UFO ROUNDUP Volume 5 Number 15 April 13, 2000 Editor: Joseph Trainor


On Thursday, March 30, 2000, at about 5 a.m., a couple, with their son sleeping in the back seat, were driving north on Provincial Highway 2, also known as the Klondike Highway, when they suddenly encountered a large hovering saucer.

They were on their way to Pelly Crossing, a small town in Canada’s Yukon province, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) north of Whitehorse.

“The sky was clear with a glow of pre-dawn blue,” the driver reported. “We were nearing the end of Little Fox Lake and came around a sharp right-hand bend at the foot of a mountain.”

According to Yukon ufologist Martin Jasek, the couple “could not believe their eyes! To the right and about 300 feet (90 meters) away was a 30-to-40-foot (9-to-12 meter) diameter saucer, hovering about 200 feet (60 meters) off the ground. They observed it to be stationary for four or five seconds as they travelled along the highway, and then it shot across horizontally in front of their vehicle at an ‘incredible speed’ and stopped instantly on the left side of the road.”

“Nothing can move that fast,” said one witness.

Jasek reported that the UFO “remained motionless for a split-second and then shot off even faster in a different direction, literally performing a 90-degree turn and and shooting off behind them (heading south on Highway 2–J.T.)”

“The witnesses got a good look at the saucer,” Jasek reported. “It was a classic disc shape with a dome on top. The disc had two curved windows from which a beautiful ocean-coloured blue or aqua light was shining. The surface of the craft was difficult to describe. Some of the words the witnesses used were ‘mirror, silver, translucent, shiny , glassy’ and ‘reflecting the colour of the sky.'”

“It was as though the UFO was trying to camouflage itself against the background sky colour,” a witness said. “It was so advanced. I’ll never be the same after this.”

“One witness said it went right into the side of a mountain,” Jasek reported, “While the other thought it followed the mountainous skyline.”

As the UFO darted away, the wife cried, “Come on! Floor it! Floor it!” and urged the driver to pursue the saucer. Immediately he swung the vehicle’s nose around and began a high-speed chase southbound on the Klondike Highway.

“They eventually pulled over 20 minutes later, and both were shaky,” Jasek said, and they made comments such as these.

“We were more scared than excited. I think if it wasn’t so close, it wouldn’t have been that scary.”

“It’s like we caught it by surprise when we came around the corner.”

When the UFO moved in front of their vehicle, Jasek reported, “the car headlights dimmed, and the tape deck stopped playing. They both decided to check the time of the sighting. However, the woman’s battery-powered analog watch had stopped at 5 a.m., and the man’s digital watch got stuck in ‘chrono mode’ and couldn’t reset. A few minutes later, the woman tapped the face of her watch, and it began working again.”

It took another five minutes for the man’s digital watch to begin working normally again. The tape deck came back on approximately 10 minutes after the saucer’s departure.

“Although the witnesses were in a vehicle, no sound was heard emanating from the UFO,” Jasek added. (Many thanks to Martin Jasek for this report.)


On Tuesday, April 4, 2000, at 12:55 a.m., a young woman from Brandon, Mississippi was returning home, driving on Interstate Highway I-20. As she passed through Pearl, Miss. (population 20,000), just south of Jackson International Airport, she spotted something unusual in the sky.

Mississippi ufologist Bill Williams III reported, “In the vicinity of Exit 52, she observed a UFO which looked to be about a couple of hundred feet above treetop height on the north side of the Interstate.”

“The car in front of her also apparently saw the UFO, as both that car and she slowed down to about 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour) to better observe the UFO.”

“She saw a ring of five white lights, each of which was shaped like a ‘comma.’ and each of which rotated. Some were rotating clockwise, and some counter- clockwise (anti-clockwise in UK–J.T.) She could not see the body of any aircraft or other object.”

“However, she described the shape of the ring of lights as being in the shape of a disk or circle, with a slight slant. She observed the lights for a minute or so of time. Then the lights c vanished or went out.”

“Based on the apparently stationary position of the lights relative to her direction of travel (east), plus the lack of any noticeable noise of aircraft engines, she believes the lights did not appear to belong to any form of aircraft.” (Many thanks to Bill Williams III for this report.)


UFOs appeared in western Pennsylvania three times during the last week of March.

According to Pennsylvania ufologist Stan Gordon, on Sunday, March 26, 2000, at 10:45 p.m., “two witnesses were standing outside” in Ross Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa. “when one of them noticed an odd light coming across the sky at high altitude. The object, which was shaped like a triangle, ‘had to be huge,’ according to one of the observers, since it was very high up but could clearly be seen, as it blacked out a portion of the clear sky as it moved. The triangular shape was defined by a number of greyish-white lights that were non-blinking. The object moved fast across the sky,” the witnesses reported, “and was observed for around 10 seconds. No sound was heard as the object passed overhead.”

On Thursday, March 30, 2000, at 8:23 p.m., a resident of the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh, Pa. “reported seeing a bright white light in the sky. The object appeared to be perfectly circular or semi- circular in shape and appeared stationary. Suddenly, the light moved straight up into the sky and ‘winked out.’ The sighting lasted only 5 to 10 seconds.”

Later the same evening, at 10:30 p.m., two people spotted a UFO in nearby Gans, Pa. “Two reports were received of a bright light over the Chestnut Bridge, visible from Gans, Pa.” The witnesses “described a bright white light, stationary, very close to or possibly on the ground near the top of the ridge. One witness has an interest in astronomy and described it as much brighter than the planet Venus. The light was present for about ten minutes and then simply vanished.”

The Gans case is being investigated by Fayette County ufologist James Brown. (Many thanks to Stan Gordon for these reports.)


On Thursday, April 6, 2000, at 9:35 p.m., ufologist Mike Harman of Arlington, Texas (population 27,000) stepped out into his backyard “to observe the stars for a while before going to bed. I was standing facing south and looking at Orion when something caught my eye up over our house.”

“Looking almost directly straight up and just slightly south, I observed a bright green light. The green was the green of a traffic light. The size was almost the same size as Venus in the night sky. The green object was traveling at a very high rate of speed. What looked like about four times the speed of a (jet) aircraft flying over the same area (About 2,000 miles per hour or 3,200 kilometers per hour–J.T.) The object took about 12 seconds to go from almost straight up and about 10 degrees south to completely out of sight over some trees down the street,” to the north.

“When I first saw the green light, I noticed that there was another object just north of the first one, also green in color, and traveling in the same direction and speed.”

“Then I grabbed my binoculars to try to get a better look at the objects. When I watched the leading object through the binoculars, I noticed that I could see clearly behind the object and that there was no body or wings visible. The clouds were illuminated by the city lights (from nearby Dallas and Forth Worth–J.T.) which made it a rather brightly-lit evening. I could clearly see the clouds contrasted against the object as it moved under them. The clouds were patchy and scattered and spread evenly across the sky except to the north, where they were denser. You could also see many stars between the clouds.”

“Early in my observation, when I first spotted the leading object through the binoculars, I noticed an orange, much smaller light that seemed to be darting very rapidly back and forth going past the green object in each direction, not a tight zigzag but rather an exaggerated movement and quite rapid.”

“I could see the green object at the same time as the orange one , and I could tell that it was moving past the green one in a rapid motion. There were no sparks. The orange light illuminated with light the green object as it traversed the sky.”

“The whole episode caught me completely by surprise, as I had gone outside to do some stargazing, not UFO gazing. I had not planned on doing anything strange that night. It left me spooked and a little excited. Definitely High Strangeness.”

Arlington is on Interstate Highway I-30 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east West of Dallas. (Many thanks to Mike Harman for this report.)


Another luminous orange-sphere UFO was sighted in Australia last week.

On Friday, April 8, 2000, at 11:10 p.m., Steven S. was outdoors in his hometown of McKinnon, Victoria, Australia, near the state capital of Melbourne, when he spotted a glowing object approaching from the southeast.

“I was standing in my driveway when a plane passed overhead from the northwest going south,” Steve reported. “As it passed, I noticed a pulsating orange-red light coming from the southeast beneath the plane that had just passed. The light was very bright and moved slowly upwards into the sky., moving off to the southeast. When it appeared to me, it moved quite slowly and at an upwards 45 degree angle. I watched it until it finally faded high in the southeastern sky.”

“This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this, but I am sure that what I saw was not a plane.. The way it moved and the way it changed direction… well, it was not a plane.” (Email Form Report)


On Friday, April 8, 2000, at 11:55 p.m., a luminous yellow-orange UFO slowly approached the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Palam Regional Airport on the outskirts of New Delhi, the capital of India.

According to eyewitness Anupam K., “The UFO approached from the northeast. It had an irregular motion, slowly moving across the sky. It had a yellow-orangish glow.”

A crowd of people watched the UFO slow to a halt near the air cargo terminals at Gandhi Airport.

“The UFO was flying rather high and there was no sound,” Anupam reported. “It came to a still position after a while, then moved quickly to the left and descended a little. Stood still for a while and moved quickly towards the right. It changed its tilt, and then it disappeared.. All the while, its glowing pattern suggested a wobbly motion.”

Anupam described it as a cigar shape. “It was elongated with a glow in three parts. There were two dark regions between the three glowing regions. There was a flashing effect suggesting a spinning motion. It was as high as a high-flying aircraft (10,000 meters or 33,000 feet–J.T.), but its motion was quite different, a little wobbly or flickering.”

“Surprisingly, there was no report in the TV or radio or in the newspapers.” (Email Form Report)


On Saturday, March 25, 2000, at 5:50 p.m., two high-flying UFOs were seen over San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

“The objects were seen by several dozen eyewitnesses as they were traveling in opposite directions,” reported Scott Corrales, author of Chupacabras and Other Mysteries and Forbidden Mexico. “One was traveling west at an approximate heading of 295 degrees magnetic. The other was traveling east at a heading for 115 degrees magnetic.”

“At least one of the eyewitnesses, Celestino ‘Junior’ Ortiz, popular radio announcer on (radio station) Alpha Rock 105.7 FM, was able to capture both objects on his camcorder.”

“As he was leaving his house, Ortiz, his wife and son, and friends spotted the mysterious object heading west at a 20-degree angle. He reached for his camcorder and began filming. The objects initially looked like comets or meteors entering the atmosphere. The object traveling east passed high above the eyewitnesses, said the members of his family. No sound of jet engines or sonic boom was heard as it flew by.”

In early March 2000, Wally Durand Urbino of the Puerto Rican UFO Research Group reported a UFO sighting in the city of Isabella, P.R. “Luminous balls were seen. The witnesses reported that the luminous spheres departed in the direction of the mountains, heading north, and then veered towards the east, heading out over the Atlantic Ocean, becoming lost in the sea mist.” (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Lucy Guzman para estas historias.)

(Editor’s Comment: I guess you can add the March 2000 Isabella sighting to the lore of the Bermuda Triangle.)


Just when you thought Operation Abacus was history, a whole new round of New World Order military training exercises have cropped up.

A planned helicopter insertion exercise slated for Phoenix, Arizona, USA was cancelled at the last minute at the end of March.

“Members of an elite Marine expeditionary unit in full battle gear, including MP-5 submachine guns, M-16A1 assault riffles and stun grenades were about to board (H-60) Blackhawk helicopters on (Thursday) March 23 for a mock hostage rescue training exercise in downtown Phoenix, Ariz.”

“Meanwhile, the homeless and their advocates prepared for the Marine onslaught. Bag ladies readied their shopping carts to lead a counterattack. Men crouched behind Dumpsters with piles of empty wine bottles they planned to throw at the Marines.”

“The plan was to have elite units of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Force, stationed at Camp Pendleton in (southern) California, airlifted by helicopters to the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Madison Street in downtown Phoenix. The Marines would rappel down and engage in a mock rescue of hostages. The training exercise also called for the Marines to evacuate civilians and deliver humanitarian aid.”

“In Phoenix, advocates for the homeless objected to the Marine training exercise because they felt it would disturb the homeless in the downtown section of the city. An estimated 25 percent of the homeless are military veterans.”

“When the Marines decided to go ahead with the exercise, Phoenix Chief of Police Harold Hurtt and City Manager Frank Fairbanks asked the Pentagon to call off the operation,” whereupon the U.S. Marine Corps cancelled the planned exercise.

“‘I don’t think anyone thought this through the initial impact,’ Fairbanks said.” (See The Spotlight for April 10, 2000, “Marine Urban Training Cancelled Due to Uproar,” page 6.)

One training exercise that did take place as scheduled was Operation Tradewinds, which opened at Camp Santiago in the Salinas Test Area of Puerto Rico, about 22 miles (35 kilometers) south of San Juan.

The exercise began on Monday, March 27, 2000 and was hosted by the U.S. Army Southern Command. The exercise commander, Col. Frank Winger, reportedly described it as “a training exercise of assistance and maintenance of order during a disaster.”

Five hundred troops from the small Caribbean nations of Antigua, Dominica, Granada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, the Bahamas, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, plus the USA and the UK participated in the eight-day training exercise, which was also sponsored by CARICOM, the regional Caribbean defense system (Known in Spnish as Sustema de Seguridad Regional y la Comunidad Caribeza or SSRCC–J.T.)

During the week, the officers reportedly attended seminars dealing with disaster relief, the Echelon intelligence gathering system, HAARP and joint operations with NATO forces.

In related exercises, paratroopers from the Dutch Antilles and Haiti conducted airborne landings on the islands of St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Capt. Steven Jones of Special Operations, U.S. Army Southern Command reportedly “said many of the participants were taking an opportunity to receive training for cases of disaster such as hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions or techniques of control of populations during periods of natural disaster.”

Capt. Jones reportedly “conceded that each of the trainees was using live ammunition but that they were only used with small arms such as (M-16) rifles and (M-60) machine guns.”

The exercise concluded on Tuesday, April 4, 2000. Next up for CARICOM forces is a training exercise on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. (Muchas gracias a Luzy Guzman para la historia de Camp Santiago.)

(Editor’s Comment: I hope all of our readers in Port-of-Spain have their helmet and flak jacket handy. Buy now and avoid the rush.)


There’s a new UFO magazine being published in Brazil. It’s called Revista Ufologica, and you readers can get a sneak preview by checking out this URL: http://www.revistaufologica.com.br

from the UFO Files…


Here’s an entry from Project Blue Book, one of the most detailed UFO sightings of the 1950s.

“On Sunday night, April 27 (1952), my wife, two children and myself were proceeding home. My wife and I both spotted a brilliant white object coming towards us out of the sky from the northeast. It descended so fast that by the time my wife could realize and state that it was a flying saucer, it had descended to its minimum height of a transport plane in flight.”

“It stopped abruptly and rocked slightly, similar to a rowboat in choppy water. It then settled at an approximate thirty-degree angle and the brilliant whiteness diminished as to what appeared to be window lights.”

“It sat in this exact position and spot for what was approximately three or four minutes, making it very easy for us to judge its size, shape, etc. We estimated it to be about two miles north of us, and three thousand feet high. The angle at which it rested made it very easy for us to estimate its thickness and diameter. It appeared to have two tiers of windows, each about ten feet high, which resembled looking into the playing section of a mouth organ (harmonica–J.T.) The windows were all around the entire diameter, making visible the round flatness. We estimate conservatively that the diameter of the ship was at least two hundred feet (60 meters).”

“After what seemed to me that they were getting their bearings, they started drifting northwest towards the city of Pontiac (Michigan), about one hundred miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour) but they stopped two or three times during the time of observation.”

“At no time did it make a noise.”

“”Immediately, I realized that I should have witnesses to this phenomenon, so I speeded west on Fifteen Mile Road to a drive-in restaurant about a mile away. I ran in and asked some young men if they would come out and witness my experience. After persuasion, two of them went out and were amazed, causing others to follow.”

“By this time it had drifted at least five miles northwest. At this point I called the Birmingham (Michigan) police and asked them to alarm all the airfields in this direction which they said they would do.”

“”I returned to my car and continued to follow it, driving west on Fifteen Mile Road. During the next five minutes, the lights in the saucer went off and on three times. The fourth time, the lights changed from white to a brilliant yellow-orange, and by this time we had reached the Grand Trunk Railroad station, a half-mile from Birmingham. Thinking this experience would make a good newspaper story, I stopped at the railroad station and called the Detroit Times, telling them my story thus far.”

“After that, I again called the Birmingham police and asked them if they had reported the incident as yet. They said they were thinking about it, so I became provoked and said I would call (the U.S. Air Force base at) Selfridge Field myself., which I did. If anyone ever got the ‘brush,’ I sure did…”

“During my telephone conversation, my wife had convinced the station attendant and Railroad Express (a forerunner of FedEx–J.T.) truck driver to observe the spectacle. I secured the truck driver’s name and then proceeded west on Fifteen Mile Road and out about seven miles due west, following the saucer as it vanished from my vision over treetops in the general direction of Flint (Michigan) at 11:15 p.m.”

“I contacted the Detroit Times on Tuesday a.m. gave them my complete story. Their reporter phoned Selfridge Field and Radar Division and they both told him that it was impossible for anything to be in the air at that time because nothing was picked up by radar, so naturally, the Times dropped the story.” (See the book The Hynek UFO Report by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dell Books, New York, N.Y., 1977, pages 70 to 72.)

Today’s Quote: “I shall keep my lips sealed and my eyes in the boat and put my weight on the oar to any duty assigned.” Admiral James O. Richardson, 1941

Join us next week for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by “the paper that goes home–UFO Roundup.” See you in seven days.

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