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September 22, 2004

Source: Botella al

Date: 9-22-04

Fireball Crash Site: “There’s a rage in that place”

One of the expedtionaries who walked to the site where the strange objects fell from the sky on Tuesday and Wednesday last week held an extensive chat with a journalist from Botella al Mar.

Fernando Garcia described his journey to the mouth of Caadn Negro in Valle de Andorra and the discovery of a 150 square meter area with trees found in positions that are hard to interpret.

While the conclusions reached by CADIC scientists who also visited the impact site are expected, the following is the transcript of the interview with the Ushuaia resident.

What made you go to the alleged crash site?

Like everyone else in the city, I heard the story of lights falling from the sky last Tuesday and Wednesday. The fact is that I didn’t give it much improtance. On Saturday I heard a journalist explain that the police officers who’d visited the site hadn’t found anything strange, but had indeed found flattened trees. And that was strange to me. Then I phoned my friend Roberto (Ceballos) a backwoodsman who knows the area well, and asked him to come with me.

Just out of mere curiosity?

Exactly, nothing more. Above all because the toppled trees intrigued me.

Why did that suprise you?

It gave the story a certain veracity. If people saw fireballs come down and there are toppled trees, then there is a certain coherence [to the story] and it was necessary to take a look. That’s why on Saturday night we got everything ready and we went out on Sunday at 7:30 a.m..

Which is the exact site?

It’s the mouth of Caadon Negro en Valle de Andorra. I wouldn’t like to give much more detail unter the scientists have been.

How long did you walk to get there?

Once you know the place you can get there faster. We had no clues to go by and were just looking for something strange. But I figure that we walked some two and a half to three hours.

Can the site be clearly made out?

Clearly. The sensation upon reaching the site is that a plane crashed tehre, and you’re expecting to see bits of metal plating dangling from the trees. That’s the image. What’s incredible is that when you penetrate the place, there’s nothing at all to be found. There’s nothing strange within the strangeness. Only 150 square meters of toppled woods. Imagine four walls and in the middle, all of the trees are overturned, fallen, all of them piled exactly from north to south. All of them toward the same place. In the north, where the object presumably fell, the tree trunks are sheared off at a height of six to eight meters, from greater to lesser, as though the object came in at a slant.

Your opinion is that an object fell?

Yes, yes, but it’s odd, because the fallen trunks are in perfect state, as though the object hadn’t quite finished falling yet. Their bark is intack. There is no trace of anything being burned, no dust, nothing.

Could the wind have toppled the trees?

I don’t think so, because in one of the photos I took, and in which I asked my companion to stand beside a trunk as a reference, it can be seen that the trees had diameter of 70 centimieter. If there had been wind, it is hard to understand the direction of the gusts. The site isn’t like a letter “U”, with an entrance leading to the valley. It’s an enclosure. It’s as if a giant dinosaur had placed its giant foot in the middle of a forest, but never quite finished setting it down. The only possibility I can think of is that a tornado or whirlwind entered the area, caused the damage, and retreated in the contrary direction.

A tornado?

Yes, but that wasn’t it, because it would have scattered branches everywhere, not piled from north to south. If the wind was responsible, the ground vegetation would have been damaged, and it was in perfect conditions.

Would it be easy to see the area from the air?

Of course, because it is easy to see that the cuts to the trees are no more than four days old. In some parts you could see tree sap, because the trunks had exploded. For this reason the collapse of tree-trunks in a domino like arrangement would have to be discarded, because the trees are very close to each other. The first one can fall to the side and strike a second and then a third, but that’s where the chain reaction stops. This is different: there are tree-trunks that appear to have been blown away from within by a stick of dynamite. All of the trunks are frayed on the same side. If there was such great external pressure, at least the roots would have moved. None of that happened.

Translation (c) 2004

Scott Corrales

Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO

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