRobot, to design and build the Pyramid Rover, benefitting from the design knowledge gained in the 1993 explorations.”

“The Pyramid Rover also found what may be a third stone door blocking the chamber found beyond the south shaft’s first door. John Taylor, assistant keeper in the British Museum’s Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, said that ‘door’ may indeed be a dead end, evidence that the lower chamber had been intended as a burial chamber, then abandoned in favor of the higher chamber.”

“Why? An engineer could have decided that the first chamber was unsuitable, or a priest that it did not meet philosophical requirements.”

“‘We need more information, really,’ Taylor said, ‘Obviously, any new information is helpful. It’s useful that we’ve got this new information. But basically, it’s given us more questions.'”

“The shafts had long been seen by some as passages for the pharoah’s soul, perhaps in the guise of a sun god that would emerge from the pyramid in the morning and return in the evening.”

“The discovery of stone doors that could also be seen as barriers does not necessarily undermine the theory that the shafts were intended as passageways. David P. Silverman, the curator in charge of the University of Pennsylvania Museum’s Egyptian collection, said the ancient Egyptians may have believed the pharoah’s soul had the power to pass through such barriers, which are often found in Egyptian tombs, he said.”

“Some ancient texts speak of the soul navigating a series of doors guarded by snakes, said Dr. Zahi Hawass, director of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Antiquities and supervisor of the robot exploration project. The brass ‘handles’ on the doors within the pyramid could be stylized snakes, Dr. Hawass said.”

“Dr. Hawass said he would pause for a few months to consult with other experts and use their theories to plan further explorations within the Great Pyramid.”

“‘Everything from now on needs a careful look,’ Dr. Hawass said.” (See the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for October 17, 2002. Many thanks to the “Potentate of the Pyramid,” Steve Wilson Sr., for this news feature.)

(Editor’s Comment: While most Egyptologists keep “thinking within the box,” it looks as if Dr. Hawass has figured out the secret of the Great Pyramid. The pyramid is NOT the tomb of a dead pharoah. Rather, it’s a kind of cathedral, a large place of worship with numerous hidden chambers for the initiation of adepts.
Which is what occultists have been saying for centuries. Maybe Edgar Cayce’s “Hall of Records” is in there somewhere, after all.)


Any fan of the Star Trek paperback novels published by Pocket Books must have done a double-take last week when a surprising bit of astronomy news hit the airwaves.

As all aficionados of Star Trek know, Mr. Spock, the first officer of the 22nd Century starship Enterprise, hails from the planet Vulcan, which contributors to the long-running paperback series claim “is larger than Earth” and “orbits the star Fomalhaut” in the southern sky.

Vulcan is also the home of Spock’s relatives and associates such as his father Sarek, one-time fiancee T’Pring, the Vulcan female astronaut T’Pau, and the famous philosopher Surak, who became prominent during Earth’s Seventeenth Century.

And then came last week’s startling news.

“A planet the size of Saturn may orbit the nearby star Fomalhaut, astronomers say. Part of the (Earth’s) Southern Hemisphere’s “Southern Fish” constellation, Fomalhaut boasts a ring of cometary material that appears bent on close inspection, say researchers from the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh,” Scotland.

“Only a planet the size of Saturn orbiting the star can explain the warping of the disk.”

“Some 25 light-years away (one light-year equals about 5.8 trillion miles), Fomalhaut resembles our sun when it was young, only 200 million years old.”

“About 100 planets have been detected orbiting nearby stars since 1995, with Fomalhaut’s (planet) orbiting the furthest from its star.”

“University of Texas astronomers also announced last week the first signs of a planet orbiting a double star, a find that promises to add to the number of stars with planets.” (See USA Today for October 15, 2002, “Huge planet detected orbiting nearby star.”)

(Editor’s Comment: Oddly enough, “Vulcan’s” discovery comes at the beginning of the Twenty-First Century, which, according to the Star Trek canon, is when Spock’s father, the future interstellar diplomat Sarek, was born.)

From the UFO Files…


“On October 16, 1965, a saucer was seen flying over” the neighborhood of Alto dos Cruzeiros in Canhotinho, a city in Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco.

“At about noon, a 56-year-old mechanic named Jose Camilho Filho, a man of some education and excellent repute, ran into two entities who may have belonged to” the saucer’s crew.

“Passing along a road through a belt of scrubland containing many banana trees” in Alto dos Cruzeiros, Jose “suddenly rounded a bend and beheld two young people sitting on the stump of a fallen banana tree. This in itself at once struck him as odd, for even small children know better than to sit on such things, as they leave ineradicable stains on clothing. But when the two people jumped to their feet, he saw that they were only 80 or 90 centimeters (2 feet, 8 inches to 3 feet) in height and certainly not normal folk.”

“Their complexions were brown, and their faces ‘shrivelled’ and furrowed like those of old people. Their hair was white, their heads rather large in proportion to their bodies and very round, and their eyes were ‘slit’ like those of Orientals (on Earth) but, he thought, (their eyes were) proportionately larger than in human beings. One of the little men had a sparse beard and wore a dark peaked cap. The other was bare-headed. Both appeared to have white hands (possibly white gloves?–Gordon Creighton).”

“One was carrying under his arm a rod-shaped object about 50 centimeters (20 inches) long and about as thick as an electric torch (flashlight in the USA–J.T.). When he saw the Brazilian and jumped up, he ‘looked so astonished that it seemed his eyes would leap from their sockets,’ and he made gesture with the other hand towards this apparatus under his arm as though thinking of using it against him.”

“The other little man, who seemed much less alarmed, wore a blue shirt-like garment, olive-green trousers and ‘shoes which looked like tennis shoes.’ The material of his clothing looked ‘tropical’ and ‘shiny.’ But the most remarkable feature was his ‘luminous belt’ (described in some accounts as a ‘luminous shield’–Gordon Creighton) This covered the upper part of his chest, from shoulder to shoulder, and from it there flashed out vivid lights–bluish-red, yellow and green, ‘like the flashes from an electric welding kit, so bright that you could not look at it.'”

“Between the entities stood a cylinder about 1 meter, 20 centimeters (3 feet, 11 inches) high and 15 centimeters (6 inches) in diameter.” The alien “with the flashing lights, who was the nearer, now jumped to his feet also and grabbed this cylinder by a handle in the middle of it, and began running off, staggering as he did so, and he collided with his companion so that both nearly fell to the ground.”

“The Brazilian, meanwhile, had also taken to his heels, but looked back in time to see them vanish among the trees.”

“Two local people said later that at just about the time in question (12 noon on October 16, 1965–J.T.) they saw a light or luminous body flying overhead” in the city of Canhotinho. (See the Brazilian newspaper O Jornal de Comercio of Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil for October 23, 1965. See also the book The Humanoids, Henry Regnery Co., Chicago, Illinois, 1969, “The Humanoids in Latin America” by Gordon Creighton, pages 124 and 125.)

Well, that’s it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by “the paper that goes home–UFO Roundup.” See you then.

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