The Magonia Database: Part 9: March 30th 1966 – April 16th 1967

Mar. 30, 1966  Pecos (Texas). An elongated object about 30 m long
               and 9 m high was reported to have landed near a high-
               way for 5 min. (NICAP Mar., 66)
Mar. 30, 1966  Lexisburg (Indiana). A civilian woman and her four
2035           children observed an oval object crossing the road as
               they were driving south about 15 km north of Lexis-
               burg. It came close to the car, and a pulsating sound
               was heard, increasing in frequency as the object came
               nearer, but it seemed to come through the car radio
               rather than directly from the object. The witness
               drove away in fear, but was followed for 13 km by the
               object, whose color suddenly changed from reddish-
               orange to bluish-white before accelerating out of sight.
Mar. 30, 1966  Mansfield (Ohio). An anonymous witness saw a
2200           round object with two lights land near the Ohio State
               University campus. A door opened and a very thin,
               child-sized figure was seen. The object then began to
               move torward the witness's car and rose rapidly.
               (Gribble Jun., 66)
Mar. 31, 1966  Vicksburg (Michigan). A man driving home saw
0200           lights on the road and discovered a gray,lens-shaped
               object hovering at 1 m altitude. It had one intense
               white light and three colored flashing lights. Driving
               within 2 m of it, he became afraid and backed up, but
               the object suddenly flew over and behind him. A noise
               similar to that of a swarm of bees was audible. It left
               at high speed toward the east. (Personal)
Mar. 31, 1966  San Francisco (California). Two women observed a
0600           large object with a pulsating bluish light on top, an
               orange light below, windows, and antennae, resting
               in a construction area. Silhouettes could be seen mov-
               ing inside, one of them gesturing as the craft took off.
               (Gribble Jun., 6)
Mar. 31, 1966  Hamilton (Canada). Charles Kozens, 13, saw two
2115           objects, 2.5 m long, 1.2 m high, with flashing lights,
               land near Hamilton. When he tried to touch an
               antenna on one of the objects, he received an electric
               shock. (FSR 66, 4)
Apr. 01, 1966  Tangier (Oklahoma). A civilian man, 34, was driving
2240           about 10 km south of Tangier when he reached a hill-
               top and saw a green object flying north at very high
               speed, emitting a shrieking noise and a "heat wave."
               The car engine died. The witness noted that the ob-
               ject was wider than the road. (Atic)
Apr. 01, 1966  Liberty (Missouri). Darlene Underwood and her
2400           mother saw two starlike objects land in a field. One
               of them rose rapidly when a train came into view. It
               went behind a hill, while the second one hovered at
               tree height with its lights off. When the train had
               passed, both objects landed again and two manlike
               shadows were seen. Voices shouting in a foreign lan-
               guage and what sounded like a pig being butchered
               were heard. Light signals. (IIR May., 66)
Apr. 04, 1966  Hague (Florida). A civilian man, 40, saw an object
0605           resting on the ground as he was going to work, less
               than 2 km southeast of Hague. It was an elongated
               craft, 2 m long, 70 cm high. When he tried to touch
               it, the craft left at great speed toward the west. It had
               six openings, 10 cm in diameter, and made a "turbine"
               noise so loud that the witness had to put his hands
               over his ears. After going away for a few meters, it
               vanished suddenly. Rain was falling throughout the
               observation, which lasted four min. (Atic)
Apr. 05, 1966  Wycheproof (Australia). R. Sullivan was driving to-
               ward Maryborough when his headlight beams ap-
               peared to "bend" to the right. He then observed a
               vertical, conical beam of light in a nearby field, very
               white at ground level and rainbowlike up to an alti-
               tude of 7 m. Top and bottom diameters: 3 and 1 m
               respectively. The object producing the light flew
               away. (APRO May., 66)
Apr. 05, 1966  Durhamville (New York). A woman was awakened by
0130           a flash, thought her heater had exploded, but found
               everything in order. The next day she was told that a
               pulsating, luminous object had flown at very low
               altitude over her trailer, circled and left. Three wit-
               noises. Low buzzing sound. (Binder)
Apr. 05, 1966  Lycoming (New York). A civilian woman, 42, went
0300           to get a glass of water in her kitchen and saw a spin-
               ning object, 3 m in diameter, 6 m above ground near
               her house. It departed very suddenly, leaving a trail.
Apr. 05, 1966  Kittery (Maine). A landed object was observed
1900           through binoculars by four persons. It took off,
               hovered for a while, and left. (Atic)
Apr. 05, 1966  Alto (Tennessee). Two civilian men stopped to watch
2400           an object hovering above a swamp, tried to follow it,
               but it flew awav. They observed that animals (cows,
               dogs, horses) were restless in all the areas that the
               object crossed. A photographic reconstitution by the
               U.S. Air Force showed an oval object, 30 m long,
               flying at 5 m altitude, between a high-tension line and
               a row of trees. (Atic)
Apr. 07, 1966  Daniels Park (Colorado). Six teenagers reported
2130           strange lights following their car as they left the site
               of a picnic in a state of extreme fear. An unknown
               man, 2.20 m tall, wearing black clothes, had been seen
               passing in front of the shelter entrance and walking
               on the roof. (Personal)
Apr. 08, 1966  Norwalk (Connecticut). Mike Dorsey and Gary
0805           Hunt, 12 were walking to school when they saw a
               circling object making the sound of humming bees.
               They ran for cover, trying to stop a car. The craft re-
               sembled an upside-down plate, very smooth, ap-
               parently metallic, with a black spot near the rim, a
               red light and an antennalike projection, and red and
               white lights spinning counterclockwise. Diameter-
               2.5 m, height, 1.5 m. Minimum altitude was 2 m, held
               for 5 min, with a slight rocking motion. The object
               then took off at great speed. (Lor. III 108)
Apr. 11, 1966  Greensburg (Pennsylvania). A civilian man, 43, saw
0000           a well-defined object 5 m above ground, 100 m away.
               It showed a flashing red light, rose, was lost in the
               fog, then came back at treetop level with a strong
               whistling sound. Its shape was that of a cigar, 15 m
               long. It had no wings, tail assembly, or wheels. (Atic)
Apr. 12, 1966  Dorchester (Massachusetts). During a power failure
1945           many residents, including Robert Moses and Robert
               McCambly, saw an oval object with a dome on top
               and lights (red to white to green) around the bottom,
               which appeared to land on the roof of the Oliver
               Wendelle Holmes grammar school after a series of
               maneuvers. (FSR 66, 4)
Apr. 17, 1966  Millersville (Texas). A person in a car saw an oval
               object the size of a car follow his vehicle, then cross
               the road behind it at 5 m altitude. The object reflected
               sunlight. (Atic)
Apr. 18, 1966  Battle Creek (Michigan). An egg-shaped object, 25 m
2210           long, 5 m high, gray-colored, was observed from a
               distance of 25 m by a 42-year-old witness driving a car.
               The object supported a cockpit with windows and
               three rows of lights, emitted red flames, and made the
               same noise as a heavy truck on wet pavement. The
               object followed the car for some time. (Atic)
Apr. 19, 1966  Bellingham (Massachusetts). Two women saw a
2200           cigar-shaped object, with bright, red lights at both
               ends, flying erratically. It made a whistling sound
               when moving, was silent when hovering. Minimum
               distance: 100 m, length, 20 m. The lights began flash-
               ing and the object went down behind some trees when
               five planes and a helicopter came over the area. Two
               of the aircraft circled the location, then flew on. The
               whistling sound was again heard, but the object was
               not seen after the departure of the planes. (Personal)
Apr. 19, 1966  Peabody (Massachusetts). A man saw what he
2245           thought was a crashing plane, then observed it was
               oval, had white, red, and green lights, flew low over
               him, circled, came down with pendulum motion, and
               appeared to land on Route 114. At midnight, two men
               driving along that route saw a beam sweep the road,
               stopped, and saw the object in a field. It was a disk
               with a white, a green, and three red lights. The two
               reports were independent. (Personal)
Apr. 22, 1966  Bagley (Minnesota). Several people were said to have
1530           observed an object fly at low altitude and land outside
               Bagley. Four dwarfs seemed to make repairs, then the
               craft flew away. (FS Mar., 67)
Apr. 22, 1966  Beverly (Massachusetts). A child saw a blinding,
2100           multicolored source of light making a buzzing sound
               as it flew over the road 15 m away from the house. It
               seemed to land in a field near the school. Three adults
               came out to calm the child and also saw the object
               circling and hovering. They called the police. Two
               officers arrived and saw the object appearing to
               "dance" with two other craft. All witnesses then ob-
               served the arrival of one helicopter and two aircraft,
               as the remaining object flew away to the southwest.
               Police described the object as plate-shaped when
               stationary above the school building. TV reception
               was blurred throughout the observation. (Personal)
Apr. 24, 1966  Pedernales River (Texas). Tom M. Lasseter, archi-
0330           tect, was camping near the river when he was awak-
               ened by a fluttering sound and observed a glowing
               white disk, 7 m in diameter, at treetop level 60 m
               away. It had a row of lights. (NICAP May., 66)
Apr. 24, 1966  Ashby (Massachusetts). Two men saw an object dive
1810           within 30 m of their car. It was silent, had a bright
               blue light on top, suddenly accelerated, and was lost
               to sight toward Mt. Watatic. (Atic)
Apr. 26, 1966  Follansbee (West Virginia). A young man saw a
2330           silent object shaped like two bowls glued together,
               30 m altitude, ahead of his car. Estimated diameter:
               10 m. He drove away without looking behind. (Atic)
May. 10, 1966  Marisela Caracas (Venezuela). A man observed the
1652           landing of an oval object and two beings, who ame
               out of the object through a system of light beams.
               They used strange instruments to examine a number
               of objects, especially plants. They were 2 m tall, had
               oversized heads, appeared bright and "transparent."
               Their eyes were slanted, their shoulders very broad.
               They wore no apparent weapon, but their belts were
               very wide and emitted light rays. They did not touch
               anything without first illuminating it with these
               beams. They went back aboard their craft "as if car-
               ried by the light." (Personal)
May. 10, 1966  Atafona Campos (Brazil). Approximate date. The
2200           crowd at a movie projection panicked, thinking it
               was an earthquake, as an unknown object exploded.
               According to police, a sulphurous odor and a trace
               25 cm deep, 35 cm wide, were noted at the site.
               (LDLN 84)
May. 16, 1966  Cordoba (Spain). Manuel Hernandez was coming
               back from the fields near Cordoba when he saw a
               disk-shaped object land 100 m away. Small beings
               resembling "green birds" came out for a few instants,
               then took off again. (162)
Jun. 03, 1966  West Point City (Pennsylvania). Two witnesses ob-
2145           served a stationary object 3 m above ground. It had a
               diameter of 7 m, lights on top and bottom and smaller
               lights at the rim. It flew away very fast to the east.
Jun. 08, 1966  Sandusky Road (Ohio). A civilian man, 43, driving
0645           west between Kansas and Toledo, saw an object ap-
               pear out of nowhere. It was cigar-shaped, bright
               metallic, and flew low to the northeast. Minimum
               distance: 30 m. The object was completely silent, and
               the size of an airliner. (Atic)
Jun. 11, 1966  Westport (Connecticut). A civilian who was going
0345           fishing saw an object dive toward his car and hover at
               treetop level, stopped and observed it for two min. It
               was shaped like two plates glued together, and had a
               smaller, oval object on top. It took a 45 (degree)
               inclination, rose, made a right-angle turn, and changed
               color (white to yellow to blue to green) as it
               accelerated. (NICAP)
Jun. 13, 1966  Milan (Michigan). The policeman who had observed
               an object over Milan on Mar. 17 saw an unidentified
               machine on the ground at a street intersection. He
               drove toward it with his headlights illuminating the
               object, which took off like an airplane, flying away to
               the southeast. Investigation by Selfridge AFB. (Atic)
Jun. 18, 1966  Bar-sur-Loup (France). The Mayor of Bar-sur-Loup,
0345           Leon Barbier, saw a large, round object with yellow
               and green lights on a hilltop. (LDLN 89)
Jun. 18, 1966  Le Rouret (France). A truck driver, Mr. Dugelay,
0400           saw a disk-shaped object over Le Rouret. It remained
               motionless for five min, then disappeared. Its lights
               were alternately red and bluish-green. (LDLN 84;
Jun. 18, 1966  Mount Mitchell (North Carolina). Four campers
2400           saw an object with three flashing red lights land on
               the ground 200 m away. It remained there all night,
               rose at dawn, was then observed through binoculars
               as a red-colored, bell-shaped craft. Broken trees and
               other traces were found. (Atic)
Jun. 23, 1966  Hamburg (New York). A 61-year-old civilian woman
2130           was reading when an intense red light illuminated
               the ground near her house. She went outside and saw
               a lighted object 20 m away 1 m in diameter, which
               backed up and flew away "like a bullet." Three other
               persons saw it from the next house. (Atic) <*>
Jul. 05, 1966  Chaclacayo (Peru). Several persons reported seeing
               a very small creature leaving a luminous trail, quietly
               walking along the streets, while children and adults
               panicked. (164)
Jul. 11, 1966  Union-Kirkwood (Pennsylvania). Two civilian women
               saw a red, luminous object 30 m away in a field. It
               had small openings and made a whirring sound.
               Length, 30 m; height, 6 m; duration, 90 min. (Atic)
Jul. 13, 1966  Pontedera (Italy). Camillo Faieta, 35, a lineman, was
               on duty when a light dazzled him, and he observed
               that it came from an object on a small island on the
               Emissario Canal. Two little men were seen briefly on
               the ground before the departure of the object. There
               are four other witnesses. (LDLN 86; FSR 67, 1)
Jul. 17, 1966  Rebouillon (France). Rene Pebre and two others were
0345           driving back from Draguignan when they saw a gray
               oval, metallic object, about 5 m long, hovering at
               low altitude, about 300 m from them. They noticed
               several window-like openings on the craft, which
               emitted a light beam. All the dogs in the vicinity
               were barking. (GEPA Sep., 66)
Jul. 25, 1966  Vancehars (North Carolina). A man driving between
0200           Greenville and Vancehars saw a glow in the woods
               and was followed by the light even at speeds of 170
               km/hr. He finally stopped to observe it, but became
               afraid when he saw that it came from a pulsating ob-
               ject that flew within 100 m of the car, 15 m above
               ground. The color changed in sequence, orange to red
               to blue to green, and the object wobbled on its axis.
               It came within 30 m, then suddenly left straight up.
Jul. 28, 1966  Montsoreau (France). A photographer, Mr. Lacoste,
evening        and his wife, saw a red, lighted object cross the sky
               and appear to touch the ground. It then rose, hovered,
               and disappeared. The next day a wheat field was
               found flattened over an area 3 m in diameter, and
               covered with an oily substance. (166; Magonia)
Jul. 31, 1966  Erie, Preque-Ile Park (Pennsylvania). Young wit-
2025           nesses reported an object flying erratically and land-
               ing 300 m away. It had the shape of a mushroom and
               swept the area with a light beam. A strange being,
               1.80 m tall, was seen. Police report. (167; FSR 66, 6)
Aug. 01, 1966  Rushville (Indiana). Several young witnesses reported
1945           seeing an unidentified object at low altitude. (Lor.
               III 109)
Aug. 06, 1966  Texas. A civilian man and his family observed a dark
1400           object hovering near their isolated house. It had a
               square "door" emitting a yellow light. Three children
               saw a dwarf through the opening. He was dressed in
               shiny black coveralls. The object left slowly with a
               soft humming sound. (Atic; Magonia)
Aug. 18, 1966  Barinas (Venezuela). Three hunters, E. Beucomo,
               J. Zapata and J. Ramos, observed a strange glow in the
               forest and discovered a very large, egg-shaped object,
               stationary 2 m above ground. It had large, circular
               openings emitting a multicolored light, and it made a
               whistling sound. The hunters ran away. (APRO
               Sep., 66)
Aug. 19, 1966  Donnybrook (North Dakota). A border patrolman
1650           saw a bright, shiny disk on its edge, 10 m in diameter,
               5 m high, floating down the side of a hill, wobbling
               from side to side 3 m above ground. It reached the
               valley floor, climbed to about 30 m, and moved across
               to a small reservoir where it assumed a horizontal posi-
               tion. A dome then became visible on top of the disk.
               It hovered for one min and seemed about to land less
               than 80 m away, but tilted back on edge and flew into
               the clouds at high speed. (Atic)
Aug. 20, 1966  Heraldsburg (California). Otto Becker, his son, and
early          daughter-in-law woke up to find the whole house
               bathed in bright light, and they observed a "six-story"
               object at treetop level 60 m away. It gave off rainbow
               colors which appeared to pour off its edges "like
               water" in a fantastic display. Distinct engine noise
               was heard before it took off vertically. Domestic
               animals had been greatly disturbed, and the witness
               had inflamed eyes for several days. (Gribble Jan., 67)
Aug. 20, 1966  Niteroi (Brazil). A woman called police to report a
               luminous object rising and descending on top of a
               high hill. When policemen climbed to the site they
               found the bodies of two men, electronics technicians
               Pereira da Cruz and Viana. The bodies had lead
               masks on the upper part of the face. An autopsy failed
               to disclose the cause of death. Investigation disclosed
               several earlier incidents and an organization to which
               these men belonged. (Personal)
Aug. 24, 1966  Minot Air Force Base (North Dakota). An airman
2200           observed and reported by radio a multi-colored light
               high in the sky. A strike team was sent to his location
               and confirmed the unknown. A second object, white,
               was seen to pass in front of clouds. At the radar base,
               an object was detected and tracked. The observations
               lasted nearly 4 hours and were confirmed by three
               different missile sites. Radio interference was noted
               by teams sent to locations where the object was some-
               times described as hovering at ground level. (Atic)
Sep., 1966     El Campo (Texas). A police officer was driving at
0330           nearly 200 km/h toward the north on Route 71 when
               he suddenly saw an object on the road ahead and
               another one following his car. The first one looked
               like a flaming car and was the size of a 3-story house.
               It flew away as the policeman was about to hit it.
Sep. 03, 1966  Texas. Two young witnesses went outside when the
1400           TV set became blurred. They observed a fantastic
               spinning light illuminating the house. It came from
               an object hovering at the same location as an earlier
               sighting (see Case 786). (Atic; Magonia)
Sep. 05, 1966  Texas. A civilian man observed a peculiar light
evening        phenomenon and a small figure that appeared to
               enter a bedroom. The figure was not seen again.
               (Atic; Magonia)
Sep. 07, 1966  Durand (Wisconsin). About 15 km east of Durand,
2000           Mrs. E. Bruns and her two children observed an
               elongated object, about 10 m long, with revolving
               lights, hovering 1 m above ground and making a
               deafening noise. After 30 sec, it tilted and took off.
               (APRO Sep., 66)
Sep. 9, 1966   Franklin Springs (New York). A man saw an object
2100           descend from a cloud bank, slow down, and land with
               a soft whirring sound. It showed three horizontal
               bands of light-blue, red and green. (Personal)
Sep. 13, 1966  Stirum (North Dakota). A child of 11 years saw a
0730           disk-shaped object land near a farm. It had a tripod
               landing gear, two red lights, two white and one green
               light, and a transparent dome. A businessman from
               Gwinner and an Air Force Lt. Col. went to the site
               and discovered three traces, apparently left by spher-
               ical objects, 18 cm deep, very compact. Radiation
               measured at 0.1 milliroentgen (normal). The child
               reported that the object "went away so fast that it
               vanished." (Atic)
Sep. 17, 1966  Cranes Beach (Massachusetts). Mr. and Mrs. Ron-
0445           ald MacGilvary saw a golden-white, luminous object
               resting on the beach, with two bright lights flying in
               and out of the craft. It went away after one hour.
               (LDLN 88; NICAP Oct., 66)
Sep. 21, 1966  Summerside (Canada). Eight members of the Royal
0630           Canadian Air Force saw a bright object that flew
               down at high speed, stopped abruptly, remained at
               ground level for 20 min, and flew away straight up.
               (NICAP Oct., 66)
Oct. 05, 1966  Potomac (Maryland). A boy saw a disk-shaped object
               with a transparent dome and a row of lights, at ground
               level. It rose at high speed, emitting a "heat wave,"
               and was lost in the clouds. (NICAP Oct., 66)
Oct. 14, 1966  Newton (Illinois). A adolescent first saw a bright
1845           light, then a plate-shaped object hovering near the
               house. It took off at high speed, causing static on
               the phone as the boy was calling his mother to
               describe it. When she came home, she found her son
               in a state of shock and the dog hiding in a corner.
Oct. 14, 1966  Fork (West Virginia). James Roberts saw two round
2230           pinkish-red objects on a hillside near his home. He
               fled when they took off with a hissing sound emitting
               streams of fire. (Gribble Jan., 67)
Nov. 02, 1966  El Campo (Texas). Mrs. Mark deFriend, 32, saw an
evening        object at ground level in front of her car on a rainy
               night. It would leave the road and fly over the fields
               from time to time. The greenish-blue object flew back
               in front of the car, then was lost to sight behind some
               trees. (168)
Nov. 02, 1966  Parkersburg (West Virginia). W. Derenberger, sales-
1925           man, saw a dark object ahead of him on the road. It
               was flat on the bottom and rounded on top. As he
               stopped, the object came within 20 cm of the road
               surface, and a man of dark complexion, dressed with
               a shirt and ordinary trousers, both a shiny blue color,
               came out, smiled at the witness who then thought that
               he received a message, although no word was spoken.
               The message described a hypothetical "other world"
               and suggested that the observation be reported to
               authorities. The man also promised to return. Several
               people who drove by the witness did report seeing a
               man speaking to him, as well as a strange vehicle
               nearby. (169; FSR 67, 1)
Nov. 17, 1966  Gaffney (South Carolina). Patrolmen A. G. Huskey
0400           and C. Hutchins saw a dark, spherical machine with
               a flat rim land near them. Estimated diameter: 7 m.
               An opening and a short ladder became visible, and a
               small man, dressed in a shiny gold suit, emerged,
               came within 6 m of them, and spoke in perfect English
               before taking off. (FSR 68, 2)
Nov. 19, 1966  Bavonne (New Jersey). Two local businessmen ob-
0750           served a dark, gray, metallic sphere, from the top of
               which projected a dozen "tentacles" over 2 m long,
               flying at about 40 m altitude and then coming down
               behind a house. It was assumed that it plunged into
               the bay, but a search by patrol boats was unsuccessful.
Nov. 28, 1966  El Campo (Texas). Two witnesses observed a dark,
               red object land by the side of the road, later follow-
               ing their car. (168)
Dec. 30, 1966  Haynesville (Louisiana). A physics professor driving
2015           through a wooded area saw a bright, pulsating glow,
               changing from orange to white, in the woods about
               1.7 km away. Coming back the next day, he located
               traces of burns, and called the Air Force and the Uni-
               versity of Colorado. (Personal; Magonia)
Jan. 17, 1967  Romieres (France). A woman walking home saw a
1845           beam of light about 1 m in section sweep the ground
               in her direction. It came from a circular, white object
               that turned off its main light. She then saw reddish
               spots before it vanished entirely. Another witness saw
               the phenomenon from a separate location, 2 km
               away (LDLN).
Jan. 17, 1967  Freetown (Indiana). F. Bedel, 23, driving on Route
night          135 about 8 km north of Freetown saw a plate-shaped
               object with red, yellow, blue, and white blinking
               lights, lost control of his car, and ran off the road.
               Less than 2 km away, Phil Patton saw an identical
               object that came within 30 m of his car. (Lor. III 22)
Jan. 19, 1967  Charleston (West Virginia) Tad Jones, 38, was driv-
0905           ing near Charleston when he saw a large, metal
               sphere, about 6 m in diameter, having four legs
               equipped with wheels and a very small propeller un-
               derneath. Two min later it flew away. (FSR 67, 3)

Jan. 05, 1967  Winsted (Minnesota). A civilian man, 32, driving
0430           to work in his 1964 Chevy truck, had to stop and
               inspect the vehicle when its engine stalled. Only then
               did he observe an intense light to his right, coming
               closer. He saw it land on the road, and locked himself
               inside the cabin. The craft settled on a tripod landing
               gear; it measured 25 m in diameter and was 10 m high.
               Something similar to an elevator came down from
               it, and a man dressed in blue coveralls "with some-
               thing like a glass fishbowl on his head," of medium
               height, seemed to check something and left. (Atic)
Jan. 26, 1967  Coffeen (Illinois). A Methodist minister was driving
2100           on Route 185 near Coffeen when he saw an object,
               flat on the bottom, rounded on top, cross the road
               silently 100 m away, at low speed. Length, 20 m;
               height, 3 m. (Atic)
Jan. 28, 1967  Studham (Great Britain). Children observed "a little
1345           blue man with a tall hat and a beard" that disappeared
               in a puff of smoke; they later saw him again, and
               heard "foreign-sounding" voices. (FSR 67, 4; Ma-
Feb. 01, 1967  Boadilla del Monte (Spain). Three witnesses inde-
2100           pendently saw a craft emitting light signals land a
               few meters away. (LDLN 93)
Feb. 05, 1967  Hilliards (Ohio). A young man heard a strange noise
evening        and a barking dog, and saw an egg-shaped object land.
               From an elevatorlike shaft came human figures that
               placed small spheres around the craft. A man walked
               to them and appeared to speak with the entities. The
               witness was seen, the creatures tried to abduct him,
               and then took off. (NICAP May., 67)
Feb. 11, 1967  Milford (Ohio). Miss Hildebrand, 19, and Michael
0145           McKee fled when they saw a large shiny object off
               the road. Returning to the scene with a policeman,
               the found broken branches at the site. (APRO Jan.,
Feb. 22, 1967  Chippenham (Great Britain). G. Grammond saw an
night          object with flashing red and green lights glide, circle,
               and land in a field. He saw it again spinning in the
               northeast when he came out with two other witnesses
               5 min later. (FSR 67, 4)
Feb. 23, 1967  Linstead (Maryland). Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Weston
1030           were talking on the phone when they were surprised
               to hear a very strong sound and saw an object flying
               low over their area. A third person saw the object, and
               many heard it. The snow was swirling under it. The
               object was mushroom-shaped, supported a dome with
               a fin, was greenish, and left toward the Severn River.
Feb. 24, 1967  Riachuelo (Chile). Approximate date. An engineer
               from Osorno, well-known locally, saw an object touch
               down and a strange being, 1.50 m tall, emerge, wear-
               ing a transparent suit. He had a very white face and
               white hands, a pronounced jawbone, and no apparent
               nose. Seeing the witness, he got back inside the ma-
               chine, which took off at great speed. (Lor. III 59;
Mar. 03, 1967  Red Hill (New Hampshire). Mr. and Mrs. Fellows
               were driving toward Sandwich when they saw a
               lighted object going up and down, turning from white
               to greenish blue, and following their car for 20 min
               until they reached Route 113. It left to the northeast.
               They reported feeling an "electric discharge" as it
               left, and their dog was very nervous during the ob-
               servation. (NICAP Mar., 67)
Mar. 04, 1967  Vilhelmina (Swedish Laponia). The Sodestrom fam-
2400           ily obsered two plate-shaped objects, one 30 m in
               diameter, the other smaller and gray in color. They
               hovered at 20 111 altitude for 15 min. The object left
               with a hushed whistling sound, illuminating the forest
               with intense light. (171)
Mar. 08, 1967  Leominster (Massachusetts). Two persons observed
0105           deep fog in the vicinity of a cemetery and saw a light
               in the center, coming from an object hovering 100 m
               above ground. Thinking it was a fire, the witnesses
               stopped. Paralysis and ignition interference were then
               noted while the object, about 13 m in diameter,
               oscillated and then departed with a whirring sound.
               It took about 20 min for the witnesses to recover
               muscular coordination. (NICAP Mar., 67)
Mar. 09, 1967  Follansbee (Virginia). Three witnesses observed an
2100           object as they were driving on Route 2. It was round,
               hovered at rooftop level, left suddenly at high speed.
               Its size was that of a car, and the underside showed
               several lights. (Atic)
Mar. 12, 1967  Rochester (Minnesota). A boy who had gone out-
               side to buy a newspaper saw an object resembling an
               inverted mushroom hovering 10 m above ground. It
               was not larger than a car, took a 45 (degree) orientation,
               oscillated, and left to the northwest. Three photo-
               graphs were reportedly taken. (Atic)
Mar. 20, 1967  Butler (Pennsylvania). A man and his daughter saw
2245           two lights that they thought were landing lights on
               aircraft, but they came to ground level, flew straight
               toward the car, and suddenly vanished. At the same
               time, five figures appeared about 3 m away. They had
               narrow, pointed noses, mouths and eyes like slits,
               blond hair, rough skin, and were dressed in loose
               "hunterlike" clothes. Witnesses drove away as fast
               as they could. (FSR 68, 5)
Mar. 24, 1967  Belt (Montana). Numerous reports came from this
               area, including one of a landing observation. At dawn,
               police and a Malmstrom AFB helicopter made a
               search, with negative results. (Atic)
Mar. 25, 1967  Iguala (Mexico). An intensely luminous object woke
dawn           up several residents. People in trains going toward
               Acapulco and people traveling by car saw the same
               phenomenon. It came to ground level with a blinding
               light, then took off. (177)
Mar. 26, 1967  Altona (Canada). Mr. and Mrs. John Dick and Mrs.
2045           W. Buhr were driving toward Gretna. Near three
               radio towers situated 3.5 km south of Altona, they
               saw a very bright object at ground level, illuminating
               the countryside with a pink glow. The object itself
               was dark, with a luminous band around it, was mo-
               tionless and pulsated, then suddenly disappeared.
Mar. 31, 1967  Hanley (Great Britain). Three strange objects, a
               bright, orange light emitting a shower of green
               sparks, and two smaller sources, were seen in a field.
               No details. (FSR 67, 6)
Apr. 01, 1967  New Westminster (Canada). Two boys saw an
2000           orange disk, less than 1 m in diameter, flying at high
               speed, stop and hover for three min, 20 m above
               ground. Chief of Police Peter Mehan confirmed that
               the sighting was under investigation. (174)
Apr. 05, 1967  Jonestown (Pennsylvania). Justice of the Peace John
1945           H. Demler was driving north on Route 72 when his
               car stalled and the lights went out. He then saw an
               object, 10 m in diameter, which gave off a smell of
               sulphur and camphorated oil, hovering low over the
               car, which was pulled and rocked when the object
               took off. Physiological effects (perspiration and peel-
               ing skin) were reported after 12 hours. The object
               gave off a sound resembling an electric motor, and
               emitted sparks. (NICAP May., 67)
Apr. 06, 1967  Crestview (Florida). An entire class at an elementary
1245           school observed an object 20 m above ground, 2 km
               away. It vanished suddenly as the children and their
               teacher, 33-year-old Robert Apfel, were watching it.
Apr. 07, 1967  Crestview (Florida). More than two hundred chil-
0945           dren and three teachers saw an oval object, with a
               light at each end, come to ground level. Several other
               objects also were seen, moving up and down with a
               pendulum motion. (FSR 67, 3)
Apr. 16, 1967  Boraure (Venezuela). Guillermo Roldan, his daugh-
               ter, and other persons saw a glowing, egg-shaped
               object fly across the sky at high speed, stop suddenly
               and descend to ground level. As the witnesses rushed
               toward the area, the object took off at very high speed.
               (Lor. III 60)

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