UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7 Number 47 November 19, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor


“Carol DeYoung had a bad feeling when she awoke at 2 a.m. and realized her 13-year-old cat, Mozart, was nowhere to be seen.”

“A cat door allowed the independent silver tabby the freedom to come and go from the Aurora,” Colorado (population 276,393) “townhouse in the 13000 block of East Kansas Place, but he was rarely out at that hour.”

“Armed with a flashlight (torch in UK–J.T.), DeYoung, 66, a retired mental health nurse, scoured the area at 5 a.m. By noon, she had posted flyers of Mozart around her neighborhood and at two animal shelters.”

“But when she returned home, she got a call from Aurora Animal Control saying Mozart’s mutilated body had been found. He was so disfigured that DeYoung had to identify her pet by a picture of his head.”

“Mozart appears to be the latest in a string of animal killings in Aurora and Denver,” Colorado’s largest city, “that have disturbing similarities. All of the animals have been dissected in a surgically precise way, often with someone clearly removing their internal organs and leaving the bloodless carcasses near their homes.”

“‘I had a premonition something was wrong,’ said DeYoung.”

Mozart was killed early Monday morning, October 28, 2002.

“The remains of at least 10 cats, two squirrels and one rabbit have been found in Aurora and Denver since July 19 (2002), officials said, and those who study criminal behavior find it alarming.”

“‘That kind of person has the potential for violence against humans and can be a very dangerous person,’ said Joseph Sandoval, professor of criminal justice and criminology at Metropolitan State College in Denver.”

“‘To kill and dismember animals in such a fashion seems to me to be the product of a cruel, cautious mind, with no concern for life in general.'”

“Some officials believe teenagers are involved, with a sign posted in DeYoung’s neighborhood the day after Mozart’s death (October 29, 2002) claims police suspect teenagers in the slaying and that teens were seen casing backyards with small animals.”

(Editor’s Note: Casing is USA slang for scouting or spying on a location.)

“Officials at the Aurora and Denver police departments declined to comment, referring questions to animal control agencies, which give few details.”

“About two months ago, Pat Kennedy, 47, an engineer who lives just south of the University of Denver, found half of a cat’s body.”

“The carcass had been ’emptied out totally,’ Kennedy said. He called Denver Animal Control. Officials there referred him to the (Colorado) Department of Wildlife. No one returned his call, he said.”

“During the same time, Kennedy’s neighbor searched for her cat, which had been missing for about a week. She found its (severed) two front paws in a nearby park, he said.”

“Kennedy initially wondered whether the animals had been killed by predators, such as foxes (or coyotes–J.T.). Then he read about the incidents in Aurora and realized the similarities.”

“‘It certainly is something that concerns us,’ he said.”

“A similar cat mutilation occurred near Bible Park.”

“Like Mozart, Nancy Miller’s 11-year-old cat, Byron, let himself out of a pet door about 4 a.m. on (Saturday) October 26 (2002). About 8 a.m., a neighbor found Byron’s remains near Newport Road and South Niagara Way, a short distance from her house. He was missing his collar, and his body was severely mutilated.”

“‘It was like he had a zipper in his tummy, and they just unzipped him,’ she said of the cat known as ‘the Sheriff’ because of his neighborhood patrols.”

“Someone had made three surgical incisions which, because of their precision, were likely done after this death, Miller said investigators told her.”

“Investigators were unclear as to how Byron died. But evidence suggests that he put up a fight, Miller said.”

“His paws were cut and scarred, and several claws were broken. Two discs in his neck were dislocated. Someone had taken his kidneys, urinary tract and several ribs.”

“Since there was little blood left in the cat, and little found on the grass near his remains, Miller figures he was killed somewhere else and returned to her neighborhood.”

“‘They can’t figure out how they were getting these animals, and I can’t, either,’ she said, ‘Byron would not have gone to somebody.'”

“DeYoung described her cat Mozart as antisocial,” as well.

“‘He was a roamer, but it would not have been easy to take him,’ she said, ‘I can’t imagine he would not have put up a vicious struggle.'”

“Both cats were taken in the early morning hours, and both owners live near either a park or an open space. For someone to have caught the animals, killed, mutilated and returned them as quickly suggests that the animals were caught in baited traps. It would also explain how the two wild squirrels were caught.” (See the Denver Post for November 11, 2002, “Animal mutilations rattle pet owners.” Many thanks to Trevor G. for this newspaper article.)

(Editor’s Comment: And welcome to Weird November Week at UFO Roundup. The saucers are still around, but last week they were definitely overshadowed by a spurt of Fortean phenomena.)


A controversy erupted in Turkey last week as six airline crews came forward and said they saw the flotilla of 10 to 15 self-luminous UFOs over the city of Afyon.

The UFOs were seen over Afyon, a city 250 kilometers (150 miles) southwest of Turkey’s capital, Ankara, at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, November 1, 2002. “My co-pilot said there was a strong light coming towards us,” said a pilot, who was flying at 22,000 feet (6,600 meters) at the time. “I was so frightened that it would hit us that I switched off the automatic pilot and took the yoke myself. The thing flew from one side of the horizon to the other in the space of a minute. When it was in front of us, it looked to be in one piece. But by the time it disappeared on the right-hand side of us (the west–J.T.), it was already divided into many pieces. I didn’t believe in E.T.s before. But after experiencing this incident, I have definitely started to believe in extraterrestrials.”

The eyewitness air crews included the following:

(1) Flight 590, a Boeing 747 piloted by Captain Ercan Eken and First Officer Sinan Yilmaz of Sun Express Air, flying between Afyon and Yalova in western Turkey.

(2) A twin-engined Boeing 737-800, piloted by Captain Yilmaz Atli and First Officer Bulent Demirturk of Sun Express Air, over Afyon.

(3) A DC-10 piloted by Captain Salih Gumus and First Officer Fatih Aksoy of Inter Air, over Afyon.

(4) A DC-10 of Hapag Lloyd Airlines, whose crew picked up the UFO flotilla on their airborne radar.

(5) Captain Muhsin Aktar and his crew, who were on the ground in Antalya, a seaport city 400 kilometers (250 miles) south of Ankara, doing a pre-flight walkaround of their jetliner prior to their flight to Stuttgart, Germany.

(6) Captain Vedat Gurbuz, Cabin Supervisor Bilge Yilmazturk and Flight Attendant Hatice Inceler were on the ground at Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir, a port city on the Aegean Sea, when they saw the UFO overflight.

The UFOs were also videotaped that morning. “Halil Yalzin, 44, and his wife Emine were driving on the Balikesir-Susurluk Highway when they encountered strange lights. Yalzin said, ‘First my wife saw the object. Then the bright object started to move and scattered light around. I stayed in the car and got my video camera ready. Then the object grew larger and started to break into pieces. It spread around like a firework (display) and disappeared behind a mountain. After sunrise, we saw that it had trailed a black line of smoke. This smoke did not disappear for a long time.”

“Nekmi Ecici, chairman of the Turkish Airline Pilots Association (TALPA), stressed that the pilots who reported having seen the UFOs have at least thirty years of experience, and they are sophisticated enough not to confuse the objects they saw with lights, meteors or stars.”

“The video taken by Halil Yalzin was studied by Dr. M.E. Ozel and Dr. Hafez Keypour” and TUVPO, the Turkish research group. According to TUVPO, the scientists “found that the objects were not UFOs. They were Leonid meteors.”

However, science writer James E. Oberg of Houston, Texas stated, “The event was apparently the atmospheric entry of the third-stage booster that carried the (Russian) three-man Soyuz TMA-1 into orbit two days earlier (October 30, 2002). Once again, even the pilots wanted to believe they saw a fleet of true UFOs.” (Many thanks to Haktan Akdogan of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center and Esen Sekerkarar for these reports.)

The photo can be seen at: http://www.tuvpo.com/124.jpg


“‘God is dead.’ That is the famous sentence from the German philosopher (Friedrich) Nietzsche. Probably he didn’t visit India when he made that famous quote.”

“His theory was proved wrong when thousands of devotees thronged a small suburb in Bangalore” in southern India “to catch a glimpse of their venerable deity, Jesus Christ, on, believe it or not, a chapati.”

(Editor’s Note: An Indian chapati is a small, flat piece of bread.)

“Strange, but this is true. A hazy image of Jesus appeared on a chapati that was partly burnt, a demonstration that faith is rewarded by miracles.”

“Sheela Anthony, a staunch follower of Jesus, came here after offering Friday prayers (November 8, 2002) at a church and was preparing chapatis for her kids. The children refused to eat one of them as it was burnt. After looking at it carefully, she saw a portrait of Jesus on the burnt part.”

“Overflowing with spiritual emotion at Bangalore’s Renewal Centre, a place of prayer for Christians, she said, ‘For a moment, the burnt part of the chapati looked like (Jesus) Christ. I couldn’t believe my eyes and kept looking at it. With a bit of hesitation, I showed it to my daughters and neighbours, who confirmed that it was indeed Jesus.'”

“Sheela Anthony afterward took it to Father George Jacob at the Renewal Retreat Centre, who confirmed that the image was that of Jesus. He firmly believes that it is a miracle. The ‘holy chapati of Bangalore’ has been placed at the central shrine for public viewing.”

Since the chapati went on display, thousands of pilgrims from Madras, Ambar and Mysore have converged on the shrine “to witness ‘the presence of Jesus’ and felt that it was a ‘big miracle.'” (See the Times of India for November 14, 2002. Many thanks to Gordie Tong, Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda and Ayesha al-Khatabi for this newspaper article.)

(Editor’s Note: A similar apparition of Jesus took place at Our Lord of the Miracles Church in Metan, Salta province, Argentina back in July 2002. See UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 31 for July 30, 2002, “Face of Jesus appears at a church in Argentina,” page 8.)


“The Ceuta police have been investigating voices of unknown origin since Monday (November 11, 2002), which have terrified employees of the Autonomous City’s municipal morgue.”

(Editor’s Note: Ceuta is called “the Autonomous City” because, although it is part of Spain, it is located on the south side of the Strait of Gibraltar, in North Africa. It’s on a peninsula called Punta Almina, located about 55 kilometers (33 miles) north of Tetuan, Morocco.)

“According to police sources, the alarm was sounded around 4 a.m. Monday morning, when operators of the morgue called the police to report having heard strange cries and intermittent lamentations whose source could not be determined despite their best efforts.”

“Up to six (police) agents reported to the scene, joining two morgue employees on duty and the watchman of a neighbouring fuel plant who had also ‘clearly’ heard the ‘screams and lamentations of a woman.'”

“After an extensive search, no woman was found, despite the fact that police could also hear the feminine wailing ‘which lasted up to 10 minutes with intervals of silence.'”

“According to statements made to (the Spanish newspaper) La Razon by police chief Angel Gomez, ‘the agents were startled by the clarity with which the someone could be heard. They appeared to issue from the morgue’s upper floor.’ However, when they went upstairs to find the source, ‘they realized that the sounds came from below.'”

“After several hours of trying to find the source of the mysterious lamentations, the officers left the premises but not without checking the building’s surroundings and a warehouse belonging to the municipal morgue.”

“Morgue employees claimed that the otherworldly screams are accompanied by ‘sounds similar to a wake being held’ despite the fact that no such activity whatsoever had been held on the premises.”

“Yesterday (Wednesday, November 13, 2002) twenty police agents combed the (Mediterranean Sea) beach near the morgue in the hopes of finding a sewer or a tunnel through which the sounds could have been channelled to reach the ears of the night staff.”

“‘It seems,’ says the police chief, ‘that there is an abandoned conduit belonging to the old sewer system into which an animal may have crawled and made the sounds.'”

“Yet there was no trace of a tunnel or a cat giving birth.”

“‘It is well known that cats giving birth or fighting make sounds which can easily be mistaken for the screams and wailing of little children or women,’ explains Gomez.”

“The score of agents devoted themselves to the task of finding the source of the otherworldly screams, but found nothing more than sand at the beach of the San Amaro neighborhood. The matter is still open.”

“‘Until we can find a logical explanation to this event, we can do little more than offer hypotheses,’ says Gomez.” (See the Spanish newspaper La Razon for November 14, 2002, “Police comb Ceuta beach in search of ghost.” Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Jordi Ardanuy y Javier Garcia Blanco para eso articulo de diario.)


“People in a wide area north of Fredericton,” New Brunswick, Canada (population 46,507) are trying to solve a mystery. They keep hearing loud, rumbling noises, but they can’t figure out where the sounds are coming from.”

“The first few times Cheryl Brewer heard a rumbling noise, she figured it was distant thunder. But the sounds kept coming, sometimes lasting more than a minute.”

“Brewer isn’t the only one who thinks so. For the past week, people from Nackawick, N.B. (population 1,167) to Zealand, N.B. to Stanley, N.B. have called the CBC to report strange sounds. But from what?”

“The Geological Survey of Canada says there hasn’t been any earthquakes in the area.”

“A construction crew is blasting rock for a new highway” in New Brunswick, “but experts say the sound and vibration wouldn’t travel that far.”

“Even the (Canadian) military checked its records to see if people might be hearing the sound of artillery practice at CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Gagetown. Captain Doug Allison says no.”

“So it remains a mystery. And every day it seems more and more people near Fredericton are baffled by it.” (See the CBC news broadcast for November 15, 2002. Many thanks to Darrel N. for this news story.)

(Editor’s Comment: Forteana was riding high last week, but the saucers got there licks in, too. Read on…)


On Sunday, November 10, 2002, at 7:30 p.m., Morgan G. and his wife “were taking our nightly walk along the” lakefront in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (population 50,792). “As we approached North Point,” Morgan reported, “we could clearly see two strange lights on the eastern horizon over Lake Michigan. The lights were not those of a ship, nor were they on the water. They appeared to be just above the water, far out on the lake.”

“Upon first sight of the lights, we saw a large shimmering red light accompanied by a smaller white light just to its left. We sat on a bench and watched these lights for an hour and fifteen minutes,” until 8:45 p.m., “during which time the red light stayed stationary but the white light seemed to dip below the horizon and disappear from view.”

“It may have just dimmed to the point at which we could no longer see it. We began our slow walk home, which is in a direction that allowed us to continue viewing the light as we walked.”

“As we reached the top of a hill, the small white light that had disappeared earlier was now visible again, only this time it was to the right of the red light’s location. The red light never changed its orientation in the sky.”

“About 20 minutes into our observation of these lights, we could clearly hear the rumble of a large jet, or what sounded like a group of many jets flying over the lake. We could not see them, as the skies were very dark with clouds. The jet sounds remained audible for quite some time. I have distinguished the rumble of military jets from commercial jets before, and these sounds were most likely military.”

“On our way home, I stopped at my sister’s house to get a pair of binoculars. She lives close to the lake, but I could not see the lights from her house. I returned to the lake no more than five minutes later, and the lights were gone. Not a sign of them on the horizon.” (Many thanks to John Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for this report.)

(Editor’s Note: Sheboygan, Wisconsin, along with Manitowoc, Wis. and Ludington, Michigan on the other side of the lake, is considered a “Nexus” of the “Lake Michigan Triangle.” For more on the triangle, read the book The Great Lakes Triangle by Jay Gourley, Fawcett Books, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1977.)


On Thursday, November 14, 2002, in the evening, eyewitnesses in Jordanow, a town in Poland 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Krakow, “saw a star-like UFO which floated in the sky. It came from the north and moved towards the south-southeast. Next it passed between two stars of (the constellation) Ursus Major–Megrez and Phecda. It then made a turn towards the east and disappeared somewhere in the eastern part of (the constellation) Leo.”

“The UFO shone with a bright white light and was as big as Cor Caroli, about magnitude 3.” (Many thanks to Polish ufologist Robert K. Lesniakiewicz for this report.)

(Editor’s Comment: For the latest on “the Jordanow mystery,” read the feature story in this issue.)


On Friday, November 1, 2002, “four men were 22 kilometers (13 miles) from Kitwanga,” British Columbia, Canada “on the Mitt–in-Main forestry road when they saw a bright, yellowish-white light with a ‘beam’ coming from the bottom of it. One witness said, ‘The beam of light was like if you were holding a flashlight and shining it in a fog.'”

“The witness said the light did not move but stayed in that one position and disappeared. At the distance they were at, the light was small in size.”

On Monday, November 4, 2002, at 6:35 a.m., a male witness in Houston, B.C. (population 3,934) reported, ‘I just walked out the door and was going to get in my car when I noticed a bright, white, saucer-oval-shaped object moving across the sky very quickly. There was no tail associated with it. Whatever it was, it was heading in an easterly direction at a rather low altitude. The sighting lasted for approximately six seconds before I lost sight of it as it flew over the top of a small mountain.'”

“The witness reported hearing no sound from the object.”

Houston, B.C. is about 500 miles (800 kilometers) north of Vancouver. (Many thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike for these reports.)


On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, Flight 232, a Boeing 737 operated by AeroMexico, was flying from the capital, Mexico City, to Guadalajara, when the pilot and co-pilot suddenly spotted a UFO.

According to ufologist Carlos Clemente of the research group Los Vigilantes, “the pilot radioed his report to the tower at Mexico City International Airport. The UFO, ‘very large and with silver lights all around it,’ was seen by the control tower at a distance and was described by the pilot as ‘much different than a conventional airplane.'”

The same day, three Mexican ufologists, “Salvador Guerrero, Demetrio Feria and Fernando Pena captured on video a flotilla of twenty metallic UFOs over the city of Iztacalco, east of Mexico City. The UFOs were spherical and ‘very brilliant.’ They flew in formation from north to south. The ufology team kept the videocamera running for two minutes. Finally, all twenty of the UFOs plunged into a bank of clouds and were lost from sight.” (See NotiOVNI for November 10, 2002. Muchas gracias a Daniel Munoz y Ana Luisa Cid para esos informes.)


“Hundreds showed up” between Friday, November 15, and Sunday, November 17, 2002 “for the first annual Mothman Festival” in Point Pleasant, West Virginia (population 4,637), the site of a strange paranormal flap back in 1966.

Fans crowded the town on the south bank of the Ohio River and “viewed memoribilia from The Mothman Prophecies,” the movie about the 1966 flap starring Richard Gere and Debra Messing.

“The first sighting of the mythical winged beast was reported in town on November 15, 1966.” By the time the flap ended in February 1967, “others said they’d seen a gray creature 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall, with bright red eyes and wings like a bird.”

The entity made several weird prophecies, one of which came true–the collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River one month later on December 15, 1966. The flap was the subject of a 1975 book, The Mothman Prophecies, by veteran ufologist and author John A. Keel, who was in Point Pleasant at the time. (See USA Today for November 18, 2002, “West Virginia,” page 6A.)

(Editor’s Comment: My favorite scene in the movie is when reporter Richard Gere gets busted while staking out Gordon Smallwood’s house. Even though warned off, Gere returns to the scene the next night, is nabbed by the female sheriff and says, “I wanted to see what I looked like.” Now, that’s the kind of aggressive reporting we like to see around here at UFO Roundup.)

From the UFO Files…


One of World War II’s remaining enigmas is “the Jordanow mystery” in Poland. In 1994, Polish ufologist Robert K. Lesniakiewicz interviewed several elderly veterans of the Armia Krajowa (Poland’s wartime Homeland Army –J.T.), who told him that the Nazi SS had been mining uranium oxide between April 1940 and October 1944 in the Beskidy Mountains near Jordanow.

Shortly after the occupation in 1939, Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler took the Malopolska (Little Poland) region and made the Beskidy and Tatra Mountains a special SS “industrial district.” The Polish and Jewish residents were shipped to Auschwitz, and the area was settled with Volksdeutsch (German settlers–J.T.) In effect, the 60 kilometers (36 miles) between Jordanow and the Alpine resort city of Zakopane became Himmler’s “Area 51,” where the SS experimented with numerous Wunderwaffen (German for wonder weapons–J.T.)

German scientists of the period were familiar with the nuclear research going on in the field of physics. “In 1938…German chemists Fritz Strassmen and Otto Hahn studied the effect of neutron bombardment on uranium atoms, and in January 1939, Austrian physicists Otto R. Frisch and Leise Meitner explained this reaction as the splitting of a heavy atom into two medium-sized atoms. They called this process fission. These Nazi scientists were on a course toward development of the most powerful weapon that mankind had known.”

Conventional World War II history teaches that Hitler’s nuclear research program came to a dead end in Norway in 1943, when Allied bombers destroyed the Nazis’ research plant.

But it is not known what happened to the tons of uranium oxide the SS took out of Jordanow. Himmler’s SS secret projects in Jordanow never developed enriched “weapons-grade” uranium.

Or did they?

According to author William Breuer, “early in 1943…the FBI uncovered a chilling microdot message from Ast-X (Hitler’s overseas spy chief Admiral Wilhelm Canaris–J.T.) to Nazi agents in the United States.”

The Canaris message said, “There is reason to believe that the scientific works for the utilization of atomic energy are being driven forward into a certain direction in the United States. Continuous information about the tests made on this subject are required and particularly the answers to these questions:”

“1. What process is used in the United States for transporting heavy uranium?”

“2. What tests are being made with uranium?”

“3. What other raw materials are being used in these tests?”

Clearly in early 1943, Himmler was interested in the usage of enriched uranium. But did this interest extend to the construction of a uranium-based bomb?

A newly-published book offers some intriguing clues that Nazi development of an atomic bomb went a little beyond the blueprint stage. The book is The Conquerors by Michael Beschloss, and he reports a curious incident at President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home in Hyde Park, N.Y. in December 1944.

“Roosevelt was privately meditating on the race against the Germans to build the atomic bomb. On Saturday, December 9 (1944) he confided to Margaret Suckley over dinner, as she recorded in her diary, that he had just gotten ‘a secret report from a German source’ that the Germans had developed ‘a bomb which will kill by concussion everything within a mile.'”

(Editor’s Note: Mrs. Suckley was FDR’s neighbor in Hyde Park, in the Hudson River valley, and a close confidant of the president. What she’s describing is unmistakably a nuclear weapon.)

“‘They are planning to use it on New York (City to break American morale–M.B.)…not seeming to realize that it will have the opposite effect…He (FDR) said that in the next war, the side which first uses these new explosives will undoubtedly win’.”

“The President inaccurately told his friend (Mrs. Suckley) that ‘the Germans are way ahead of us in that direction, though we are doing a lot of research trying to catch (up) to them.’ In a premonition of the postwar world, Suckley wrote in her diary that ‘the human race is out to destroy itself. Only the few who live in isolated places may survive.'”

Was FDR “inaccurate?” According to author David Myhra, a Nazi designer named Eugen Sanger had “a proposed winged orbital rocket-powered bomber project…The weapon, variously known as the Glide Bomber, the Boost Glide Bomber, Orbital Bomber and Antipodal Bomber, was designed to bomb U.S. cities, releasing radioactive silica, killing its victims with radiation poisoning.”

With its booster rockets, Sanger’s bomber was designed to reach an altitude of 250 kilometers (150 miles), gliding along in the upper atmosphere while Earth’s rotation brought the target–New York City–into its bombsights. If Mrs. Suckley accurately recorded her dinner conversation with the president, then it appears that Adolf Hitler had a nuclear strike on New York City planned for early in 1945.

Questions remain. Were one or more of Sanger’s rocket-powered bombers ever built? Did Himmler have a nuclear bomb in December 1944? What happened to all that uranium the Nazis took out of Jordanow? The mystery deepens…(See the books The Conquerors by Michael Beschloss, Simon and Schuster, New York, N.Y., 2002, page 171; Hitler’s Undercover War by William Breuer, St. Martin’s Press, New York, N.Y., 1989, pages 293 and 294; and Sanger: Germany’s Orbital Rocket Bomber in World War II by David Myhra, Schiffer Publishers, 2001.)

Well, that’s it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by “the paper that goes home–UFO Roundup.” See you then!

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