Location: Hornchurch, Essex. Outside Tescos on Hornchurch road

Date: 09/12/05 8:10-8:30 BST

Approach Direction: South, Then from west

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: West

Description: 8:10
The Object was huge (if you fully streched your arm and held you hand upright i could JUST cover it), or very low down over a park, it was bright orange. It “took off”, or apeared from behind some houses to the south of my position, and flew over to where i work, it then started to fly away to the west, and up and slowly turned into a star like object and stayed there. Many people saw it (tescos carpark).

about 8:20 as i was walking home txting a friend about what i just saw, i saw the star start to get bigger again, and then “flew” back over myhead, at which point i run home yelling at my mum and dad to look out of the back of the house. We all saw it. By the time i got my telescope out it had turned into a star, then slowly vanished. (to the west again)

best picture i have is this, which is totaly rubbish

Click image for full size

Color/Shape: Bright orange. When it was low it looked like a square im not sure. IT was bright orange at the bottom or far edge to me, and slowly fading orange colour to the top or edge closest to me. As it pulled away/gained alt i could only notice the bright orange ball.

Height & Speed: I saw a few CITY AIRPORT planes flying AROUND the object IE changing there direction to avoid, they are between 2000-5000 feet in this area, as they take off from london. The object LOOKED like it had just taken off from Albanyschool area/harrow lodge park it slowly gained alt before turning into a star and disapearing.

TV/Radio/Press: Its been seen by many people


[UFOINFO Note: This is the Loughton, Essex sighting on September 10th 2005.]

Romford Recorder http://tinyurl.com/9m8yu

[UFOINFO Note: The Romford report is for a sighting on August 30th 2005.]

The people in the romford recorder live 2 roads up from where i live.

Additional information:

i also forgot to mention that Where i was standing while taking that picture was the Junction “roneo corner” On Hornchurch road, turning into Upper rainham road from another report further up dated 4th, posted on the 6th. Those street lights are part of the Junction itself.


I noticed that the 10th of september event has got loads more posts/info now. And i found a few more people that saw that orange ball on monday night, the night i saw it. They discribe the even the same as me basicaly.


Important Follow-up: Mystery Soved

After initially rejecting the claim in the Romford Recorder that the light(s) seen on August 29th in Romford were sky lanterns, the witness to the Hornchurch sighting above now agrees that this is what he saw:

Sorry again for emailing you, but it turns out romford recorder was right. After a bit of Googling for images, i found a few images that remind me of the event. Although i still find it hard to believe that a simple sky lantern can fly around in circles, fly in different directions…etc on a windless night.

anyway these image is almost EXACTLY what i saw:



http://www.punahou.edu/js/gradek/f/thailink/floatinglanternsb.JPG [Link not working]

My thanks to the witness for writing to confirm that what he saw were lanterns.

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