Argentina: New Cattle Mutilations in La Pampa



The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

August 17, 2006


By Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOSLAPAMPA (Argentina)

A black Aberdeen Angus cow was found dead and presenting evident signs of mutilation at the “Los Nogales” ranch, located near Km 590 of National Route No. 5 and some 15 km from Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

The animal, found some 250 meters away from the aforementioned route and on a local road, was missing tissue from its abdomen, udders, anus and vagina.

It should be noted that clear signs of the thrashing movement of legs were evident on the ground, a behavior proper to animals dying of natural causes and confirmed by Mr. Dimas, the person in charge of the ranch, alluding to the poor state of health of the animal in question. However, he was astonished to find that the carcass presented signs of mutilation, which occured after the animal’s death, an event that occured some 20 days before this date.

Some 400 meters from the site and toward the interior of the premises, another dead animal was found, presenting similar signs of mutilation.

On the other hand, an Aberdeen Angus heifer was found dead and mutilated near National Route No. 5. This animal, pregnant at the time, was missing its left ear, the upper lip on the left hand side, and an absence of hide from the chin area toward the left side of the lower jaw. Mutilation of the vulva with missing tissue in the anal area was also observed without further alterations to same.

While no foetid smells were detected, there was a loss of hair which drew attention to the lack of mobility in its rear members, but not in its front limbs. It was further observed that the chest area was prominent, yielding upon the exertion of pressure on the zone, a sign of missing flesh/muscular mass.

This property is leased by Mr. Mauricio Macedo and the animal’s death is estimated to have occured 15 days ago.

(translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. 2006)

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