V1.3 – March 4th 1996

Newspaper exposes Canada’s X-Files

V1.4 – March 11th

“Missing time” at Taharti Lake
More from Canada’s X-Files

V1.5 – March 18th

More UFOs sighted in Canada’s Northwest Territories

V1.6 – March 25th 1996

UFO seen near Canadian forces base
UFO sighted in Yellowknife

V1.7 – April 1st 1996

More Canadian X-Files released

V1.12 – May 5th 1996

Giant UFO reported over eastern Ontario

V1.18 – June 16th 1996

Disc-shaped UFO zaps hockey fans’ car
The saucers of June

V1.21 – July 7th 1996

College student sees UFO in Nova Scotia

V1.24 – July 28th 1996

Crop circle appears in Nebraska

V1.26 – August 11th 1996

UFO group investigates Quebec abduction case

V1.35 – October 27th 1996

UFO aims a spotlight at a car in Quebec

V1.37 – November 10th 1996

UFO flap in Manitoba
UFOs roam up and down the St. Lawrence River

V1.39 – November 24th 1996

Glowing UFO flies over Sudbury, Ontario
Triangular UFO hovers over Gatineau home

V1.41 – December 8th 1996

Lone UFO prowls skies of Northern Ontario

V2.1 – January 5th 1997

UFOs sighted over Thunder Bay, Ontario

V2.4 – January 26th 1997

Seven UFOs seen over Lake Ontario

V2.12 – March 23rd 1997

Orange globes reported over Quebec and Vermont

V2.13 – March 30th 1997

1977: A pilot vanishes
Orange globes continue to be seen in Ontario

V2.17 – April 27th 1997

1897: An airship visits Winnipeg
Quebec man reports a weird encounter

V2.18 – May 4th 1997

Saucers active again in Northern Ontario

V2.19 – May 11th 1997

British Columbia reports month-long UFO flap

V2.23 – June 8th 1997

Cigar-shaped UFO sighted over Southern Ontario

V2.24 – June 15th 1997

Cigar-shaped UFO seen over Sarnia, Ontario

V2.29 – July 20th 1997

Monster reportedly shot in Lake Manitoba

V2.32 August 10th 1997

UFOs sweep Canada

V2.33 – August 17th 1997

Cadborosaurus surfaces off British Columbia

V2.34 – August 21st 1997

Crop circles appear in Saskatchewan

V2.37 – September 28th 1997

Spherical red UFO seen on Lake Ontario’s north shore

V2.40 – October 19th 1997

UFO seen hovering in clouds over Montreal

V2.43 – November 9th 1997

Large UFO sighted over Thunder Bay, Ontario
Mystery explosion rocks town in Quebec
UFO hovers over town in western Newfoundland

V3.01 – January 4th 1998

UFOs appear over two Canadian provinces

V3.10 – March 8th 1998

UFOs sighted in Quebec and British Columbia

V3.12 – March 22nd 1998

Cattle mutilation reported in northern British Columbia
Jarvis team tracks orbs over Lake Ontario

V3.14 – April 5th 1998

Three silver sphere UFOs spotted in Ontario

V3.24 June 14th 1998

UFOs, black helicopter haunt sky over Montreal
V-shaped UFO seen in central Ontario

V.26 – June 28th 1998

Squadron of V-shaped UFOs seen over Montreal

V3.29 – July 29th 1998

Triangular UFO spotted in Selkirk, Manitoba

V3.30 July 26th 1998

Two saucers fly over Red Deer, Alberta

V3.32 – August 9th 1998

Saucer spotted in Saskatchewan

V3.34 – August 25th 1998

Three crop circles appear in Saskatchewan fields

V3.35 August 31st 1998

Crop circle found in Rothwell, Leeds, UK (Includes Canadian report)

V3.36 – September 6th 1998

More crop circles found in western Canada
Strange power failure doomed Swiss jetliner

V3.37 – September 14th 1998

Swissair 111 cockpit voice recorder discovered

V3.40 – October 5th 1998

Crop circles appear on Prince Edward Island
Giant bigfoot tracks found in Saskatchewan

V3.42 – October 19th 1998

More crop circles are found in Saskatchewan

V3.43 – October 26th 1998

Crop circle found near Lowville, Ontario

V3.44 – November 2nd 1998

1977: The Algoma triangle
Canada plans military response to Y2K crisis

V3.45 – November 9th 1998

Mystery meteor lights up the city of Winnipeg

V3.47 – November 24th 1998

1952: Flight to oblivion

V3.49 – December 7th 1998

Large UFO sighted south of Montreal

V4.05 – February 1st 1999

1880: The strange doom of Louis Stonehouse

V4.06 – February 8th 1999

Errol Bruce-Knapp hosts radio show in Canada

V4.07 – February 15th 1999

Large daylight UFO seen over downtown Toronto

V4.09 – March 1st 1999

UFO surprises witness in Mississauga, Ontario

V4.11 – March 22nd 1999

UFO flap breaks out in Quebec and Ontario

V4.13 – March 29th 1999

UFO seen hovering over downtown Toronto

V4.14 – April 5th 1999

More UFO sightings are reported in Ontario
Strange “tree circles” studied in Canada
Toronto UFO back again

V4.15 – April 12th 1999

UFO blamed for roof collapse in Canada

V4.18 – August 25th 1999

Crop circle reported in British Columbia

V4.19 – August 31st 1999

Crop circles appear in Alberta

V4.20 – September 8th 1999

Crop circle cluster found in Saskatchewan

V4.21 – September 16th 1999

More crop circles appear in Canada

V4.22 – September 22nd 1999

Crop circles pop up in Saskatchewan

V4.23 – September 30th 1999

Fast-flying UFOs seen in British Columbia
More crop circles appear in Midale

V4.24 – October 7th 1999

Bright UFO sighted in Saskatchewan
Seven crop circles found near Edmonton

V4.28 – November 4th 1999

Giant fireball appears over New Brunswick
Two crop circles found in Saskatchewan

V4.30 – November 18th 1999

1913: Too many Thompsons
Crop circles reappear in Lowville, Ontario

V4.31 – November 25th 1999

UFOs sighted in Ontario

V5.03 – January 20th 2000

Aqu tracks mysterious creature in Quebec

V5.08 – February 24th 2000

Falling chunk of ice hits a moving truck in Canada

V5.14 – April 6th 2000

Glowing red UFO seen over Sudbury, Ontario

V5.15 – April 13th 2000

Couple chases saucer in Canada’s Yukon

V5.18 – May 4th 2000

UFOs sighted in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

V5.19 – May 11th 2000

Mysterious lights seen over Hamilton, Ontario

V5.27 – July 6th 2000

1907: UFO explosion over Burlington, Vermont
First crop circle of 2000 appears in Saskatchewan
Seven crescent-shaped UFOs seen over Montreal

V5.29 – July 20th 2000

Five crop circles found in Ashern, Manitoba

V5.33 – August 17th 2000

Hovering UFO seen by a camper in Saskatchewan

V5.34 – August 24th 2000

Two sets of crop circles appear in Canada
UFO flap continues in Saskatchewan

V3.35 – August 31st 2000

Another crop circle found in Saskatchewan
Researcher declares 2000 “Summer of Sasquatch”

V5.36 – September 7th 2000

1969: Bigfoot migration?
Dazzling UFO appears over London, Ontario

V5.37 – September 14th 2000

Crop circles pop up again in Saskatchewan
Red sphere UFO appears over Gull Lake, Ontario

V5.38 – September 21st 2000

Chemtrails seen in Ottawa
Two more crop circles found in Saskatchewan
Young mother spots a hovering UFO in Quebec

V5.46 – November 16th 2000

Permian lizard holds evolutionary surprise

V5.50 – December 14th 2000

Weird “ice circle” found in Delta, Ontario

V5.52 – December 28th 2000

Fast-flying UFO reported in Terrace, British Columbia
Second “ice circle” found at Lac Pelletier, Quebec

V6.02 – January 11th 2001

Two hovering UFOs caught on videotape in Canada

V6.05 – February 1st 2001

Black helicopters seen in Alberta and Wyoming

V6.11 – March 15th 2001

Triangular UFO seen over Lake Erie

V6.12 – March 22nd 2001

Roundup corrigenda: Triangular UFO seen over Lake Erie

V6.15 – April 12th 2001

First crop circle of 2001 appears in British Columbia

V7.10 – March 5th 2002

Couple sees a bright UFO in British Columbia
Mysterious fireball passes over Windsor, Ontario
UFOs sighted by many in New Brunswick, Canada

V7.11 – March 12th 2002

Luminous UFO stalks British Columbia

V7.12 – March 19th 2002

Luminous UFOs converge on Terrace, British Columbia

V7.13 – March 19th 2002

More UFOs reported near Terrace, British Columbia

V7.14 – April 2nd 2002

Large saucer flies over downtown Ottawa
More UFO reports surface in British Columbia

V7.15 – April 9th 2002

“Sparkly” UFO sighted over Cedarvale, British Columbia

V7.19 – May 7th 2002

More UFOs reported in Canada’s far west
UFOs turn up in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada

V7.21 – May 21st 2002

UFO reports continue to trickle in from northern British Columbia

V7.23 – June 4th 2002

Crop circles appear in Canada

V7.24 – June 11th 2002

Sensational fossils found near Lake Ontario

V7.25 – June 18th 2002

UFOs skim over the suburbs of Toronto

V7.26 – June 25th 2002

Bull reported mutilated in western Canada
Spherical UFOs seen over west Vancouver, B.C.

V7.29 – July 16th 2002

Crop circles appear in UK and Canada
UFOs reported in Ontario and Alberta in Canada

V7.31 – July 30th 2002

Crop circles proliferate worldwide in July
Luminous red UFOs sighted in Longueuil, Quebec
Mysterious hum disturbs Victoria, British Columbia

V7.32 – Aug 6th 2002

Solitary UFO returns to Terrace, British Columbia

V7.33 – Aug 13th 2002

Two UFO sightings are reported in Canada

V7.34 – Aug 20th 2002

Bright luminous UFO seen in British Columbia
Crop circles are on the increase again

V7.35 – Aug 27th 2002

An alien message in a UK crop circle?
Luminous UFOs sighted in British Columbia

V7.36 – Sep 3rd 2002

UFOs are active in Canada

V7.37 – Sep 10th 2002

More UFOs sighted in central Canada

V7.38 – Sep 17th 2002

Couple spots a UFO in Rodney, Ontario
Crop circles appear in western Canada

V7.39 – Sep 24th 2002

Crop circle formations found in Saskatchewan
More UFOs sighted in British Columbia
Triangular UFOs seen by a family in Quebec

V7.40 – October 1st 2002

Triangular UFO flies over a bridge in Montreal
Triangular UFO sighted near Winnipeg, Manitoba

V7.41 – October 8th 2002

Yellow UFO sighted in British Columbia

V7.44 – October 29th 2002

UFOs encountered at Hungry Hill, B.C.

V7.45 – November 5th 2002

Mystery aircraft seen over Victoria, B.C.

V7.46 – November 12th 2002

Five orange UFOs sighted in London, Ontario

V7.47 – November 19th 2002

More UFO activity in western Canada
Mysterious booms heard in New Brunswick, Canada

V7.48 – November 26th 2002

1902: Strange cruise of the Bannockburn

V7.49 – December 3rd 2002

Fast-moving UFO spotted in Omaha, Nebraska

V7.50 – December 10th 2002

Reader feedback: Strange secrets of the nebulas

V7.52 – December 24th 2002

1990: A Christmas miracle in Saskatchewan

V8.01 – January 1st 2003

White spherical UFO seen near Vancouver, B.C.

V8.02 – January 8th 2003

UFO activity remains high in British Columbia

V8.03 – January 15th 2002

Flying-wing UFO seen by two in Calgary, Alberta
Three daylight discs seen in British Columbia

V8.04 – January 22nd 2003

Three new moons found orbiting Neptune

V8.08 – February 19th 2003

Hovering orange fireball seen in Manitoba, Canada
UFOs reappear in northern British Columbia

V8.09 – February 26th 2003

Young mother spots a UFO in Smithers, B.C.

V8.12 – March 19th 2003

Luminous UFOs seen again in British Columbia

V8.14 – April 2nd 2003

More UFOs spotted near Terrace, British Columbia

V8.17 – April 30th 2003

Triangular UFO spotted in Nova Scotia

V8.25 – July 9th 2003

Sudden outbreak of crop circles worldwide

V8.28 – July 30th 2003

Crop circles appear in southern Ontario

V8.29 – August 6th 2003

Another crop circle found in Ontario
UFO flotilla appears in Dunmore, Alberta

V8.30 – August 13th 2003

UFO flap sweeps Ontario

V8.31 – August 20th 2003

More crop circles appear in Canada
Mysterious blackout affects 50 million in the USA and Canada

V8.32 – August 27th 2003

Crop circles appear far and wide in Canada
More UFOs appear over North Bay, Ontario
UFO flotilla spotted in Fort McMurray, Alberta

V8.33 – September 3rd 2003

Crop circles discovered in British Columbia
Four people see a UFO in Scarborough, Ontario

V8.42 – Nov 5th 2003

Two mysterious glowing clouds seen in Alberta

V9.01 – January 7th 2004

Solitary UFO seen by a woman in Ontario
Two crop circles found in Abbotsford, B.C.

V9.06 – February 11th 2004

Elvis church has Ontario “all shook up”

V9.07 – February 18th 2004

Mysterious dust fall reported in Nova Scotia

V9.10 – March 10th 2004

Virgin painting weeps tears in Canada

V9.14 – April 7th 2004

Canada’s Prime Minister encounters a UFO

V9.15 – April 14th 2004

Night saucer seen in Stony Plain, Alberta

V9.16 – April 21st 2004

Three UFOs sighted over Tyndall Park, Manitoba

V9.19 – May 12th 2004

Cattle mutilation case reported in Manitoba

V9.24 – June 16thth 2004

UFO flap erupts in central Canada

V9.25 – June 23rd 2004

Bigfoot sighted near Teslin in the Yukon
Oblong UFO hovers over pair in Winnipeg, Canada

V9.27 – July 7th 2004

Crop circle appears in New Brunswick, Canada

V9.28 – July 14th 2004

Luminous UFO appears near Montreal, Canada

V9.29 – July 21st 2004

Multiple-light UFOs seen over Vancouver, B.C.

V9.30 – July 28th 2004

Crop circle appears in Prince George, B.C.

V9.31 – August 4th 2004

Crop circles flourish in UK, Canada and Poland

V9.32 – August 11th 2004

Unusual crop circle in British Columbia

V9.33 – August 18th 2004

UFO seen twice in one night over Winnipeg
UFOs spotted in Ontario
Unusual crop circles found near Lake Huron

V9.35 – September 1st 2004

Crop circles appear in Canada and Poland

V9.36 – September 8th 2004

Signs of winter flourish in the USA and Canada

V9.37 – September 15th 2004

More crop circles reported in Canada

V9.38 – September 22nd 2004

Bizarre “tree circles” found in Canada
More weather anomalies
Saucers up north
UFO with spotlights seen in Airdrie, Alberta

V9.39 – September 29th 2004

New crop circle found in Saskatchewan

V9.40 – October 6th 2004

Scintillating UFO seen in a Toronto suburb

V9.41 – October 13th 2004

Crop circle discovered in Noyan, Quebec, Canada
Saskatchewan family sees a UFO near the Big Dipper stargate

V9.43 – October 27th 2004

Massive crop circle flap breaks out in Canada

V9.44 – November 3rd 2004

Flashing UFO sighted in Nova Scotia, Canada

V9.45 – November 10th 2004

Couple sees three UFOs in London, Ontario

V9.52 – December 29th 2004

Luminous oval UFO seen in Tweed, Ontario

V10.01 – January 5th 2005

Two UFOs buzz a house in Acton, Ontario

V10.06 – February 8th 2005

Flashing red-and-white UFO hovers over Ottawa

V10.07 – February 16th 2005

Strange phenomenon in Sault Sainte Marie, Ont.

V10.08 – February 23rd 2005

Coming to the Soo–The Virgin Mary?

V10.09 – March 2nd 2005

Huge oval UFO appears in Saskatchewan

V10.10 – March 9th 2005

Boomerang-shaped UFO seen in Maple Ridge, B.C
Hovering UFO seen by a girl in Montreal

V10.11 – March 16th 2005

Man videotapes a UFO in northern British Columbia

V10.12 – March 23rd 2005

Reader Feedback: The Virgin Mary has already been to Soo, Canada
UFOs appear in Ottawa and Cookstown, Ontario
Woman sees a UFO in Putney, Vermont

V10.13 – March 30th 2005

1974: Black helicopters over Ontario

V10.14 – April 6th 2005

Large UFO seen flying over Valemount, B.C.

V10.18 – May 4th 2005

Mystery meteor seen in daylight over western Manitoba

V10.20 – May 18th 2005

Night saucer seen over Kuujjuaq, Quebec

V10.21 – May 25th 2005

UFOs or the Virgin Mary?

V10.22 – June 1st 2005

CFR promotes merger of USA, Canada and Mexico
Fast UFO flyby in southern Ontario

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