UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Loughton Essex United Kingdom

Date: 10th of September 2005 around 10Pm GMT

Approach Direction: from the Northwest

Departure Direction: to the Southeast

Witness Direction: East

Description: After a call from a friend telling of strange lights at around 9.30pm I went into my garden (block of flats, ground floor garden facing east) to look and saw a triangular formation of reddish/orange lights that were quite faint. I thought they were strange but as the weather was cloudy with clear patches and there was a low reddish cloud as you often get in the evenings I assumed they were bright stars and the cloud was somehow colouring them red. It was a bit weird however as I noted that no other stars that i could see through several gaps in the cloud were similarly coloured. They appeared to be fading too but as the clouds moved over the sky they were slowly covered.They did briefly shine through this cloud though and i thought this a bit odd too as again no other stars were so bright and were dimmed out completely by, even the thinner clouds.

I grabbed a small digital camera and i was ready to film the sky where they dissapeared the moment that part of the cloudy sky cleared but after about 15 minutes or so it didnt seem i was likely to see that part of the sky cleared again (pretty much the whole of the sky to my front and left (from NE to ESE)was low orange cloud and to my right and some directly above was patchy clear sky)

There wasnt anything else i could do once the clouds covered the lights and I was about to give up and was heading inside when suddenly from behind where i had been looking at the light they reappeared! VERY much lower and veryu bright! they were also IN FRONT of the low orange cloud and moving rapidy accross the sky! I switched on my camera and started filming and I was suddenly aware I was going to witness this and no one else might see it. I then shouted out loud “Everyone in the Flats Look out your windows into the sky! Look at the lights!!” as you can imagine I was delighted when at least 5 or 6 heads popped out of the windows and they too were startled by the lights. As we all watched the orange orb like lights proceeded to fly into a position EXACTLY where the other star-like lights had been earlier(to the southeast and about 60 degrees above the horizon)

I had to film by hope alone,aiming by pointing, as i could only see a black screen on my cameras LCD screen but they were so very bright and orange/yellow that I was sure something would show up.

There was absolutely no sound either as far as I could hear and everyone was agreeing (a flat above had the whole family looking out,2 adults and kids)and we were trying to think of an explanation for these weird lights and no one could come up with anything they could relate these lights to.

There are many aircraft in the sky around my area as its part of the landing paterns airspace for the major airports close by (stanstead to the North somewhere and Gatwick and London airport to the south),and we are well used to seeing them with their landing lights on but the thing is you can ALWAYS hear them. There were no jet sounds or propellor or rotor blade sounds that would suggest a smaller aircraft either.There were no visible trails or an appearance of something burning etc, they were travelling far too fast for anything floating low without power like a glider, balloon or perhaps model aircraft or similar.

The fact it was below the clouds ruled out meteorite/micro meteorite and besides they dont fly in formation do they?

The one thing which might have some bearing is that we have seen a lot of rain today and several flashes of lightning followed by thunder but it was always well and truelly in the distance. (Lightning-the flash type, not the bolt to the ground type- was followed several moments later by thunder indicating distance of course) from what ive seen before when they try to explain lights there is the possibility of a strange phenominon called ball lightning?, (I have to say if anything looked ball-like it was definately these lights!)


I am totally unable to explain these lights in terms of something simply explained and I have been an avid follower of airshows, aircraft books, documentaries etc so im well used to the behaviour of aircraft, even those maneuvering in unusual ways and when I was younger I did a lot of astronomy and I would say I have had a lot of experience studying stars,planets,moons etc and so im far less likely to make a mis-identification of anything celestrial.It really is bizarre.


P.s. I reported the sighting to my local police about 11pm and I was told by the lady on the desk that the police had ALREADY been called out to see these lights and they had CONFIRMED they saw them !! It would seem a whole load of different people saw these lights too!. They could offer no explanation either and said they had checked with local airports too.

I have the film I shot in digital JPG. format at about 4.3Megabytes in size lasting some 3 or 4 minutes with around 2 of those minutes showing the 3 lights together. It is not very clear however as the digital film has a very low reolution.Its still a cool film though and better in fact than the film I saw of the Pheonix Arizona sighting which is very very similar in that its a digital camera tracking several lights in the dark.I never dreamed Id end up having something on film like this when i saw that discovery documentary!! what now? do I need to send it anywhere? can it be enhanced somehow?

Color/Shape: Orange/Yellow Orb Like lights
very bright and luminous
appearing the size of a garden pea held at arms length at first but later the size of a more brightly lit star

Height & Speed: tricky to tell but I would have to say they appeared to me to be lower than the landing aircraft (so maybe 1000 feet?) as they appeared from behind my flats but by the time they had gone they APPEARED to be very high and almost like a satalite moving very slowly away though and not on a steady track like they do.

The total time from when they appeared to my left to the time i could no longer see sideways movement and they appeared to be moving up was around 2 minutes but without being able to gauge distance or even altitude very well I couldnt say how fast they were travelling. I can say they moved faster than aircraft do that are in the holding pattern for their landing.

TV/Radio/Press: As its only 12.30am and I saw them a few hours ago I dont think its likely to be on TV/Radio yet, However the officer from my local police control centre said the news of the world group was asking if there were any pictures to her so maybe there will be some press related news items tomorrow.


Follow-up report from Brian Vike:

Just to fill you in on what’s happened today, The sun newspaper sent a reporter to hear our story and he spoke to me and 3 of my neighbors and to see the film I shot and he was intrigued by the whole thing, he said he couldn’t say if they would run with the story but that it certainly sounded very interesting and most unusual. He was going to check if there were official police reports etc and I guess we’ll know tomorrow if the story is used in the paper.

Then tonight on the southeast news on ITV1 there was a report about the same lights with some footage of the very same orange lights but it was not a very good film due to the operator trying to zoom into the lights and missing out 2 of the lights mostly or creating a large blur as it went right out of focus.

My film, although also digital and with a similar low resolution (to the film shown on TV), is different in that I do no zooming or attempts to isolate a single light, I just tried to keep them in frame and keep it as steady as I possibly could, I was pretty sure the digital camera couldn’t possibly gather a perfect picture at that sort of light level and it doesn’t give anywhere near as detailed a picture as a normal cellulose film would have and so I concentrated on trying to gather the whole scene, some shaking at the start of my film was due to me ringing my friend back to scream at him to look in his garden again(he had gone back inside after he lost sight of the 3 star-like lights). I was also calling out to my neighbors as I held the camera up.

I’m sending you the film in a winzipped format (from 4.3mb to 958kb) so it doesn’t swamp/block up your email line but if you have broadband like me I can send you the full 4.3mb version which is an exact copy of what appears on the camera.

I took a look at the compressed film and to be honest it doesn’t seem to lose much info if any at all so you may not need the full film. You will notice a lot of the film appears blank after the lights fade but we could all see the faint lights by eye during the time I held the camera up so you can gauge how long it took to totally disappear by the length of the entire film.At the end of the film you will notice on the right a faint view of the upstairs windows of my block of flats which was a fully lit window and you will notice it appears very dim indeed. This should show you the sheer intensity those strange orbs of light must have had to appear so bright on such a poor light gathering camera.The film just doesn’t do them justice at all, showing them way dimmer than I saw with my naked eye. My memory is of lights appearing to be very similar in intensity to looking directly at a yellow street lamp standing across a street from it. I got the same glowing halo like effect you can see when you look directly at one of those bulbs in the evenings.

I hope this helps put the film in perspective and you can agree I probably got the best information I could have hoped for with the tools at hand, I’m glad I got anything at all though as it could have been far worse and shown nothing at all.

If you like I can also do a daylight tracking shot later to show how I remember I held/moved the camera and this may help you understand the distances/ area of sky etc. Let me know if you want this.

I hope you like the film and I give permission to use it on your site if you feel you need to show others.
Please keep me informed of any development as I’d love to learn of other sightings of the same object or any news about them or your thoughts on what they may have been?

PS after watching the film I thought I should add the lights appeared more round than they do on the film and I think they were 3 separate lights rather than one object with lights at the edges as you tend to think when looking at the film. The lead light also seemed far more steady than the trailing two.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]

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