UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 17

Volume 1 No. 17

23rd April 2002

Editor: Anthony James


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I would like to welcome Svetlana Anina inVolgograd, Russia to UFO NEWS UK




by John Greenewald

The subject of “Area 51” has been denied by the United States Government for years. Though the conspiracy community was rocked by an admittance of a classified area, and an exempt order by a Presidential Determination signed by President Clinton in 1995. This “determination” by the President, said that the area near Groom Lake, Nevada, or known to most people as “Area 51”, was exempt from all Federal, State, Interstate, or Local Hazardous laws that might require the disclosure of classified information.

Essentially, “Area 51” became a subject that was now not only classified, but exempt from any laws it may come subject to. It appeared that ‘anything goes’ at “Area 51”. However, there was some slim chance of hope, as near the bottom of the Presidential Determination, dated September 29th of 1995, said the “…exemption shall be effective for the full one-year statutory period.” After a year, it appeared the order had to be renewed, until it was no longer needed or wanted.

In 1996, Presidential Determination #96-54 renewed the exempt status of “Area 51”. In 1997, Presidential Determination #97-35 was the renewal. The exemptions went all the way until the new millennium, where in 2000, Clinton again signed Presidential Determination #2000-30, which made “Area 51” exempt from all laws currently on the books.

Though in 2001, the United States acquired a new President into the White House. Would this new leader still enact the ‘determination’ that this classified research area outside of Groom Lake, Nevada would be classified? With new national security advisors, new staff members and a different political party, it was hopeful we could see a chance in policy. All hope failed on January 31, 2001, when President George W. Bush signed a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate. This was deemed Presidential Determination #2001-27. In it, referencing Determination 2000-30, President Bush re-enacted the exempt status on “Area 51” and decided it should remain highly classified and hidden from any prying eyes.

Right into 2002, just 9 days ago, President Bush yet again signed a letter to the same individuals, with almost exactly the same wording, keeping the same exempt status on “Area 51”. Not televised on the news, and being well over-shadowed by the current conflict in Afghanistan, conspiracy theorists world-wide would have to remain “exempt” from any information on the infamous base called “Area 51” Theories have made their way across the Internet, from message forums to public petitions, asking for any information on such a controversial, highly secretive, subject. Were we dealing with a cover-up of nuclear waste dumping, or something more down the lines of a “alien stockpile”. With the current trend of Presidential Determinations, it appears that the curious minds out there would never be satisfied.



The Disclosure Project

One of my fellow Disclosure Project witnesses, Mr. Harland Bentley says: “I have been in a graduate program for nuclear engineering and have been working contracts since 1963 for NASA, Department of Energy, and several other electronics firms in the DC area. I was at a facility in California doing classified work which I can’t say too much about… Our astronauts were doing a loop around the moon in 1967 or 1968 when I heard them say they had a bogey, [term used to denote UFOs] it was another type of ship. There were portals there that they could see in. They could see beings of some sort. They did not describe these beings, they just took photographs. They just said it was a saucer shaped craft. Then they said, ‘There they go,’ and they [the bogey] went out of sight almost immediately.”



The Disclosure Project, a 501c(3) non-profit association has identified over 450 government, military, intelligence community and defence contractor witnesses who are willing to testify, under oath, to their direct experience and knowledge of UFO’s, Extraterrestials and Extraterrestrial technology.

Federal Aviation Administration(FAA)) Division Chief John Callahan: “I saw a UFO chase a Japanese 747 across the sky for over half an hour on radar. I’ve got a video tape. I’ve got a voice tape. I’ve got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I’m telling you…I’m one of those, what you would call, high Government officials in the FAA.”

Captain Robert Salas: USAF SAC Missile Launch Officer (1964-1971): “The UFO incident happened on the morning of March 16th 1967…. part of the 490th Strategic Missile Squad… The top side security guard says, “Sir, there’s a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate; I’m looking at it right now. I’ve got all the men out here with their weapons drawn’…(as this was happening) our missiles (nuclear tipped Minuteman One missiles) started shutting down, one by one….so that morning we lost 16 – 18 ICBMs at the same time UFO’s were in the area”.

Brigadier General Steven Lovekin: Army National Guard Reserve: This piece of an extraterrestrial craft was a grayish foil-like material….it had been taken from one of the ET craft that had crashed in New Mexico….it had been taken from a box of materials that the military was working on…”

Sgt. Clifford Stone: US Army: “I was involved in situation where we did recoveries of crashed flying saucers….there were bodies involved….some were alive…If I am called before congress to testify….I stand here ready today to do just that (testify to Congress”.

The Disclosure Project, a non-profit research and public interest group, has identified over 400 military, intelligence, government and corporate witnesses to rogue UFO and ET-related projects and events. The testimony of these witnesses along with government documents and other evidence may be seen at http://www.disclosureproject.org The truth is ready for you, are you ready for the truth?

Thanks to the Disclosure Project




At the end of the E-bay online auction of March 4, 2002, Independent-International Pictures Corp. president Samuel M. Sherman announced that his company had won at auction the oldest known UFO photograph. After several days of feverish bidding, Sherman won the photo for his company in the last 50 seconds of the auction with a final high bid of $385. The photograph is a winter 1870 stereo (3-D) view of clouds over Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Plainly and sharply visible in the photo is a long cigar-like object. Since this is before known manned flight (with the exception of balloons – which this is not) the object will have to be ruled as a solid Unidentified Flying Object. Structure to this solid object is clearly and sharply seen in some detail as is the reflection of the sun off the object. The stereo view presents two images (for right and left eye) which will be helpful in further analysis of it. Sherman reported that due to the sharpness of the image it will lend itself to further copying and enlargement for study. Sherman also stated that this photograph will not be locked up in some collection, but will be submitted to scientists for detailed analysis and the results made available to the public, which he says wants answers to the UFO mystery.

Sherman states that the debunkers are already circling around the photo on the internet, even though they have only been able to see poor low resolution computer images and not photographic enlargements of the actual photo. He expects this photo to be very controversial for a long time still to come. Sherman and Independent-International Pictures Corp. have already produced the Edwards Air Force Base Encounter, one hour audio documentary of the UFO alert at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965 (www.edwardsufo.com). Since 1992 a feature film docudrama has been in research and production. It is called, “BEYOND THIS EARTH” and concerns extraterrestrial visitation of Planet Earth. Filming for this movie has taken place internationally as well as the acquisition of UFO footage from locations all over the world. The most amazing part of this project was the 1993 expedition which sent up a plane with photographic, motion picture and video equipment to successfully pursue and image UFO’s over Northern California. Sherman stated that the 1870 UFO photograph will have a place in “BEYOND THIS EARTH” and further projects to be released to the public.
Thanks to Sam Sherman




Robert Collins reports Blue Book closed it’s doors in December 1969, but yet here almost three years later Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) was still collecting and classifying UFO reports. The names and events are real. On October 14, 1972, Airman First Class (AIC) Steven Briggs and Airman Dennis Hillsgeck were instructed to check the Tactical Air Navigational (TACAN) facility located eight miles east of McChord Air Force Base. The TACAN site was situated on government land maintained by the United State Army, Ft. Lewis. Briggs and Hillsgeck drove to the TACAN site at approximately 1300 hours. Upon their arrival, they opened the locked fence surrounding the TACAN facility and entered the compound. Once inside the compound, they opened the TACAN building and began to conduct a systems check of the TACAN equipment. At 1400 hours, Briggs heard a strange sound outside the building that sounded like a high pitch engine. Briggs exited the building to investigate and observed a saucer shaped object directly above the TACAN building. Briggs watched as the object landed just south of the TACAN compound. Briggs was startled by the object and entered the TACAN building to summon Hillsgeck. Once Hillsgeck and Briggs exited the building together, they observed two “creatures” walking towards the fence. Briggs returned to the building and telephoned (555) the base security police. He yelled that they needed help at the TACAN site because “intruders” were attempting to enter the facility. Sgt David Holmes, the Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant, 62nd Security Police Squadron, received the phone call and dispatched Sgt Dwight Reid and AIC Michael Tash to the scene. It took the security police patrol 17 minutes to travel to the TACAN site.

Upon their arrival, they observed Briggs and Hillsgeck standing near their government vehicle. Both appeared to be in a daze. Neither could speak. Sgt Reid summoned an USAF Ambulance to the scene. Hillsgeck appeared to have been burnt around the face. AIC Tash walked around the area and found marks in the soft Washington state dirt. Then suddenly, Sgt Reid yelled to AIC Tash that an object was directly over his head. A saucer shaped object was hovering just above the TACAN facility. Sgt Reid attempted to communicate to the security police law enforcement office by using his Motorola HT-220 portable radio. However the radio did not function. Sgt Reid then yelled for AIC Tash to return to the police vehicle. Sgt Reid and AIC Tash retrieved Briggs and Hillsgeck and drove from the scene. Approximately one mile from the TACAN site, Sgt Reid was able to communicate with the security police office, requesting assistance and declaring a “Covered Wagon.” Four additional security policemen arrived on scene, including, Sgt Darren Alexander and his military dog-Champ. Sgt Alexander and Champ drove to the scene and started to search the area. Approximately 400 yards south of the TACAN site, Champ alerted. Sgt. Alexander observed two “creatures” standing near a remote power station. Sgt. Alexander yelled for the two “creatures” to stand and raise their hands. Both creatures then moved towards Sgt. Alexander.

Sgt Alexander observed that one of the creatures was holding an object, which Sgt. Alexander thought was a weapon. Sgt. Alexander fired six rounds from his military issued Model 15, .38 Caliber Revolver. After firing the shots, Sgt Alexander returned to his vehicle and radioed Sgt Reid that he had fired at the creatures. A Security Alert Team (similar to a police SWAT) arrived. They conducted a search of the area and observed the saucer shaped object sitting on the ground, directly east of the power station. They circled the object and called for a supervisor. Captain Henry Stone, Security Police Law Enforcement, arrived on scene but the object departed just as Captain Stone walked towards the object. The object flew off in an easterly direction and was out of sight in a few seconds. Office of Special Investigations agents arrived on scene and conducted an investigation. Statements were taken from all involved. Evidence was collected from the scene, to include shell casings from the rounds fired by Sgt. Alexander. This incident was classified as Top Secret and remained in the OSI files as unsolved.

Copyright 2001 by Robert Collins

Mexican Roswell?

Thanks to Mary Sutherland of the Burlington news

Mary writes:

Last night I received an email from a very reliable source on a government cover-up and an alien crash in MEXICO. The gentleman that submitted the story to me has come forth for the first time to let us have this eye-witnessed information. As a soldier in the Mexican army, he was one of the few that actually went inside the crashed vehicle. More will be following on the Crash. Not since Roswell have we had such a credible encounter.

The Letter:

“God bless you dear Sister, Mary,

I will try to write my old UFO experience as well as I can remember. When I was 16 years old, my father enlisted me in the 75th Infantry Corp, 2nd Company, in the Mexican Army. During the basic training, six months, I learned to be a soldier doing the things that a soldier must do..have loyalty, fidelity and kill for patriotism (a foolish way of thinking)
At the end of my training, I was commissioned in the 1st. Corp of Military Transmissions and Communications. I was commissioned as such because of my knowledge of radio repair and electronics. All this took place in the 80’s. I think in 1984.

In ’84, we were guarding the military camp when suddenly, by radio, we received a message calling in an emergency. That emergency call said something about a fire in the woods south of the city, in a place called Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones, near the volcano named EL Nevado de Toloca. Immediately we set into our emergency plan name DNIII. DNIII was the emergency plan that was set up for National Defence, just in case of… We arrived at the area ASAP, closing the area in several kms around the perimeter.

When I arrived at the place, I got down out of the truck and saw some kind of strange lights, which shone like no fire I had ever seen! These lights were shining, changing colors from one to another very slowly. The colors were yellow, blue, white, red, and green.

We left our vehicles and walked the rest of the way, almost climbing the mountain to arrive at the ‘supposed’ fire. The air was heavy and very hot like a steam bath. By radio came the order, ‘Do not STAND in front of the object more than 12 minutes… Do not touch anything. WAIT, for now, until we get further orders. Just KEEP the area contained. Now I am seeing this is NO FIRE, but why could we not stand close to the object? Why were we containing the area? I began thinking…maybe it’s a crashed plane, but then I asked myself, ‘Why aren’t we allowed to help the survivors?”

When we finally arrived at the crash site, I saw several parts of ‘something’ scattered all over a big area, parts of metal, some pieces were small. The heat now was very heavy. The Captain in Chief said, “Boys, none of you here watching or listing the found debris can say or tell anyone of this because of national security or you will abstain to the results..got it?” We answered to this, “Yes Sir”.

Myself and a Sargent went walking through the crash site, looking for some ‘life evidence’, while my partners kept the area contained. As I searched through the crashed object, I found myself nauseated and having a sense of vertigo, but I continued my search. We didn’t find anything showing any forms of life, but I remember seeing objects with some kind of writing that I had never seen in school or knew anything of. The closest I can come to explaining what the writing looked like would be that of Egyptian. At the central point was what ‘I THINK’ was the main control room. It looked like a top of a church, in short, vibrating in sound and in colors. It sounded like maybe that of the humming of electricity with a vibration pulsing from it…like wings of bees but VERY INTENSE. The most interest of all this, was how the rest of the metals and the main room seemed to vibrate together…in perfect synchronicity…as it were all part of the same body. It seemed to me it was like a cellular body where all cells work as one.

We were up there with the crashed vehicle all night . The next day, many men arrived to the sites, dressed in black, accompanied by the military soldiers of the United State Government. They told us that this craft was an experimental capsule they had been using to test the atmosphere and all that stuff.

All parts were put in their trucks and taken back to the United States.
This is my story, Mary. But some things I haven’t told you yet, but I wanted to get something to you on this now. I will write more and in more detail later.

God Bless You Dear Sister

Mary is following up on this story, and promises to post any updates on the Burlington News site as she gets them: http://www.burlingtonnews.net





The witness while fishing ten miles out in the in the Gulf of Mexico, on February 16, 2002, reports seeing jets investigating an object over the Gulf. Five unusually slow flying fighter jets heading Southeast between us and the coast at 3:00 PM. As they flew further down the coast, we noticed a strange white stationary object above and in front of fighters. The jets looked to be investigating the object


On the 21st February 2002, 8.30pm a friend of mine and her boyfriend were driving up across the downs towards devizes, on approaching the north wilts golf course they viewed what they described as a row of football stadium lights approximately the length of 2 747s and about 60 feet up hovering across the road and across the fields. As they were travelling fairly quickly they had no choice but to increase their speed and travel beneath the object. The lights were extremely bright and as the passed underneath they both felt a lot of static and had pins and needles. A car in the distance was reaching the brow of a small hill coming from the opposite direction – the object disappeared without a trace. Car radio and mobile phone were not functioning and the pins and needle feeling stayed with them for a few days along. My friends father told me that when they returned home they were in a panic and looked visibly shaken.

I am trying to track down any other sightings made in the near vicinity expanding from Devizes downs, Bishops Cannings along to Avebury and maybe Cheril. My friend did tell me that she wound the window down to check on any sounds, but she couldn’t hear a thing. As this object was silent it counts out an aircraft or a group of army helicopters. The lights were apparently very bright but not white, almost like the sun. Any further info would be gratefully received.
Mikos E-mail: lockomb@lineone.net



Dazzling Flying Triangle Visits South Coast Of England

From David Kingston

Sighting on the 28th February 2002 Time 22.50hrs

The size of the “flying triangle” was approximately 100 feet from the base of the triangle to the apex. The size as was the overall description was consistent with all witnesses that night. It had red lights running along the length of the right hand side of the craft and blue along the left side. A large circular light in the middle of the craft that pulsated in colour from a pale neon blue through to purple. There were no reports of any noise only a sound which was described as an electric crackle, similar to being underneath a power pylon when it is wet.

First Report

The “craft was first seen at St. Austell in Cornwall by a hospital doctor out walking his dog. Within minutes it was seen by several other people as it hovered approximately 200 yards off the shore at 1,000 ft high. It’s speed increased from stationary to 500 mph for 10 miles before doing a right hand turn (sharp 90 degree) without slowing down. (report by pilot)

The next report I received was from Somerset from a couple who at first did not see anything but were drawn to look upwards by an electric crackling noise. They could not believe their eyes when they saw the craft hovering above their heads estimated at about 2 to 3,000 feet, the centre light rapidly pulsating. It hovered for about two minutes maximum before “shooting off” at a tremendous speed in a easterly direction.

Second Report

22.55 hours from Lyme Regis, Dorset by a retired Coast Guardsman. His words: “The craft was hovering over the town, no more than 800 feet I would estimate. At first I thought it was a new prototype aircraft but was mystified by no sound and the unusual lighting display. I witnessed it for only a minute at the most before it gained tremendous speed, no noise, the light underneath pulsating a very pale blue with a corona around it. It climbed vertically in a matter of seconds, it reminded me of a Harrier jump jet, I would estimate to a height of 2,000 feet before it headed in a South Easterly direction.”

Third Report

From Portland 23.00 hours, Dorset. Policeman and two other witnesses (statements all describe the craft identically). Once again hovering, over a set of transmitting aerials at approximately 1 to 2,000 feet. Totally noiseless, only hovered for a minute or two at the most. The “electric noise” was heard but two witnesses stated they were not sure if it could have been the military transmitting aerials. Moved off slowly, almost at a hover speed.

Fourth Report

From Hengistbury Head area, Dorset. 23.05 hours. Four separate witnesses walking with their dogs. Height estimated at about 500 to 600 feet over the sea, this description of height was confirmed by a fisherman out “dropping his crab pots”. Once again, no noise reported, the navigation lights? were pulsating like a “rope light.” Only seen for a maximum of two minutes by witnesses. The craft departed this time by climbing vertically very quickly until it became about the size of a star and then “blinked out” the witnesses stated. The interesting thing at this location was that very soon after the craft started to ascend two jet fighters screamed overhead the witnesses said. There were a total of 18 witnesses that saw the craft during its flight path over the South Coast.
Thanks to David Kingston U.K.



Oklahoma UFO Photo

Date: March 11th 2002 about 1:30 AM. As I was driving home (driving towards the west from downtown Lawton, Oklahoma) I noticed several green lights and one larger red light near the western horizon. At first I paid little attention thinking it to be aircraft lights when they began to move in an erratic way. The smaller green lights seemed to be orbiting around the larger red light. It was then obvious that this wasn’t any normal aircraft! As I got closer to home I realised that the lights were heading in my general direction. I pulled into my driveway and ran into the house to grab my digital camera.

When I ran back outside the objects were now much closer and nearly overhead. I just recently got my digital camera, and not being very familiar with it only managed to get one picture. At the time I took the picture the objects were moving but slowly. After I took the picture I made the mistake of checking the display on the back of the camera to see if I got it. In hindsight I should have spent that time taking more pictures as it then sped off to the east while and was quickly out of sight. As a result I only got the one picture.

I didn’t notice any sound coming from the objects, but they did seem to disturb all the dogs in the neighbourhood which were barking until it

vanished from sight.

Here’s the photo that Joe W. was able to get of the UFO:

Oklahoma UFO

Editorial note: Not often that a person gets to see a UFO, and it’s much less often that they have the presence of mind to take a photo. Good thinking Joe! Update: This photo was analysed by an Oklahoma Mufon member and determined to be a real UFO. You can read the full analysis report at:TheLawton Triangle Thanks to Joe W.


AT approximately 00:20am on 8 April 02 (Sunday night/Monday morning) myself and two friends were star gazing outside their house. The night sky was clear and visibility was good with no cloud cover at all. My friend James noticed a bright light in the sky, which at first he thought was a star and he drew our attention to it. We were in Bearsden, just outside Glasgow and looking West towards the Greenock area. The three of us then watched what we thought was a star, until we saw the following occur.

From a stationary position it moved sharply to our left in a straight line remaining at the same altitude. It then changed direction to our right and started to climb diagonally to our right. Then it appeared to remain stationary for approximately fifteen seconds before climbing vertically at an extreme rate of climb until it disappeared from our vision ostensibly into space, none of us had binoculars or telescope with us.. There was no noise nor any visible exhaust trail from the object, nor any strobe lights. The object appeared to be round in shape and was a very bright white light. Any other witnesses to this event should report it to joe@ufology.org.uk Thanks to Joe McGonagle Via the www.ufology.org.uk website.


On April 8, 2002, I was watching T.V. at about 10:30 like I usually do on a Tuesday night with one of my friends. My T.V. is next to a picture window so I can usually see a lot of the outside, which turns out to help me later in my report. Anyway, I was getting up to go to bed and I saw something strange out my window. It was in the sky, and looked like an asteroid but a lot lower and moving at a much slower pace. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but when it didn’t go away for about a minute, I kept watching. It was headed to the East, towards the city. We quickly put on our jackets and went outside to watch it. After another minute or so, it stopped in mid air, I’m guessing about 8 miles away. It then broke into 2 separate parts, and then disappeared. We went back inside and decided to tell people about it later, since it was pretty weird.

Thanks to Jerry & Debbie C. http://www.ufowisconsin.com


On Friday, April 12, 2002, at 1:30 a.m., in Gulf Breeze, Florida (population 5,665), a town famous for its many UFO sightings between 1988 and 1993. Eyewitness Brett D. reported, “The UFO approached from the north. I stepped out of my vehicle to go inside my home after going out with a friend. I looked into the sky, as I always do, and noticed a triangular shape coming towards me. It then passed directly over my head and disappeared into the southern sky” over the Gulf of Mexico. Brett described the UFO as “black, triangular, three lights that were visible. One light at the tip of each triangle. It was about 250 feet (75 meters) above ground.”


My wife and son (he’s 12) were getting home a little late on the 12th April around 8:30 from shopping. It was a clear night. My other son (he’s 9) and I were worried so we waited impatiently. They just pulled in the drive way so we went out to meet them. They jump from the van very puzzled and were yelling nervously, “look at that”, “it was following us”. They where scared. This was no plane or helicopter. It was bright yellow, as low as two medium trees stacked together. It was moving very slowly, then stopped. It looked like a star but off color yellow. My son ran to get the camcorder but with the lighting in town we couldn’t adjust it or see it in the view finder. We all agreed that it was a UFO. It didn’t just sit still, it like vibrated, pulsed, little side to side movements. Very weird, scary, it’s hard to picture this. We see a lot of weird lights around here every night. Wish we had some professional equipment. We have three acres of yard, its pretty dark in the back where we see most of these lights. This is where professional equipment would capture awesome video or pictures. But this happened out front, down the road just out of town where we tried to tape past a lot of lighting. Location: Merrimac (between Devilshead Ski Lodge and Lake Wis) County: Sauk, Wisconsin.USA

Thanks to Jerry & Debbie C. http://www.ufowisconsin.com




9 B.C.

Nine moons were seen in the night sky over the Japanese community of Kyushu.

12 B.C.

A comet hung for several days over Rome then dissolved into flashes resembling torches.

73 B.C.

As Roman legions were pitched against King Mithridates of Pontus near the Black Sea suddenly a huge flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies. “In shape it was like a wine jar and in color like molten lead.”

218 B.C.

Around Rome glowing lamps were seen in the sky at Praeneste, a shield was observed at Arpi and in the Amiterno district, the appearance of men in
white garments.

332 B.C.

When the Greeks were besieging Tyre a fleet of “flying shields” swooped down from the sky and crashed upon the city walls.

400 B.C.

Blazing discs burned and destroyed an entire city along with its inhabitants, before returning to the hand of Vishnu, recorded the Mahabbarata of India.

1500 B.C.

Circles of fire are said to have hovered over the Palace of Pharaoh Thutmosis III. They eventually ascended and at the same time, “fishes and winged creatures” plus other objects rained down from the sky.

2345 B.C.

The Chinese Classic, Hsui-nan-tzu, chapter eight, describes the appearance of ten suns in the sky.

Thanks to Gary Farshores: ufopast.htm




UFO sightings have been made almost nightly in Australia’s Territory Outback during the past month. People claim to have seen coloured lights in the sky, cigar-shaped and hat-like objects moving erratically and a spate of triangular-shaped craft. One woman even claims she was approached by three silvery creatures after a triangle-shaped craft landed in a paddock.

Lou Farkis, a travel lodge manager, told news.com.au there had been many sightings by workers on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway. He said: “There are sightings here all the time …But in the last month it has been almost nightly. About five years ago we had a landing just 10km west of here every night for 28 days in a row. One guy filmed it and a TV channel bought the film from him.”

Mr Farkis says another worker inadvertently photographed a UFO while taking pictures of work at a nearby bridge. “When he got the photograph of a bridge girder developed in Darwin, there was an object, like a big, black ball, in the background,” he said. Mr Farkis also said an Alice Springs woman was driving home last month when she saw a light in a paddock 30km south of Wycliffe Well, just off the Stuart Highway. “She realised it was not the railway workers or the military and stopped. She told me she saw a triangular-shaped craft and then three silvery beings came out of it and walked towards her – it was then that she panicked and drove off.”




As a 24 year employee at the Kennedy Space Center I have been privileged to view many landings just as today’s return of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Which appeared like many others until I examined the photo’s I had taken as the shuttle glided above our office building and realized there was an unidentifiable object in the photo with the shuttle. As I viewed the small black dot in the lower left corner of the photo my heart raced and mind whirred at the possibilities of what it may be. Surely visitors from a distant planet I thought, here to view our technology, or perhaps a spy plane from a rival nation. But I must admit it is probably just a bird. Or is it?

In many years of UFO watching and study I still get excited at the possibility of another sighting. I have had many, starting in the high desert of Nevada in 1964, where I observed objects of indescribable nature move through the sky with grace and agility that cannot be comprehended, to more recent sightings here in Florida. But through it all I have come to realize that I cannot let the passion of heart over rule the scientific objective of the mind.

Bird or UFO?

Shuttle Landing 20 April 2002
Howard England



Thursday 18th April 2002

“As a result of recent and renewed interest in the Alien Autopsy Film engendered by the publication of new evidence in UFO Magazine (UK and USA) and publications in France and Russia, a new witness has come forward who claims to have seen film footage from an incident relating specifically to the AA scenario. The witness says he saw the footage in the 1950s and was shown it by his father who, it is claimed, filmed the incident, parts of which Ray Santilli purchased in the l990’s.

We have some intriguing detail on this man’s father, his military record, serial/rank number and so on. It remains to be seen exactly where this will lead but it just goes to show that investigations are never entirely complete.

Thank you.

Philip Mantle, Tim Matthews,

Full lecture details and further information on the Alien Autopsy Film can be located on the web site at: www.beyondroswell.com

This week, while trying to keep myself occupied in one of my boring classes, I decided to focus on the reverse engineering of the recovered Roswell UFO. I used some information from “The Day After Roswell” and some of my own theories. Essentially, the idea is simple. A UFO crashed near Roswell, N.M. in 1947, the military recovered it, denied that they had, and reverse engineered its technology. Evidence of this technology can be seen in almost every walk of life: microprocessors, lasers, fibre optics, circuit boards, night vision, etc.

Throughout the history of the human species, there has never been a major step or jump in technology, except in 1947. Tens of thousands of years passed by, but suddenly, after an alien craft is captured, technological breakthroughs abound. You be the judge, it is clear to me, the computer that I am typing this on right now, is a product of alien intelligence.

Chris Augustin http://www.aliensthetruth.com/reverseengineering.html



This Issues Selected Picture

This Issues Selected Picture



“If I become President, I’ll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one.” President Jimmy Carter during his Presidential campaign.

And finally from a witness to a UFO sighting over Chicago USA, commented…”we all agreed we saw them regardless of what we’d been smoking.”



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