UFO Sighting Report – USA December 14th 1994 : Vienna, Ohio

December 14th 1994 : Vienna, Ohio

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Vienna, Ohio USA

Date: 12/14/1994

Time: 12am-6am

Number of witnesses: 50+

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Bright, circular,multi-colored lights with shadowy structure and appendages above and below.

Weather Conditions: Mostly clear, stars were visible.

Description: Midnight Dec.14, 1994. Liberty Township 9-1-1 Center begins receiving multiple reports from distresed citizens about brightly-lit low flying objects. Dispatcher Rudolph alerts local police on duty. Sgt. Toby Meloro reponds to report from Samson Dr. Man along road tells Meloro a large light had hovered over his house, them flew away south. Meloro procedes south about 0.25 miles when his car experiences electrical failure. Meloro reported a bright object hovering low in the sky over his car. After 30 seconds the object moves off. Meloro’s car regains power and the officer pursues object.

More calls of reports come to Liberty Township 9-1-1 Center. Dispatchers contact control tower at Youngstown Regional Airport. Unidentified FAA worker tells 9-1-1 Center that the radar is clear of craft and there is no visual of any disturbance.

Around the time the call to the tower was placed an Airport security guard and a Patrolman Hray report observing a bright round light hovering over adjacent field.

By this time numerous officers from Liberty PD and neighboring communities are pursuing objects at high speed. Officers form at least 10 different police departments are actively pursuing low flying brightly lit objects in the area and communicating freely among each other and the 9-1-1 Center. At least fifteen police officers had close observation and it is estimated that 25 police departments were on alert.

Lt. James Baker of Brookfield PD observed three large luminous objects hovering in a fixed triangular formation from the top of “the old radar tower.” Baker reported that the objects change colors in unison. Recording of Lt. Baker’s communications reveals that the objects were large, close, and certainly not in outer space. Baker was clearly disturbed by what he saw.

Officers then reported multiple objects. Soon the objects ascended to high altitude and moved away East.

Local Air Force Base denied any knowledge of the incident and though fully appraised of the situation, police reports and 9-1-1 center recordings of the communications during the incident, local media, specifically Stacey Adger, a reporter at 33 Youngstown(ABC), refused to cover the story.

Event was ‘rediscovered’ by UFO investigator and Cincinnati television producer Kenny Young.

Young made several attempts under the Freedom of Information act to access documents and shift logs from the FAA tower and to discover the identity of the FAA worker on duty that night. All of Young’s requests were denied without explanation.

Story was squashed locally and received no attention until Young ‘rediscovered’ it.

TV/Radio: Reported in Cincinnati WXIX FOX-19 News, Summer 1998.
NBC special “Confirmation” aired Feb. 1999

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