San Jose, California Hull Of Saucer A Dark Green, Gray Appearance

Date: Winter of 1985/86

Time: Late afternoon

One late afternoon in the winter of 1985/86, in San Jose, CA., I was outside looking toward the mountains to the east and at the sky. The sky was sparsely filled with low cloud as. The clouds and sky were hued with various colors.

Out of my left eye, toward the north, I saw something dropping down from the sky from more than 10+ miles away at about 30+ miles a minute as I turned my head to see it correctly. At this time its’ distance may have been about 8+ miles away. It looked like a ‘block’.

It dropped down further and began to arch to level to the ground, seemingly coming toward me, traveling about 4 miles a minute at about 6+ miles away. It began to move north to south across my field of view. I was now able to see that its’ side hull wall was tapered that it looked like a saucer but had a block appearance to it. Its’ outer hull had a dark green, gray appearance.

The hull wall had an outer plating that was 5 plates tall and the plates wrapped the circumference of the ship. Each row of plates was offset from each other in a staggering that brought every other row aligned.

These hull plates were set to the base hull with what appeared to be rivets, very large rivets. The ship began to slow, in its’ north – south direction, to about 2 miles a minute.

The ship had already begun to run parallel to the ground and as it was stepping across my view the suns light gave it a dark gold, green, gray appearance. At this time its’ size was realized.

I felt very cold, I could feel the bumps, grown on me, but didn’t want to be afraid of ‘it’.

Now it began to come back toward me after having stepped across me. It was about 3 miles away. Its’ view took about, a reference of, 20 degrees from a reference 180 degree field of view.

The lower row of hull plates, in the angular view, was about 20-35 plates and diameter to height ratio was about 4.5-6 to 1.

The sun still shown light on it.

I was unable to recount the intricacies of the ship and most gauging are vectors due to there being no standard frame of reference and the fact that I was taken by surprise.

The hull plates, each, in their overlap, were held by about 22 rivets along their edge. ATV this time the ship had slowed to less than 1 mile a minute.

I felt a sense of stalking me, somewhat afraid. It was less than 1 mile away and took up about 100 degrees of my field of view. The rivets appeared to be as big as houses on ‘its’ hull plates, and I attempted to gauge the plate area again: it seemed to confirm. It was still moving, slowly. It seemed to be stepping down toward me.

When ‘it’ stopped it was about, what appeared to be less than 1000 feet away. Its’ footprint was large. The far edge seemed far away and it was dark underneath. I was able to look up across its’ plate-wall about 4 plates high to a cloud which had settled on the upper hull plates. I felt it close enough to walk onto it.

It stood there for what seemed to be about 5 minutes while I looked. Then ‘it’ “JUMPED OFF” at a velocity I had to calculate as acceleration according to the time I was able to deduce by the distance I was able to reference as being able to see and lock as a standard ability.

The final accelerative calculation gave ‘it’ a velocity of approximately 3700 miles in that splitting of a second. It need be realized that at the end of one second its’ accelerative velocity was much greater if the accelerative vector was maintained.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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